Hockey Trick Shots

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Time for round 2 of hockey trick shots with some familiar NHL all-stars! Thanks to NBC Sports for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to watch the NHL Winter Classic on January 1st at 1pm EST:
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude PerfectNăm trước

    Happy New Year er’body!! FOR REAL thank you for watching. We love y’all. 2020 vids are gonna be 🔥 2 NEW 📺 series - can’t wait 👊🏼🙇🏻

  • FoxTi


    22 ngày trước

    Subscrıbe me please 😭

  • Evan St. Clair

    Evan St. Clair

    Tháng trước

    No no happy new year it bad year

  • Monkey Business #1

    Monkey Business #1

    Tháng trước

    Tyler has the Bauer Vapor FlyLight

  • Dylan Sheldon

    Dylan Sheldon

    2 tháng trước

    First series: bucket list, what's the second one?

  • Cameron Anfang

    Cameron Anfang

    2 tháng trước

    We need more hockey vids since we can’t play 😢

  • Vishal Gill
    Vishal Gill3 giờ trước

    this is my worst vedio of dp becouse my favourite coby and cory are like just common people who are just watching it while it is shooting even tim who is recorder is more seen than them

  • Jevon Jacob
    Jevon Jacob9 giờ trước

    I thought I was gonna watch spectacular spiderman bcus of the songs intro

  • skates 7111
    skates 711113 giờ trước

    I ben subscribe for 6 years

  • Berno904 Btw
    Berno904 BtwNgày trước

    Any one else want a hockey trick shots 2?

  • Beane Deaton
    Beane DeatonNgày trước

    I play hockey

  • Alex Lusty
    Alex LustyNgày trước

    That isn’t the Michigan that’s the hurricane.

  • hockeypro
    hockeyproNgày trước

    As a hockey player... wow just wow like this is amazing

  • Big G
    Big G2 ngày trước


  • Maria
    Maria2 ngày trước

    I can't believe Its already been a year since these was posted

  • Kacey Clark
    Kacey Clark4 ngày trước

    Hockey Fans, Like And COmment Your fvroite Team! mines the bruins!

  • GobiwaFPS
    GobiwaFPS4 ngày trước

    Dudes from Florida thinking this is they wanna do this lol

  • SavageGamer
    SavageGamer4 ngày trước


  • Wyatt Church
    Wyatt Church5 ngày trước

    Hockey is the best sport the only nonscripted one.

  • Daniel Owens
    Daniel Owens5 ngày trước

    this video got me excited for the season lol love hockey

  • ТОП YouTube
    ТОП YouTube5 ngày trước

    Здесь русские есть?

  • Collin Freemark
    Collin Freemark6 ngày trước

    I love hockey i have been play hockey for 7 years i love this video so much love guys

  • Laolin Ling
    Laolin Ling7 ngày trước


  • Liliane Penner
    Liliane Penner8 ngày trước


  • BmazJr 2007
    BmazJr 20079 ngày trước

    Have to say Jamie Ben was always my favourite Dallas Stars player

  • Luke Risko
    Luke Risko12 ngày trước

    This video was posted 1 year ago today. Wow how the world has changed

  • Adoiz 108
    Adoiz 10812 ngày trước

    Not only hockey is my fav sport and it got like no views but also Tim got nothing out of this video

    SPAIDLOWHERMAN12 ngày trước

    Think about how many times each of these took

  • rappzilla31
    rappzilla3112 ngày trước

    It’s not even trick shots it’s having two studs just snipe cones

  • Vic the Man
    Vic the Man13 ngày trước

    can you guys do a scooter tricks episode. please. i am a big fan of scooter riding and my favorite scooter rider is ryan williams

  • Kyson Coolkid
    Kyson Coolkid13 ngày trước


  • Z Money
    Z Money13 ngày trước

    Canada is taking the world juniors boyssssss🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Chloe Davis
    Chloe Davis13 ngày trước

    can you send me some hockey stick dp please i will give you a penny the fly light left 50 flex

