Laying in a Box of Snakes | OT 9

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A Grappling Gun, a new Absurd Recurd and a box full of snakes make this our best Overtime yet!
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude PerfectNăm trước

    Coby here. Yikes that was rough 👊🏻🙇🏻‍♂️ 🚨 COME SEE US (no snakes) ON TOUR! 🎟

  • RXzer IOS

    RXzer IOS

    8 ngày trước


  • Coleybear48 Mobile Gaming

    Coleybear48 Mobile Gaming

    19 ngày trước

    Team Coby!

  • Bradi Rhoades

    Bradi Rhoades

    Tháng trước




    2 tháng trước

    @Quitelostgirlshail4 o. .

  • Dallas Plays

    Dallas Plays

    2 tháng trước


  • UnboltedSumo 929
    UnboltedSumo 9294 giờ trước

    That would be soooo cool to be with all those snakes(btw none of the snakes in the box were venomous and a ton of them if not all of them are kept as pets and they weren’t poisonous which if there was any poisonous snakes in there it wouldn’t matter because you would have to eat/drink/bite it for the poison to do any thing)

  • Jessica Henry
    Jessica Henry7 giờ trước

    The universe mixed up Coby and Cory

  • Elrushaidat dana
    Elrushaidat dana7 giờ trước

    Why do you have a sword in your closet

  • Eric Burd
    Eric Burd8 giờ trước

    I want Cody to get it

  • ROBLOX_kiD 567
    ROBLOX_kiD 5679 giờ trước


  • BWG _23
    BWG _239 giờ trước

    Go to the fist overtime the intro has changed so much

  • Doug Bosted
    Doug Bosted10 giờ trước

    I love your videos

  • Trick Shots For Cake
    Trick Shots For Cake21 giờ trước

    did anybody else notice during absurd recurds when they were celebrating and the shaving cream went every where gar was out of the building

  • Super Clarkels
    Super ClarkelsNgày trước

    I am going to be honest with you but garretts painting kind of looked the coolest

  • Ahmad Umar Syaheem
    Ahmad Umar SyaheemNgày trước

    I actully like snakes tho so if i was in that coffin i would not even care

  • Joachim Acevedo
    Joachim AcevedoNgày trước

    what the frek coby gonna die

  • Hayden Kerkhoff
    Hayden KerkhoffNgày trước

    City of Ohio

  • Prem Naren
    Prem Naren2 ngày trước

    13:09 Garrett should be able to recognize it better now.

  • Dhairya Desai
    Dhairya Desai3 ngày trước

    usa : dude perfect india : khatton ke khiladi

  • Jennifer Buikema
    Jennifer Buikema4 ngày trước

    I like the twins objects😲😲😲😲😲

  • The EBros
    The EBros4 ngày trước

    Who else thinks they need more smelling bee

  • Leanna Brown
    Leanna Brown4 ngày trước

    I live in Australia 💔💔🖤🖤🥺🥺🥺

  • Gaming with Gavin
    Gaming with Gavin5 ngày trước

    I like sports... ...And science

  • Leo Edwards
    Leo Edwards5 ngày trước

    21:47 I actually thought coby might be killed

  • levi moss
    levi moss5 ngày trước

    Nice voice Ty, er Ted

    Nathan TJITEROSAMPURNO6 ngày trước

    Eww snake

    BIGFLUFFYPANDA7 ngày trước

    Love you guys but it was dangerous to put snake in even as a option. It should be on the wheek unfortunate. oh we.. Make sure u sub to dude perfect.

  • levi moss
    levi moss7 ngày trước

    did you see ty peeking at Knight Cody

  • Rodolfo Perez
    Rodolfo Perez7 ngày trước

    Honestly, I feel like the snake coffin wouldn't even be that bad, I love snakes, I would probably just end up grabbing and petting them

  • andrew varnum
    andrew varnum7 ngày trước

    I love Michael’s hair

  • andrew varnum
    andrew varnum7 ngày trước

    Jupiter and Saturn are gas planets THEY ARE MADE ALMOST ENTIRELY OF GASES! there is no land!

