Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22

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BEST CHRISTMAS PRANK EVER! Plus a Christmas themed Get Crafty & Cool Not Cool! Special thanks to Dragon City for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to download the game for FREE!
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Intro: 0:00
Get Crafty: 01:30
Reindeer Prank: 07:50
Sponsor: 10:26
Wheel Unfortunate: 11:26
Cool Not Cool: 17:07
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  • Charlotte Hal
    Charlotte Hal4 giờ trước

    The ludicrous xylophone approximately unpack because swimming conceptually try barring a odd theater. sweet, dashing blowgun

  • kevin carrillo
    kevin carrillo4 giờ trước

    Cody got all his cool not cool's Karma all on his face in one single day x'D

  • Calamity Calibre
    Calamity Calibre5 giờ trước

    Yes im alot late but i wanna say that at 7:23 that was just hilarious!

    BRANSON TUTTLE7 giờ trước


  • Erjon Mashkulli
    Erjon Mashkulli8 giờ trước

    Haha week unfortunate that’s a leagle

  • Cash Rules35

    Cash Rules35

    5 giờ trước


  • Digletdo Gaming
    Digletdo Gaming9 giờ trước

    he blew up an adoption center

  • Sara Fromwiller
    Sara Fromwiller10 giờ trước

    I love it when ty fell

    TCK GAMES10 giờ trước

    12:13 makes me laugh for some reason. Cody: BANG Reindeer Yes!

  • BTB designZ

    BTB designZ

    8 giờ trước


  • الوحش aas ،،
    الوحش aas ،،11 giờ trước


  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor12 giờ trước

    dragon city is monster legens!

  • dog lover
    dog lover22 giờ trước


  • madie mad
    madie madNgày trước

    Is no one commenting about how the dragon panda went against the mrbeast dragon No one. Okay.

  • ColbEZ
    ColbEZNgày trước

    Me and my friends were arguing over who has more subs you and mr beast

  • Muhd Farouk
    Muhd FaroukNgày trước

    Garret was really shocked,and i was like😂

  • keith wilson
    keith wilsonNgày trước

    Cody def won. No way he lost.

  • OffGhost 1413
    OffGhost 1413Ngày trước

    Unspeakable also did something like this but on a larger scale l,Gabe and James did alot of work

  • Ben Niethamer
    Ben NiethamerNgày trước

    The didactic duckling formally happen because wealth considerably complete times a jittery stew. unruly, hapless cent

  • Hunter Hartwick
    Hunter HartwickNgày trước

    I feel so bad for Cody 😂

  • He Love Derp
    He Love DerpNgày trước

    Not to be that guy but in this video they havent worn a mask when they were with strangers

  • Logic Bob
    Logic BobNgày trước

    A level 5 Earthquake is actually not big.

  • A Pancake
    A PancakeNgày trước

    R.I.P codys love of Christmas Dec 21 2020

  • Jackso Alena
    Jackso AlenaNgày trước

    thats illegal😂

  • Ahmed Moola
    Ahmed MoolaNgày trước

    thats mr beast dragen to

  • killinfire 5
    killinfire 5Ngày trước

    I'm starting to think that they're putting 3 cobys in the hat

    KHinFAMOUSNgày trước

    Cody got quintuple hosed ahahahah

  • kobi brooks
    kobi brooksNgày trước

    i heard that ty, and i dont think that will get out of my mind for a few hours

  • kobi brooks

    kobi brooks

    Ngày trước

    and also how has no one noticed

  • kobi brooks

    kobi brooks

    Ngày trước

    im just think is it a swear or is it just my head playing with me?

  • NPK 765 Fan
    NPK 765 FanNgày trước

    20:13 BIG OOF Btw if if I don’t get a single reply saying oof ....

  • Mr.PotatoHead
    Mr.PotatoHeadNgày trước

    Was that a Amex black?

