FULL MATCH - Undertaker vs. Triple H - Hell in a Cell Match: WrestleMania XXVIII

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It’s “The End of an Era” as The Phenom battles The Game inside Hell in a Cell, with Shawn Michaels serving as special guest referee: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • Alessio Vanni
    Alessio Vanni36 phút trước

    the undertaker is LEGEND

  • Namizake Minato
    Namizake Minato40 phút trước


  • Safie Coconut
    Safie CoconutGiờ trước

    Paling epic di smackdawn wwe

  • Mharcuss
    MharcussGiờ trước


  • Khalid Hany
    Khalid HanyGiờ trước

    ال مستني دخلت اندر تيكر 🌚🌚

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin2 giờ trước

    42:10 END OF THE ERA begins

  • Einacer Marc Basañes
    Einacer Marc Basañes2 giờ trước

    Farewell, The Undertaker you did your job well. You're a LEGEND

  • احمد نصر
    احمد نصر3 giờ trước

    Of the strongest and best Match history

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White3 giờ trước

    It’s the The silence of the crowd when they seen Taker had cut his hair 🥴

  • Cley Cordova
    Cley Cordova4 giờ trước

    Bruh it only lags when he hits him with the sledge hammer

  • Sly simon
    Sly simon4 giờ trước

    I can’t imagine the water spray in the post covid era anymore

    RV GAMING4 giờ trước

    Who's here after the undertakers farewell speech

  • Ms Kate
    Ms Kate4 giờ trước


  • Sadat Sayem
    Sadat Sayem6 giờ trước

    There shouldn’t be a last match of the undertaker, till his final breathe he is the lord of wrestling

  • Julio Cesar Magaña Rosaldo
    Julio Cesar Magaña Rosaldo6 giờ trước

    Longest fight in wwe history

  • Luisangel TNT
    Luisangel TNT6 giờ trước

    November 2020

  • Chris King
    Chris King7 giờ trước

    who’s here after the legendary Undertaker announced his official retirement?

  • Fredy Alarcón
    Fredy Alarcón7 giờ trước

    20-0 Se ve tan hermoso! Que racha.

  • Chris Gehman
    Chris Gehman8 giờ trước

    If they had undertaker lose. It should've been this one. Not to brock Lesnar. Wwe having taker lose to Lesnar was a huge mistake. This match was amazing. I watched it as a teenager. Just watched it again and it's so good

  • Aldo Sarmiento
    Aldo Sarmiento8 giờ trước

    Que masacre acabo de presenciar!!!

  • Flow
    Flow9 giờ trước

    O while look at that every time the hammer "hit" the undertaker the camera glitched out hm this is so legit damn bro

  • Makjoe Kouka
    Makjoe Kouka9 giờ trước

    Thank you very much for the video I really liked especially the end I saw the respect and the love that he shares with other friends and brother I really loved thank you good continuation

  • سلطان الحشيبري
    سلطان الحشيبري9 giờ trước

    اول سعودي 🇸🇦🇸🇦💪🏼

  • Lee
    Lee10 giờ trước

    Lamest triple h entrance

  • Alicia Milam
    Alicia Milam10 giờ trước

    Omg..undertaker..i get chills when he come in

  • Carlos Eiden Santana Talavera
    Carlos Eiden Santana Talavera13 giờ trước

    Soy el único español

  • Mohammad Najjar
    Mohammad Najjar13 giờ trước

    End of an Era = End of (G)old days

  • Xavier Hawkins
    Xavier Hawkins13 giờ trước

    Shawn sold the hell out of this. He made this match that much better

  • LK edits karoli
    LK edits karoli14 giờ trước

    Undertaker ki jagah koi nahi le sakta koi nai John Cena Romen Undertaker May fevret

  • B F
    B F14 giờ trước

    في عرب هون

  • DrDariuS
    DrDariuS14 giờ trước

    32:00 the moment you came here for

  • The BlueWave Report 2020 #Demcast USA
    The BlueWave Report 2020 #Demcast USA15 giờ trước

    Sean absolutely made this match

  • 0 0
    0 016 giờ trước

    HBK, Rey, and Eddie. Nobody pulled the heartstrings more.

  • Petrol Head
    Petrol Head16 giờ trước


  • Isaac Nicasio
    Isaac Nicasio18 giờ trước

    Justin Roberts is a GOAT!