  • Pryme Gill
    Pryme Gill13 ngày trước

    You need to do more bucket list I love that vid on the aircraft carrier

  • Paul Tarlton
    Paul Tarlton13 ngày trước

    what team did tim holt play for. (dude perfect editor)

  • Jackson Hinkle
    Jackson Hinkle14 ngày trước

    Come to south carina to the rage rink

  • Boiink
    Boiink14 ngày trước

    Who has noticed ty is using a lightsaber as a microphone when speaking to Jamie and the other guy

  • Carl Adventures
    Carl Adventures14 ngày trước

    Hello 2021

  • Vxrified27
    Vxrified2715 ngày trước


  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds15 ngày trước

    If this doesn't make you want to play hockey, I don't what will!!!

  • Trash Wentz
    Trash Wentz15 ngày trước

    Anyone here in 2021

  • Hockey Chubs
    Hockey Chubs15 ngày trước


  • Henry Guzeika
    Henry Guzeika16 ngày trước

    The twins were barely in this :(

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick17 ngày trước

    When one of their worst performing new vids has 14 million veiws 😂

  • N00B1EZYT
    N00B1EZYT17 ngày trước

    Its crazy its been a year after the winter classic that was highly advertised in this video and they didn't know what this year had to store 😔

  • Michael Antonelli
    Michael Antonelli17 ngày trước

    2021 anybody?

  • Ryan Hamilton
    Ryan Hamilton18 ngày trước

    Tyler Seguin grew up with my aunt's brother

  • Kev
    Kev18 ngày trước

    Who’s here jan 1st 2021?

  • Vector_Gaming
    Vector_Gaming18 ngày trước

    Skat parks + hockey = epic

  • Shadow PLAPPY
    Shadow PLAPPY19 ngày trước

    If you don’t think Cody sayin NO LOOKIN SAUCY was cringy you aren’t a hockey player

  • Perunovich
    Perunovich19 ngày trước

    I love hockey(I play hockey)

  • RAlexnader Mahler
    RAlexnader Mahler19 ngày trước

    Hockey is so underrated

  • Nico Schöntag
    Nico Schöntag19 ngày trước

    Do water polo trick shots

  • Hannah Lodish
    Hannah Lodish19 ngày trước

    hockey is so funny dude perfect

  • bakin n crafts
    bakin n crafts19 ngày trước

    I think the big bowl upper 90 was the hardest shot of this video

  • Flash Bcat
    Flash Bcat19 ngày trước


  • Jack Capurso
    Jack Capurso20 ngày trước

    Over the river to Emma's house we go

  • Toxiclemon Gaming
    Toxiclemon Gaming20 ngày trước

    Where’s Tim the editor?

  • Mike Shevock
    Mike Shevock20 ngày trước

    Tim-Bits, my fellow lefty

  • Leegrum
    Leegrum20 ngày trước

    Hockey is my favorite sport and now I can’t play cause of corona

  • amy kirsch
    amy kirsch21 ngày trước

    Tyler and jamie did most of the trick shots

  • amanda c.
    amanda c.21 ngày trước

    The drab lizard progressively pinch because macrame postoperatively bless off a untidy oxygen. foregoing, overjoyed male

  • Andrew Potocki
    Andrew Potocki22 ngày trước

    I wonder why

  • Andrew Potocki
    Andrew Potocki22 ngày trước

    Coby isn’t in this

  • Wäinö Leponiemi
    Wäinö Leponiemi22 ngày trước


  • Ryan McCarthy
    Ryan McCarthy23 ngày trước

    Nice STD sweater

  • Nicholas Rinaldi
    Nicholas Rinaldi23 ngày trước

    I miss hockey

  • Patrick Hillier
    Patrick Hillier24 ngày trước

    Hay, at least Seguin draws better than I do!