  • Dänięla ‘Sky
    Dänięla ‘SkyNgày trước

    Poor Cody he had the worst Christmas ever

  • A poptart that just wants 1k subs
    A poptart that just wants 1k subsNgày trước

    Me sad that Ned didn’t dance 😭

  • GMoney Sports
    GMoney SportsNgày trước

    Cody's hosing of the episode- 1. Gingerbread houses 2. Office prank 3. Accidental red button click 4. Micro leaf blower 5. Battery pack 6. No milkshake

  • mr meatybrown
    mr meatybrown2 ngày trước

    Cody really just said "in the middle of febuary" but its January 19:30

  • Swab Music
    Swab Music2 ngày trước

    8:30 put subtitles.

  • Danielle Pessotti
    Danielle Pessotti2 ngày trước

    I can’t wait to go for you on tor in Boston I might go

  • Jared Canlas
    Jared Canlas2 ngày trước

    Cody saying sorry to Garrett but Cody hit Garrett's gingerbread house in purpose

  • jason chen the pusheen
    jason chen the pusheen2 ngày trước

    the ginger bread that didnt fit. roof was the walls and walls was the roof

  • jahleal salmon
    jahleal salmon2 ngày trước

    Slight Vanossgaming sponsorship since hi dragon city character

  • jahleal salmon

    jahleal salmon

    2 ngày trước

    Edit: his character was in it

  • PolarBug Playz
    PolarBug Playz2 ngày trước

    When are you going to do “WILL HE DO. IT”

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear2 ngày trước

    It should have been a secret Santa Cool or not cool

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter2 ngày trước

    *thats illegal*

  • Sunny Waters
    Sunny Waters2 ngày trước

    why does garret look like an elf

  • Nguyenngoc Van
    Nguyenngoc Van2 ngày trước

    Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  • Alfheidur Vidarsdottir
    Alfheidur Vidarsdottir2 ngày trước

    Gori vinn

  • Shayan Kapadia
    Shayan Kapadia2 ngày trước

    I would LOVE to have a VIP milkshake truck!!!!

  • Gtanmol
    Gtanmol2 ngày trước

    His dragon beat mr beast

  • Ashton
    Ashton2 ngày trước

    I feel bad for Cody like Christmas is supposed to be about happiness and giving bud he got the opposite of a happy/giving

  • chuck finnly
    chuck finnly2 ngày trước

    why does garret always act likes he's never had sugar before in every dp video ? XD

  • Natec098
    Natec0983 ngày trước


  • Eli Cox
    Eli Cox3 ngày trước

    Very cool.

  • Lily Murfitt
    Lily Murfitt3 ngày trước

    definitely one of the better get crafties

  • Varun Ramanan
    Varun Ramanan3 ngày trước

    11:16 does anyone notice that the Dude Perfect dragon is fighting the Mr Beast dragon?

  • Paige Teague
    Paige Teague3 ngày trước

    Cody got a quadruple Waimea

  • Piper haleee
    Piper haleee3 ngày trước

    Tyler said , I am the mullet

  • Muhammad Fahad
    Muhammad Fahad3 ngày trước

    7:15 NEED NEW JUDGE😂😂

  • Savannah Chilson
    Savannah Chilson3 ngày trước

    Isn’t Cody lactose intolerant though?

  • AestheticXcow *
    AestheticXcow *3 ngày trước


  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts3 ngày trước

    On dragon city thing it was dudeperfect vs mr beast dragon

  • Lil chicken nugget
    Lil chicken nugget3 ngày trước

    It should of gone like this (best to worst) Cody Tyler Garrett Coby Cory Sparky has never been so wrong and Cody never got so Hosed

  • Nataleigh Ricker
    Nataleigh Ricker3 ngày trước

    Love it

  • zer0 blade
    zer0 blade3 ngày trước

    Cory: nobody loves milkshakes more than me Me: you dare challenge the milkshake lord A lil’ bit of info: I’ve drank milkshakes everyday for about 2 years +

  • Uma Tiwari
    Uma Tiwari3 ngày trước

    Technically cody wins get crafty

  • Ole Stephansen
    Ole Stephansen3 ngày trước

    thats illegal!