  • Esteven Cervantes
    Esteven Cervantes18 giờ trước

    undertakers entrances are legendary

    MOHAMED AZAD AJ19 giờ trước

    One off tha best match in wwe history

  • Northern Rider
    Northern Rider19 giờ trước

    Currently binge watching matches from this kind of era and back.... When you see these matches it really dawns on you just how garbage the stuff of today is. Even as modern as 2013/2014 there was awesome matches... Nowadays it's more of a circus, not wrestling and women barely dressed, it's not about wrestling anymore.

  • Dung Lam chi
    Dung Lam chi20 giờ trước


  • SK Gaming11
    SK Gaming1121 giờ trước


    Zach FARRUGIA21 giờ trước

    2013 was the final year wwe was good and brought me joy

    xX-DOOM RIPPER-Xx23 giờ trước

    I remember watching this with my family it was a good wrestlemania

  • Dreamst8r
    Dreamst8rNgày trước

    That kick into the pedigree shoulda been it. How could anyone be mad at that!?

  • Herman Mann
    Herman MannNgày trước

    32:03 I genuinely thought the streak was done after that.

  • Nards Ariola
    Nards AriolaNgày trước

    This is the greatest match you will ever witness a great masterpiece of vince mcmahon❣️

  • Lᴇᴏ Vɪɴᴄᴇ
    Lᴇᴏ VɪɴᴄᴇNgày trước

    I love it 6:39

  • manĐjango 88
    manĐjango 88Ngày trước

    they wil.........come back, to 'smash' the new generations of wwe for sure

  • Heril Jupri
    Heril JupriNgày trước


  • Heril Jupri
    Heril JupriNgày trước

    Under griziy

  • J M
    J MNgày trước

    why were all the major hits taken out/censored? pussification of america?

  • مممد علي علي الحارثي
    مممد علي علي الحارثيNgày trước

    قوه 💪

    LOGIC GAMERNgày trước

    32:03 that was the moment of the match, i htought it was over there

  • Sabrina Hulsey
    Sabrina HulseyNgày trước

    I like the ref

  • Sabrina Hulsey
    Sabrina HulseyNgày trước

    I had a good put over my head and took out of the school house

  • KevonnieElaine
    KevonnieElaineNgày trước

    Shawn was about to have a nervous breakdown 😂.

  • 8BitChannel
    8BitChannelNgày trước

    7:17 you pick a wrong house fool! xD

  • アントニオ


    9 giờ trước

    😂 I didn’t realize what you was talking about and then I seen him.

  • A S
    A SNgày trước

    I was thinking why no one have mask on. From comments i came to know this match happened in 2012....🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Fernando Jimenez
    Fernando JimenezNgày trước

    Jajajaj la entrada de maicols Siempre tan carismático Mi idolooo

  • VRAU444 FF
    VRAU444 FFNgày trước


  • Fj cobra
    Fj cobraNgày trước

    What Id do for it be 2012, watching my first wrestlemania watching this masterpiece.

  • Jefet Anchundia
    Jefet AnchundiaNgày trước


  • acids u
    acids uNgày trước

    Its fake

  • Ishu Jayasekara
    Ishu JayasekaraNgày trước

    I love ❤️ 🅤🅝🅓🅔🅡🅣🅐🅚🅔🅡 🔥

  • Алексей Крылов
    Алексей КрыловNgày trước

    WITH LONG HAIR WAS BETTER! For all of them.

  • King Me

    King Me

    16 giờ trước

    Yes! HHH entrance doesn’t feel the same without the long hair

  • Mir.
    Mir.Ngày trước

    Shawn is a great actor! Gotta admit that

  • Unmasked Ninja
    Unmasked NinjaNgày trước

    Good old days

  • Gold & Blue Dude
    Gold & Blue DudeNgày trước

    Chills..... utter Chills!!!

  • Sniper Tj
    Sniper TjNgày trước

    I had to come to this because in 2012 I didnt remember a thing!

