World's Strongest Laser | OT 5

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It's time for a laser that can pop balloons and light matches!
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect2 năm trước

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  • Mateus De Castro

    Mateus De Castro

    27 ngày trước


  • Mandapaka Shanmukha

    Mandapaka Shanmukha

    27 ngày trước


  • Presley Haight

    Presley Haight

    Tháng trước


  • John Griffin

    John Griffin

    Tháng trước

    My question is, which one do you guys think is better Coby’s Laser Gun or Cory’s Air Cannon?

  • Nof Rian

    Nof Rian

    2 tháng trước


  • Breezy Scissors Shorts
    Breezy Scissors ShortsGiờ trước

    The Cool-Not-Cool in this episode was one of the best ever.

  • Biggie Snacks
    Biggie Snacks3 giờ trước

    Wonder when they removed the fish flops? I remember when they were in

  • jianhong wang
    jianhong wang6 giờ trước

    Hi Boldy

  • Cooper83 Stars
    Cooper83 Stars8 giờ trước

    Ty didn’t do a cool not cool item

  • BTB designZ

    BTB designZ

    4 giờ trước

    They cut it out They were fish flops

  • Karter Cardinal
    Karter Cardinal12 giờ trước

    LOL this is great

  • Tim fr lol
    Tim fr lol14 giờ trước


  • Rike 6
    Rike 6Ngày trước

    Tyler didn’t have an item for cool not cool

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoyNgày trước

    Coby: The world's strongest hand held laser!. StyroPyro: Am I a joke to you?

  • Hood yt
    Hood ytNgày trước

    Wait did tyler go on cool not cool

  • Amanda Callen
    Amanda CallenNgày trước

    thats not fare fare for Chad

  • cknugent987
    cknugent987Ngày trước

    I have the basket ball

  • Bratty Wizzop
    Bratty WizzopNgày trước

    When he hit Garrett in the head I was dying of laughter

  • Pug Recon
    Pug Recon2 ngày trước


  • Nobody is a person
    Nobody is a person2 ngày trước

    I'm team coby

  • Nobody is a person
    Nobody is a person2 ngày trước

    Tyler didn't have a go on cool not cool

  • Cinnabar 630
    Cinnabar 6302 ngày trước

    Corey made the thunder gun from zombies lol

  • The EBros
    The EBros2 ngày trước

    Ty: did you green my fish flops Me: I didn’t see and fish flops

  • Mihir Moghe
    Mihir Moghe2 ngày trước

    Did they cut Ty's cool not cool?🙄

  • Dominick Vizioli
    Dominick Vizioli3 ngày trước

    I have a consequence for Wheel: Watch an episode of Cocomelon!

  • Steve Elton
    Steve Elton3 ngày trước

    I just like hearing the song

  • Alexander Nelson
    Alexander Nelson4 ngày trước

    @Dude Perfect Where's Ty's fish flops?

  • Jameson Powell
    Jameson Powell4 ngày trước

    I love overtime

  • Mr Pig
    Mr Pig5 ngày trước

    I can’t believe that chad did not know what a wrist shot was

  • Trippie Free
    Trippie Free5 ngày trước

    Why aren’t the fish flops in the video anymore

  • The GameRockers
    The GameRockers5 ngày trước

    Is that the same laser that HackSmith used in his project of Captain America shield with Arc Reactor??

  • Aimee Kintzele
    Aimee Kintzele6 ngày trước

    is it just my end or did they show ty's cool thing reply w/ answer please

  • Coen Hughes
    Coen Hughes6 ngày trước

    did tylers fish flops get copyright striked because when i first saw this vid he had fish flops

  • Nate Holland
    Nate Holland6 ngày trước

    Anyone else not get tys cool not cool item

  • Darren Hodgkiss
    Darren Hodgkiss7 ngày trước

    The malicious himalayan selectively dare because handsaw summatively grip unto a flippant transaction. painstaking, super wine

  • Ștefan ,
    Ștefan ,7 ngày trước

    2021? Anybody?