  • chalien hsu
    chalien hsu3 ngày trước

    Ehyy dragon city I already obtained dp dragon

  • Gracie Grace
    Gracie Grace3 ngày trước


  • Gracie Grace
    Gracie Grace3 ngày trước


  • Alexis Økay
    Alexis Økay4 ngày trước

    The capable helen distally peep because brazil intrahepatically joke from a better virgo. sad, warlike castanet

  • Koopa Kid
    Koopa Kid4 ngày trước

    did tyler cuss at 7:19

  • Caleb Rice
    Caleb Rice4 ngày trước

    Garrett: 😮😮 Everyone else: 🤬🤬

  • Seaboys
    Seaboys4 ngày trước

    i think Cody getting hosed was on purpose

  • HA - 06MP 776084 Thomas Street MS
    HA - 06MP 776084 Thomas Street MS4 ngày trước

    15:56 I mean it was in the line

  • Matti the God Eater Smash Bro
    Matti the God Eater Smash Bro4 ngày trước

    11:44 you realize your already exposing that Garret is Tingle right? (I know he is Tingle, I just wanted to comment this)

  • Martin Russell
    Martin Russell4 ngày trước

    The obsolete geometry cytologically cry because blouse finallly greet midst a six soil. cold, daily kick

  • Ayaan Mukherjee
    Ayaan Mukherjee4 ngày trước

    this video turned out as not so successful

  • Justin
    Justin4 ngày trước


  • the colors
    the colors4 ngày trước


  • Red mask Gameplays
    Red mask Gameplays4 ngày trước

    16:25 No seat belt.

  • unique awm
    unique awm4 ngày trước

    need new judge

  • Fellow bacon pro
    Fellow bacon pro4 ngày trước

    Usually the game that sponsored: bad game

  • Xxzainx0
    Xxzainx04 ngày trước


  • MrLemon
    MrLemon4 ngày trước

    i think the hosing of cody came from gar's gingerbread house

  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu5 ngày trước

    How to audition for get crafty?

  • Ethan Irwin
    Ethan Irwin5 ngày trước

    The icky lynx reciprocally press because james ultimately provide notwithstanding a abnormal beginner. tan, super probation

  • CIP3
    CIP35 ngày trước

    Why the add right when there gonna show what they did to the office WHY

  • Lego Yoda
    Lego Yoda5 ngày trước

    Who else remembers when this was called *"The Reindeer Prank"*

  • Clex Mce

    Clex Mce

    8 giờ trước


  • Le ice boi
    Le ice boi5 ngày trước

    Anybody else realise that in the top ten candy’s episode the dots just disappear?

  • Oppositemanx 474
    Oppositemanx 4745 ngày trước

    I have to say, that was the worst judging I have ever seen in my life on get crafty Like if you agree 👍 👇

  • Ca Sneaks
    Ca Sneaks5 ngày trước

    The complete ceiling controversly mix because goose echographically meddle to a broken congo. legal, overrated friday

  • Ca Sneaks
    Ca Sneaks5 ngày trước

    The whispering burglar similarly relax because donald relatively fail given a crooked cycle. dark, empty wind

  • أي آر تي مونتاج
    أي آر تي مونتاج5 ngày trước

    It's Crafty Time!

  • Hamzu Sports
    Hamzu Sports5 ngày trước

    I saw Cody face when when they were all clapping on Cory item and I feel bad because you didn't even get a milkshake

  • Champion Gamer
    Champion Gamer5 ngày trước

    I just started watching your videos again

  • Memes
    Memes5 ngày trước

    I thought they uploaded a new video but I realised that it was just retitled

  • Mark Rizzo
    Mark Rizzo5 ngày trước

    West a mask coby

  • Aarav Jaiswal
    Aarav Jaiswal5 ngày trước

    Why is everything sponsored by dragon city

  • Acidatronic
    Acidatronic5 ngày trước

    THAT SHADE The dude perfect dragon is defeating the Mr beast dragon THE ABSOLUTE SHADE

  • Tashi-kun's dungeon
    Tashi-kun's dungeon5 ngày trước

    I thought coby was lactose intolerant

  • Rex Jaron Revote
    Rex Jaron Revote5 ngày trước

    I have dragon city

  • Easton Manke
    Easton Manke5 ngày trước

    I love you so much Tyler keep doing what you are doing make lives for christ I am 12 and I love you all

  • Easton Manke
    Easton Manke5 ngày trước

    Ya me tooooo

  • Bambam Playz
    Bambam Playz5 ngày trước

    Am I the only one that thought it said weird twins purple hoser

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