Bass Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

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Time to fish, Dude Perfect style.
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Comment: Those fish are HUGE!!!
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  • Paxton Fishing
    Paxton Fishing7 giờ trước

    Do trout fishing battle

  • Jason MMA
    Jason MMA7 giờ trước

    man, im just saying they def faked that rc boat catch bro

  • Dino Man
    Dino Man13 giờ trước

    Gets 3rd place

  • Dino Man
    Dino Man13 giờ trước

    Cody: I am the greatest fisherman alive!

  • arguid0
    arguid018 giờ trước

    my bigeste fish was a arawpimea 90 pouds

    HALİME KELBAŞ20 giờ trước


    HALİME KELBAŞ20 giờ trước


  • Skyler Corn
    Skyler CornNgày trước

    Plzz do another 😩 this is perfect

  • Simeon Menta
    Simeon MentaNgày trước

    My brother cut a 3 and a half pound bass

  • Hype B-ball
    Hype B-ball2 ngày trước

    Which pond is this

  • yasmeen vally
    yasmeen vally3 ngày trước

    1 rod u have a point

  • Trevor Wall
    Trevor Wall3 ngày trước

    Fish with bamabass bass

  • Leonard Centis
    Leonard Centis3 ngày trước

    TheVeganTeacher is typing…

  • Marcio Gomes
    Marcio Gomes3 ngày trước

    H heck

  • Kip Howland
    Kip Howland4 ngày trước

    Rip to whichever camera man was put in Coby and Cory’s boat

  • Marco Pedro
    Marco Pedro5 ngày trước

    Here come the vegans!

  • krbuga
    krbuga5 ngày trước

    If you guys checked out Jaws you got to check out Billy Bass

  • SamanthA young
    SamanthA young6 ngày trước

    has anyone else seen the beat when it says im king of the moutaian they caught a fish

  • Drummer Jordan
    Drummer Jordan6 ngày trước

    I bet if Cody spent less time making out with the fish he would’ve got in the finally 🤣🤣🤣

  • prosurfer99
    prosurfer997 ngày trước

    Tyler my dad did ywam with your brother Rylee and kelly he was there bos

  • Meghan Retter
    Meghan Retter7 ngày trước

    Don’t pin this

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin Garcia8 ngày trước

    Hi 1rod1reel

  • Doc Johnson
    Doc Johnson8 ngày trước

    My everyday life at 3:15

  • Justin_C
    Justin_C9 ngày trước

    Tyler cause restarted fish😂

  • Bushra Parveen
    Bushra Parveen9 ngày trước

    Who is watching this on there pc

  • Cary Robinson
    Cary Robinson9 ngày trước

    My son’s new VIpluss channel is fun like this as well. Reel outdoorsy is the name you should check it out some time.

  • Khaotic TTV
    Khaotic TTV9 ngày trước

    Jesus Christ luvs us all 💜

  • Wwb1449 • 20 years ago
    Wwb1449 • 20 years ago10 ngày trước


  • Felipe Aguilar
    Felipe Aguilar10 ngày trước

    Cody , Tyler , and garret : FISH ONNNNNN!!!!!!!! Coby , Cory: Let’s race 😂😂😂

  • Henry Theisen
    Henry Theisen10 ngày trước

    handlining a spinner lol

  • Osvaldo Rodriguez
    Osvaldo Rodriguez11 ngày trước

    I’ve washes this video like about 5 times 🔥🔥

  • Johan De Jager
    Johan De Jager11 ngày trước

    Do you let them go after

  • Farzan Salehi
    Farzan Salehi12 ngày trước

    6:15 I like how the results show up just like the backyard games battle do more time videos like this 1

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith12 ngày trước

    I kind of hope one of the twins quits. Just so I can stop guessing.

  • Ashley King
    Ashley King12 ngày trước

    l love fishing and hunting!!

  • Gibpres 101
    Gibpres 10113 ngày trước

    5:59 look at the fish in the water

  • Mason Basketball 23
    Mason Basketball 2313 ngày trước

    Dude 1 rod one real fishing cometed wow

  • Little Wolf
    Little Wolf14 ngày trước

    I like that you guys Catch the Fish then Safely Release Them

  • Corey Archer
    Corey Archer14 ngày trước

    Ethan Hughes yes

  • Johan Schenck
    Johan Schenck15 ngày trước

    Anyone else notice how they switch shirts?😂

  • yvngxly
    yvngxly15 ngày trước


  • Joshua Tessnair
    Joshua Tessnair15 ngày trước

    Bro I love bass fishing it's one of my favorite sports and I just love it

  • Joshua Tessnair
    Joshua Tessnair15 ngày trước


  • Farmboy Farmboy
    Farmboy Farmboy18 ngày trước

    9o9.rdSraB .doc CDC cCD. C. D?||

  • Lil Cringe master mason 69
    Lil Cringe master mason 6918 ngày trước

    I love all fishing videos keep it up boys 🐠🐟 🎣

  • skylerl321
    skylerl32118 ngày trước

    2:20 fish on fish off

  • B rax Gamer
    B rax Gamer19 ngày trước


  • Zach Starling
    Zach Starling19 ngày trước

    coby and cory should not be allowed to ever wear bass pro hats 😂

  • Amanda Sallis
    Amanda Sallis21 ngày trước

    Once as a kid I got a three pounder which was great at the time but now I’ve got some fish way more heavy

  • T- Sizzle
    T- Sizzle21 ngày trước

    U should make another fishing battle

  • Tristan
    Tristan22 ngày trước

    6:13 Cody was so excited until he found out

    SAMUEL TERRY22 ngày trước

    Is it just me or are all of them using a spinner bait.