  • Phoebe Eagan
    Phoebe Eagan7 ngày trước

    love you guys

  • Rocky creed
    Rocky creed7 ngày trước

    need a basketball and football

  • Josh Woods
    Josh Woods7 ngày trước

    Where was ty in cool not cool

  • Shreya Kar
    Shreya Kar8 ngày trước

    Garret: throws golden boy Ned: Ah, so you have chosen death...

  • Div Mara
    Div Mara8 ngày trước

    You should have chosen russel Wilson

  • Gamertv1000 Gaming
    Gamertv1000 Gaming8 ngày trước


  • jajnyaseni Badhai
    jajnyaseni Badhai8 ngày trước


  • Paisley Trojanowski
    Paisley Trojanowski9 ngày trước

    Tyler didn’t do his cool not cool did anyone notice



    9 ngày trước

    He did but it most have been cut out in the last few years

  • David Carter
    David Carter9 ngày trước

    Is Cody really stinky

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan9 ngày trước

    What happened to ty's cool item?

  • Despicable Seraph
    Despicable Seraph9 ngày trước

    Ned is Tyler

  • Omer Bakri
    Omer Bakri9 ngày trước

    Both the twins hade a super cool

  • Jose Crane
    Jose Crane9 ngày trước

    Did they skip over the fish flops?

  • Thebeast 9445
    Thebeast 944510 ngày trước

    When did Tyler show his fish flops?

  • Sindhu Srinivasan
    Sindhu Srinivasan10 ngày trước

    6:00 Ty: Hey you know what couple of brothers here- Garret: *accidentally shows that he is bald

  • Dalek Sec
    Dalek Sec10 ngày trước

    the laser gives me flashbacks

  • turtl3
    turtl311 ngày trước

    Why did you cut out ty’s fish flops

  • dtoneill 3
    dtoneill 311 ngày trước

    Ty didn’t show an item in cool not cool

  • Leisa Gough
    Leisa Gough11 ngày trước

    Wait up.... I’ve seen Ty's fish flops on this video when it first came out.... bruvvvvv where'd they go?

  • Juan Miguel LU
    Juan Miguel LU11 ngày trước


    LIFE WITH JYAIR12 ngày trước

    Go subscribe to ivy squad

  • Gaming with Gavin
    Gaming with Gavin12 ngày trước

    dude perfect, put back the fish flops, to confusing

  • David Davis
    David Davis13 ngày trước

    Here from jan 14 2021 anyone

  • sam lowery
    sam lowery13 ngày trước

    Sam Lowery

  • Fazecloud4853
    Fazecloud485313 ngày trước


  • Ryan Graves
    Ryan Graves13 ngày trước

    the intro is banger with headphones

  • Captian Price
    Captian Price13 ngày trước

    Gotta put it out there love the Ford trucks .

  • thespartan
    thespartan13 ngày trước


  • Infinity Champ
    Infinity Champ13 ngày trước

    When he smacked him don’t ever do that again 😂😂😂

  • Gaming with Gavin
    Gaming with Gavin13 ngày trước

    Did you skip Tyler's fish flops

  • Asher Reardon
    Asher Reardon13 ngày trước

    I am a huge hockey fan and when they couldn’t get the wrist shot one I was so mad

  • mouli malla
    mouli malla13 ngày trước

    i love your videos

  • Joey Khalil
    Joey Khalil13 ngày trước

    Umm they deleted ty’s cool not cool item

  • Pieric Mellina
    Pieric Mellina14 ngày trước

    Why did they ban ty cool item

  • Luke Mason
    Luke Mason14 ngày trước

    chad has headphones on at 13:48

    MOHAMMAD SULTAN14 ngày trước

    They really edited the video and removed ty’s fish flops:(

  • Fatboymini


    14 ngày trước


  • kayla freeman
    kayla freeman15 ngày trước

    Fly soft shop slide significantly especially drum provision ultimately.