  • Sniper Tj
    Sniper TjNgày trước

    I mean. I guess this was a end of a era because after this wrestling got boring until I discovered the shield

  • Cristian Gomez
    Cristian GomezNgày trước

    This Match will be always in My heart

  • Sniper Tj
    Sniper TjNgày trước

    34:30 omg nasty taker nasty! 🤢🤮🤮

  • rooseveltheath
    rooseveltheathNgày trước

    the rematches with DX were not called for other then ego on their part honestly taker should've been allowed to retire with streak intact , Brock didn't deserve to break it he was a part timer

  • David Schneider
    David SchneiderNgày trước

    WTF is with cutting out every head shot with a weapon? Damn that is irritating!

  • khaled ahmed
    khaled ahmedNgày trước

    ماتش رووووعة

  • フルスイング吉田
    フルスイング吉田Ngày trước


  • Gaige Richardson
    Gaige RichardsonNgày trước

    Anyone else see how they "censored" the hits with the steps and the sledgehammer?? Making the video skip at the moment of impact? Really takes me out of the immersion when they have to censor super soft hits

  • Jesrelle Patriarca
    Jesrelle PatriarcaNgày trước


  • Burak Alper Şahin
    Burak Alper ŞahinNgày trước

    Best match ever in WWE history.

  • So fine
    So fineNgày trước

    Thanks to @steve.watcher on Instagram for recovering back my suspended account

  • So fine
    So fineNgày trước

    Thanks to @steve.watcher on Instagram for recovering back my suspended account

  • ThatHoustonBoyy
    ThatHoustonBoyy2 ngày trước

    My Cuzin & I Traveled From Houston To Make This Wrestlemania.. After That Sweet Chin Music/Pedigree I Swore It Was Over

  • Dswizz96
    Dswizz962 ngày trước

    Okay is it intentional when the screen sort of lags whenever they do a weapon headshot?? Like they are skipping it

  • Isaiah Chavez

    Isaiah Chavez

    Ngày trước

    Yeah it is WWE is so soft now.

  • Rutchie Antoque
    Rutchie Antoque2 ngày trước

    Bro HBK is a fair, respect referee and undertaker shows respect like this

  • Aikee jhonas rhoa Canindo
    Aikee jhonas rhoa Canindo2 ngày trước

    This three legends never dies,,

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales2 ngày trước

    Also Just Saying, When Did These Kinda Matches End? Where Are Our New Legends?

  • Baguio Girl
    Baguio Girl2 ngày trước

    The undertaker's playground.. hell in a cell. This match could have been epic if this one is the Undertaker's last match before he retired

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales2 ngày trước

    No, No, No, WWE Is Official Faking Their Matches Right?! How The Hell Did This Not End It But Brock's End It..? I'm In Disbelieve Every Time I Watch..

  • Enterrador775
    Enterrador7752 ngày trước

    Gracias underkater

  • Patin
    Patin2 ngày trước

    Thanks for all taker, we miss you ❤

  • Donna Ballance
    Donna Ballance2 ngày trước

    This was one of the BEST matches I've ever watched

  • Kara Klikuszewski
    Kara Klikuszewski2 ngày trước

    Did the undertaker retire from wrestling

  • George Francis
    George Francis2 ngày trước

    Udah tua om jangan berantem ingat umur

  • Eric 496
    Eric 4962 ngày trước

    What do you call the undertaker when he’s holding a Sledgehammer? M.C. Hammer! Get it? 😂😂😂

  • Eric 496

    Eric 496

    Ngày trước

    @Xolani Mahlangu really Bro?, his real name is Mark calaway and his has the name initials as the rapper does, I thought I made a fantastic joke right there?

  • Xolani Mahlangu

    Xolani Mahlangu

    Ngày trước


  • xxyounggodxx Ent.
    xxyounggodxx Ent.2 ngày trước

    the spine!!!

  • My names Jeff
    My names Jeff2 ngày trước

    Their all gone now, my entire childhood of wrestlers is practically retired bar the odd couple.

  • Captain Nutsack
    Captain Nutsack2 ngày trước

    Triple H's entrance is so gay

  • القيصر بن زريق
    القيصر بن زريق2 ngày trước

    بن زريق مر من هنا 🚶‍♂️😂

  • juspete
    juspete2 ngày trước


  • Sydney Batman
    Sydney Batman2 ngày trước

    This was the last time Wrestle Mania was good and I watched in full. Both Undertaker and Triple HHH should have retired after this, specially after all 3 hug it out at the end.

  • coc gamer
    coc gamer2 ngày trước


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