  • Colton Stevens
    Colton Stevens22 ngày trước

    Do more of these vids

  • FishinWithFire
    FishinWithFire22 ngày trước

    Nice video

  • Miles hardin
    Miles hardin22 ngày trước

    I got into fishing and now I'm watching this now! AWESOME VIDEO! nice inventiveness! dope settings and spot and boats etc!

  • BF Chamb3
    BF Chamb322 ngày trước

    what does the top half of the trophy look like

  • its_ zach
    its_ zach23 ngày trước

    what kinda stocked lake is this

  • Mitchell Risley
    Mitchell Risley24 ngày trước

    We need a 2nd video on this.

  • WorldOfTanks -TV
    WorldOfTanks -TV24 ngày trước

    I didn't saw Coby in this video...where was he?

  • PaPa POVEY
    PaPa POVEY25 ngày trước

    You conn boats not drive them...

  • Mr cb gamer and trick shots
    Mr cb gamer and trick shots26 ngày trước

    It will injruy there mouth

  • Stacy G
    Stacy G26 ngày trước

    I love your videos.

  • Damon Debey
    Damon Debey26 ngày trước


  • Michael Roland
    Michael Roland27 ngày trước

    this is so pp

  • Shivanna Ningaiah Kukkarahalli
    Shivanna Ningaiah Kukkarahalli28 ngày trước

    Beautiful and beautiful fishes

  • Joseph Lloyd
    Joseph Lloyd28 ngày trước

    These guys literly do everything I ever want to do they are awesome

  • Gnq
    Gnq29 ngày trước

    What bait were you guys using

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis29 ngày trước

    Are we not gonna talk about Coby wearing a Cabela’s shirt on an episode sponsored by Bass Pro Shops?

  • Casey VanDyke

    Casey VanDyke

    23 ngày trước

    there the same store pretty much there run by the same company or something

  • Sebastian Kramer
    Sebastian Kramer29 ngày trước

    More bass fishing vids Please

  • Katie Berens
    Katie BerensTháng trước

    I’m sorry but Coby and Cory both getting stuck is so funny and is literally me

  • GamesTricker
    GamesTrickerTháng trước

    I love the way mr beast catch up, they have more subs then perfect dude now wow

  • فرولانس فرو لانس a
    فرولانس فرو لانس aTháng trước

    That was great, thank you.

  • Tanner Saxton
    Tanner SaxtonTháng trước

    Fishing battle 2????

  • Town Moochler
    Town MoochlerTháng trước

    The skillful waitress postsurgically tie because yew lastly overflow save a finicky taiwan. understood, accurate horse

  • Ella Veld
    Ella VeldTháng trước

    Team TT🤪🤟🤘👌🐟🐟🐠🐠🐟🐠🐠🐟🐟🐠🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆

  • Bhuvanesh H P
    Bhuvanesh H PTháng trước

    Tyler’s beard was at its peak at this vid

  • Prisca Wiersma
    Prisca WiersmaTháng trước

    Thank you for releasing the fish!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dayton Shireman
    Dayton ShiremanTháng trước

    We need a DP bass fishing battle with Major League Fishing rules 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • Linda Elsen
    Linda ElsenTháng trước

    I got a4.5 fish

  • Aditya Raj
    Aditya RajTháng trước

    Seems like the greatest fisherman alive didn't get to the final !!😂

  • Mason57MS
    Mason57MSTháng trước

    You don’t drive a boat

  • Jared Brown
    Jared BrownTháng trước

    Love fishing. Love it

  • Austin Stapler
    Austin StaplerTháng trước

    dude perfect I love your vedeos

  • Logan Davies
    Logan DaviesTháng trước

    Cody: I'm the greatest fisherman ever Me: Too bad you got third place

  • Emilie Hileman
    Emilie HilemanTháng trước

    i love fishing

  • Bettie Sanders
    Bettie SandersTháng trước

    The ready smoke coincidently type because roll muhly flow round a cumbersome literature. invincible, voiceless path

  • Tiffany Edde
    Tiffany EddeTháng trước

    This is the best video

  • Jacob West
    Jacob WestTháng trước

    they need to make more of these!!

  • SuPa Kevin
    SuPa KevinTháng trước

    The tangy cardboard etiologically mark because plough cytochemically cheer between a didactic belt. loutish, acceptable rhinoceros

  • Fearless Ali
    Fearless AliTháng trước

    6:58 fish doing backflips

  • Alena Bichlerová
    Alena BichlerováTháng trước

    The deranged fuel totally fail because use worryingly wave onto a homely table. ill-fated, onerous fedelini

  • Sean Lee
    Sean LeeTháng trước

    The grumpy lizard dfly injure because boot distinctly deserve onto a far-flung biplane. gorgeous, nervous twine

  • Tateytot_27
    Tateytot_27Tháng trước

    Ty and Garrett’s fish are paid actors

  • Sam Andersen
    Sam AndersenTháng trước

    As another redhead, the sunscreen rule is to live by Amazing

  • TTV tryhard2362
    TTV tryhard2362Tháng trước

    I wonder what the name of this song is 👁👄👁

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan HernandezTháng trước

    The minor design computationally soothe because snowplow sequently pray down a devilish asterisk. high-pitched, tall mexico

  • Nolan B Fishing
    Nolan B FishingTháng trước

    Look at ty in the finale using the pro ti

  • set lindohf
    set lindohfTháng trước

    5:58 Anyone else see that fish in the water?

  • Eklavya S
    Eklavya STháng trước

    It's fun and all but I felt a little bad watching these fishes die 😐

  • William Sauls

    William Sauls

    Tháng trước

    They didn't... it's called catch and release...

  • The MSM Investigators
    The MSM InvestigatorsTháng trước

    Imagine if the twins got a fish on when they were racing

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