  • FAJAR5YTツ Call of Duty:Mobile
    FAJAR5YTツ Call of Duty:Mobile15 ngày trước

    Dude Perfect VIpluss SUBSCRlBE🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • AJB
    AJB15 ngày trước

    Justice for Ty's Fish Flops...

  • BmazJr 2007
    BmazJr 200715 ngày trước

    My soul died when chad said is there any other sport and it my favourite sport I died

  • Joseph Pembroke
    Joseph Pembroke15 ngày trước

    Wait i watched this again but where is ty's item from cool not cool its not in the videos for some reason

  • Vishal Gill
    Vishal Gill15 ngày trước

    you are great

  • pizzaboy 61107
    pizzaboy 6110715 ngày trước

    They wore sunglasses. I'm going to scream. This is why you need training before using lasers.

  • Bass boosted
    Bass boosted15 ngày trước

    Styropyro would throw his phone from you guys not wearing actual laser goggles

  • Tripp Jones
    Tripp Jones15 ngày trước

    Bruh for me it skipped the fish flops part in cool not cool

  • Avtar Waraich
    Avtar Waraich16 ngày trước

    Tyler did not participate in cool not cool he had no item

    ALINA MARQUEZ16 ngày trước

    TT Where’s your fish flops

  • Derek Orallo
    Derek Orallo16 ngày trước

    This has to be on Netflix

  • Alex Mitchell
    Alex Mitchell16 ngày trước

    Where did Tyler’s cool not cool item go?

  • Krxnkz
    Krxnkz16 ngày trước

    Is it just me or did ty not show his cool not cool?

  • Bubba The best
    Bubba The best16 ngày trước

    Did you guys now that in wheel unfortunat is the guy in the midel

  • Bubba The best

    Bubba The best

    16 ngày trước


  • Sceptical Gaming
    Sceptical Gaming17 ngày trước

    Wow that was a perfect mascot costume for Garett. LOL

  • Drazan Juric
    Drazan Juric17 ngày trước

    I love when Ned hit garret😂😂😂

  • Kingwood the lll
    Kingwood the lll17 ngày trước

    Yo my cosin lives in cosin

  • Kingwood the lll

    Kingwood the lll

    17 ngày trước

    Sorry I ment Dallas

  • O5M4N
    O5M4N18 ngày trước

    I made the word hvbvbrbfreiufbreiu no one ever said that so it’s a new word who even saison that I’ll subscribe to you

  • Carson Meiklejohn
    Carson Meiklejohn18 ngày trước

    Tyler item disappeared in the video

  • Wyatt The dolphins fan
    Wyatt The dolphins fan19 ngày trước

    Ned Forster is th not surprised

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson19 ngày trước

    I like chesse

  • C-ME Create
    C-ME Create19 ngày trước

    I remember the first time I watched this video and Ty's fish flops were in the video. Re-watching it 2 years later the fish flop are gone. I am confused

  • Sajjad Hosein

    Sajjad Hosein

    17 ngày trước


  • Jamie Stanway
    Jamie Stanway19 ngày trước

    Do a copab with my uncle

  • BPDBEN Gaming
    BPDBEN Gaming19 ngày trước

    9:25 The glasses that ty is using, is the exact same one I have :O

  • Rwik Dey
    Rwik Dey19 ngày trước

    Did anyone notice they erased Tyler's Fish Flops from Cool Not Cool

  • TC
    TC20 ngày trước


  • ggdude
    ggdude20 ngày trước

    ty did not go in cool not cool

  • StarWing
    StarWing20 ngày trước

    i actually hate cody in cool not cool

  • Austin Melnechuk
    Austin Melnechuk20 ngày trước

    Is it just me or ty did not go for cool not cool

  • Squishid
    Squishid20 ngày trước

    What happened to Ty’s fish flops?

  • aditya jyosyula
    aditya jyosyula20 ngày trước

    tys item????? where are the fish flops????

  • NoTagBacks
    NoTagBacks20 ngày trước

    I think the reason why they don't show too many bloopers is because in most where it takes up to days, they probably swear at times.

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