  • Chase Coddington
    Chase Coddington8 ngày trước

    Cody: “I’m not a space guy” Also Cody: Loves Star Wars



    2 ngày trước

    Haha 😂

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy8 ngày trước

    Coby saying smells like charcoal Ted so confidently had me dead

  • Britt Wickenkamp
    Britt Wickenkamp8 ngày trước

    feel so sorry for Coby

  • Chayse Hollman
    Chayse Hollman9 ngày trước

    When you were in the box you shouldn’t have let them on your neck

  • minato tedi
    minato tedi9 ngày trước

    i hate cody bruh

  • Neev Bora
    Neev Bora10 ngày trước

    I m from India

  • Yaman Sancar
    Yaman Sancar10 ngày trước

    well without science you would have been dead so you gotta appreciate it. If you have studied your history classes you can remember that in the stone ages people used to live 20-25 years. The website that you are earning money from is made with science and technology so your career depends on science. There is a possibility that tech devices can be broken one day( Suns Electromagnetic Pulse). That might teach you a lesson...

  • Vaibhav S
    Vaibhav S10 ngày trước

    hi DP I am your biggest fan

  • Riley Gonzaga
    Riley Gonzaga11 ngày trước

    Anyone else’s fav segment is cool not cool

  • Stacey Turner
    Stacey Turner11 ngày trước

    Fs5vdv Mariah alease Turner

  • Andrew Todd
    Andrew Todd11 ngày trước

    congrats ned, WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT FOR, COBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ferdinand mapanao
    Ferdinand mapanao11 ngày trước

    just want to say saturn has no land only gas

  • Aaron Morales
    Aaron Morales12 ngày trước

    It is messed up that you guys made it a coffin ⚰️, just wow

  • Ryan Buchanan
    Ryan Buchanan12 ngày trước

    Cody always a red no mater what

  • Ryan Buchanan

    Ryan Buchanan

    12 ngày trước

    I mean coby

  • Benjamin Hiester
    Benjamin Hiester12 ngày trước

    If i was coby, i would be like nope, im not doing that.

  • Kollapuram Sujatha
    Kollapuram Sujatha13 ngày trước


  • Sunanda Date
    Sunanda Date13 ngày trước

    Sub to Mr beast

  • Khizar Khokhar
    Khizar Khokhar13 ngày trước


  • Abidha Sultana
    Abidha Sultana14 ngày trước

    Everyone shut up!!

  • Jervis Lee
    Jervis Lee14 ngày trước

    I hate codeee. Not like actually hate.

  • appu A
    appu A14 ngày trước

    Dude perfect 😂😂

  • Karen Howard
    Karen Howard14 ngày trước

    This scared my soul out

  • Ishvimael Sevandal
    Ishvimael Sevandal15 ngày trước

    I shouted when the guy put the snakes on his face

    YT. TEGAR.R15 ngày trước

    Orang indo mana 👇

  • Ashter Raza
    Ashter Raza16 ngày trước

    me in canada

  • Legends Rising Official TCG
    Legends Rising Official TCG16 ngày trước

    I love snakes I want to be there

  • cassiel bauder
    cassiel bauder16 ngày trước

    The biggest effect that cool not cool has on me is that I dislike Cody more and more

  • Niecy Loney
    Niecy Loney17 ngày trước

    come to jamaica

  • Yoshavam Genut
    Yoshavam Genut18 ngày trước

    I like this Michel guy so much! Who else?

  • Bolt Runner
    Bolt Runner19 ngày trước

    Little he would know that he would be very fimmilier with that smell 13:00

  • Jonathan Jeong
    Jonathan Jeong21 ngày trước

    No offense to Ned but his voice is getting really anoying😂😅

  • Casey Wenger
    Casey Wenger21 ngày trước

    Anyone else agree that Cody is my least favorite dp member

  • The 11
    The 1121 ngày trước

    Me living in sweden 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Charles Stickmin
    Charles Stickmin21 ngày trước

    The subtitles tho 😂 😂

  • Greg Sandsonni
    Greg Sandsonni21 ngày trước

    I live in Canada so I'll be near none of them

  • Logan Annell
    Logan Annell22 ngày trước

    I wold actually die

  • Caleb Vibar
    Caleb Vibar22 ngày trước

    Does Garret know that Jupiter and Saturn are gas plants? The only place that you could live on Saturn are on its rings. You would just fall through.