  • R B
    R B24 ngày trước

    I was waiting for them to do this video because I play hockey in Austin Texas

  • Farjad Mustafa
    Farjad Mustafa25 ngày trước

    I never seen panda with coby

  • Trinity west Sports Gods
    Trinity west Sports Gods25 ngày trước

    Boo Dallas stars

  • Trinity west Sports Gods
    Trinity west Sports Gods25 ngày trước

    Boo Dallas

  • Ron Gulyarin
    Ron Gulyarin25 ngày trước

    I love Tyler's laugh

  • Brenton Wang
    Brenton Wang26 ngày trước

    Thank y’all beard gang This literally look like super powers

  • JPDeadlyBlue42 10
    JPDeadlyBlue42 1026 ngày trước

    The only youtubers i Watch is Y’ll and The Gaming Beaver

  • Irishhockey
    Irishhockey26 ngày trước

    Jamie Benn would’ve done much better if you provided ketchup chips

  • Mr SlySully
    Mr SlySully27 ngày trước

    Just for this vid I’m subbing pls do more like this

  • Mr SlySully
    Mr SlySully27 ngày trước

    🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS DO MORE HOCKEY!!!! ITS THE BEST SPORT ON EARTH--LIKE SO THEY CAN SEE!!!!!!🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇

  • Kool Kid
    Kool Kid27 ngày trước

    Did these guyd stop doing trickshors afteer this

  • ItsRBLXGabe
    ItsRBLXGabe29 ngày trước

    I'm glad Tim just joined the trick shot with them.

  • Quinn Rishor
    Quinn Rishor29 ngày trước

    I wish Tim Holt was still playing hockey.

  • Tommi Parker
    Tommi Parker29 ngày trước

    I fell you I miss hockey to

  • Arminda Maxson
    Arminda Maxson29 ngày trước

    You should do more hockey trick shot

  • Kylie Lawson
    Kylie Lawson29 ngày trước

    I have the same stick as you ty

  • Hockey Fan101
    Hockey Fan10129 ngày trước

    I honestly think that Tim could be in the NHL

  • Ryan Claussen

    Ryan Claussen

    19 ngày trước


  • Hockey Fan101
    Hockey Fan10129 ngày trước

    I have there hockey trading card in 2020

  • Brandon Hillgoth
    Brandon Hillgoth29 ngày trước

    3:14 that was clean 😂😂

  • Parker Manuel
    Parker ManuelTháng trước

    Please do Hockey Stereotypes!!! 🏒🏒

  • Levi4fun
    Levi4funTháng trước

    Stereotypes ideas:gamer,school and hockey

  • charlie wellman
    charlie wellmanTháng trước


  • Arslan Qamar
    Arslan QamarTháng trước

    it was going to be cooler if the bottle landed 5:18

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. GamerTháng trước

    Purple Hoser is the Panda right??

  • TravOn 2Wheels
    TravOn 2WheelsTháng trước

    I now have new ideas on how to use my sauce kit! Thanks boys

  • canbo fei
    canbo feiTháng trước

    "The No Look Saucy" My defense: I am, actually, CEO of the company

  • Ryan Ramjattan
    Ryan RamjattanTháng trước

    Being totally honest, this video was made in 2020 and this was the year the stars lost the finals. That's actually a little sad

  • nops 5
    nops 5Tháng trước

    Timmy needs to be new dude perfect member

  • Bree Featherstone
    Bree FeatherstoneTháng trước

    Dp is the best 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅

  • Peter Cilella
    Peter CilellaTháng trước

    Do more lacrosse

  • Angie Oswalt
    Angie OswaltTháng trước

    I play NHL and I say I’m going with the stars every time tell Jamie Benn and Tyler Saigon they are my favorite players merry Christmas to dude perfect and the Dallas stars

  • Kerry Croll
    Kerry CrollTháng trước

    i like hocke

  • sebas sebas
    sebas sebasTháng trước

    The obtainable english aesthetically transport because pigeon chemically analyse given a accidental pedestrian. regular, exciting exclusive dragon

  • Jacob Nyman
    Jacob NymanTháng trước


  • Brendan Houba
    Brendan HoubaTháng trước

    Whoever wants panda to reveal his identity

  • Marcus Carbonaro
    Marcus CarbonaroTháng trước

    3:14 Nice editing 👍

  • Luke palancia Vlogs
    Luke palancia VlogsTháng trước

    Two bad we beat you guys go Tampa bay lightning

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