  • Raph Playz
    Raph Playz22 ngày trước

    sorry coby

  • Bliss Binu

    Bliss Binu

    22 ngày trước

    It’s ok

  • joseph cheramie
    joseph cheramie22 ngày trước

    Can you come to Louisiana

  • BMO
    BMO23 ngày trước

    Bring back smelling bee

  • Bliss Binu

    Bliss Binu

    22 ngày trước


  • Kento Nakama
    Kento Nakama23 ngày trước

    Can you do a segment with your kids

  • Zack Riot
    Zack Riot23 ngày trước

    I’m claustrophobic and freaking terrified of snakes so this is like my worst nightmare

  • Bliss Binu

    Bliss Binu

    22 ngày trước


  • Hippo squad

    Hippo squad

    23 ngày trước

    Same bro

  • Eli Bear
    Eli Bear23 ngày trước

    I bet Garret knows the cat food smell all too well now

  • Stella Vanilla
    Stella Vanilla24 ngày trước

    The poor humans that have to edit Ty’s intro on overtime. I’m praying for you

  • Stella Vanilla

    Stella Vanilla

    24 ngày trước


  • Colton Pollina
    Colton Pollina24 ngày trước

    Bring back smelling bee

  • Matt Simpson
    Matt Simpson25 ngày trước

    The neat dipstick really deserve because exchange putatively stain amongst a steep juice. angry, abortive pillow

  • Ruben T
    Ruben T25 ngày trước

    Why do I get the feeling they just made up that record for Absurd Recurds?

  • hobo eskimo
    hobo eskimo25 ngày trước

    U guys should do it live

  • Sometimes Gaming boy

    Sometimes Gaming boy

    24 ngày trước

    They shouldn’t because they have to get all the cool not cool set up and it Hass to be live on doing it and they have to get the wheel unfortunate we’ll set up and people have to dress up how old they go to all the stuff from wheel unfortunate

  • HirojinX
    HirojinX25 ngày trước

    Why does Tyler always bring in the best stuff?

  • Fry And Fly
    Fry And Fly25 ngày trước

    21:46 no snakes or (Coby's) were harmed get it😂

  • DimondjackBTW 101
    DimondjackBTW 10125 ngày trước

    I have a question, why does Cody always ruin super cools for everyone!? 😂

  • Mamta Chugh
    Mamta Chugh25 ngày trước

    Best ot in world

  • vijetha arya
    vijetha arya25 ngày trước

    dude perfect is the best i cannot stop watching it whoever are seeing this video on corona pls comment below

  • Amelia Playz
    Amelia Playz25 ngày trước

    I cannot go :( I live where they a not going to do a world tour :( I love dp!

  • Pollard
    Pollard25 ngày trước

    Honestly one of my favourite overtime episodes, nice job

  • Ruben T
    Ruben T25 ngày trước

    "Can I slice your face in half?" - Tyler Nathan Toney

  • Cypred
    Cypred26 ngày trước

    that *king cody

  • Sandeep Kanda
    Sandeep Kanda26 ngày trước


  • Faheem Akhtar
    Faheem Akhtar26 ngày trước

    So much awesome my favourite channel

  • Faheem Akhtar
    Faheem Akhtar26 ngày trước

    Dude perfect awesome

  • Faheem Akhtar
    Faheem Akhtar26 ngày trước


  • shadia1216
    shadia121626 ngày trước

    Did the snakes bite you?

  • Kyle Waldron
    Kyle Waldron26 ngày trước

    your druming was actully in seek with the beat

  • MrPanonymous
    MrPanonymous27 ngày trước

    coby looks like a queens guard with all that shaving cream covering his eyes

  • William Kruesel
    William Kruesel27 ngày trước

    poor Coby

  • Jor Jor
    Jor Jor27 ngày trước

    1:18 is Ty A Communist?

  • Jor Jor

    Jor Jor

    27 ngày trước


  • Elif Arabacı
    Elif Arabacı27 ngày trước

    I am from Turkey

  • Amari Vlogs
    Amari Vlogs27 ngày trước

    California is not a city

  • Jerry Vlogs
    Jerry Vlogs27 ngày trước

    Can I have the wavy tube man?

    WAFFLE27 ngày trước

    this is perfect

  • Skanda Bharadwaj
    Skanda Bharadwaj27 ngày trước

    I am embarrassed to say that I became kind of emotional when Ned told Coby "I thought u guys weren't willing to pay my fee."

  • Fluffy


    8 ngày trước


  • Riley Mattison
    Riley Mattison27 ngày trước

    Cody is red button

  • Mahd Ahmed Zia
    Mahd Ahmed Zia28 ngày trước

    On 2nd chair is Coby and 5th chair is cory

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