Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

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INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan


  • Joel Barker
    Joel BarkerGiờ trước

    TOM PREACH... Don't let them kill u and clone u .. This happens... talk about it.. like i talk to ....... U ... ... . Nerds

  • Joel Barker

    Joel Barker

    59 phút trước

    They have the cure for alot of this stuff guys

  • DontLet TheWorldRot
    DontLet TheWorldRot2 giờ trước

    Celebrities always recover from cancer. Weed killer put in our Cheerios, flouride in our water, shit is getting out of hand. I just lost my dad to cancer last year. He was 52. One of his favorite things to eat was Cheerios. I have so much fucking hate towards the Elites now. I wish they would all get cancer and become eradicated so people could stop being poisoned. You monsters are people.

  • Noe Montoya
    Noe Montoya2 giờ trước

    Everybody in world going through this be strong ❤️

  • DirtyWop Bastard
    DirtyWop Bastard2 giờ trước

    Took me a week to listen to this. I didn't think I wanted to hear it. Great song Tom

  • Teri Lee
    Teri Lee3 giờ trước

    1st diss track on Cancer THANK YOU TOM!

  • pierrelarouge
    pierrelarouge3 giờ trước

    Most cancers can be prevented by diet and a few basic supplements and just learning how to treat your body well, also its possible that vaccines are the cause of most childhood cancers.

  • Woodro
    Woodro3 giờ trước

    I found out on OCt. 10th that my Mom has stage 4 cancer in every organ in her body. This song has given me so much hope. Many tears cried while listening to this. Thank you for this song! You have gained a lifelong fan due to this

  • Adam phillips
    Adam phillips3 giờ trước

    Amazing song tom, you are the greatest singer alive

  • The Ugly Truth 2.0
    The Ugly Truth 2.06 giờ trước

    Great song I wish chadwick could have heard it before he passed from cancer

  • melanie pelkey
    melanie pelkey6 giờ trước

    Thank you for this song !!! Two time cancer survivor here and it has been a rough road along the way but I never gave up !!

  • Roger Garcia
    Roger Garcia7 giờ trước

    I know people my hate what im writing but the truth is we all need to work on ourselves love is the key on changing the world lets all grow as people and it does not matter what color of race you are we can all learn from one another we must not be control by anyone of this world like the people in power remember that everything in this life is connected time to unplug and reprogram our minds and heart and soul and fix all parts of our realms read and educate yourself and wake up the minds that is sleeping remember that he that knows everything knows nothing i pray for all of you i might not know anyone but know one thing i care for the world and the people in it i love all of my brothers and sisters and remember your never alone we all have divine light

  • Nø_Nõnsênsé
    Nø_Nõnsênsé8 giờ trước

    Wow!!!! Blown away... just when I thought you couldn’t get any better!!!! 😯

  • Jennifer Isaacs
    Jennifer Isaacs8 giờ trước

    Why people are not liking this more positive outlook song than the more aggressive songs? Guess it sounds to leftist to get rid of cancer with science instead if hippy shit?

  • Dan Miser
    Dan Miser8 giờ trước

    Yikes. Didn't need to wake up and make myself sad watching this...

  • Nova Cadian
    Nova Cadian8 giờ trước

    But there's no profit in it!

  • amy96525
    amy965258 giờ trước

    Song was amazing man thank you

  • Anonymously American
    Anonymously American9 giờ trước

    Just got my CD's! The audio quality is fantastic for the format and Tom's talent shines throughout. Got em sitting in my Bose CD changer right now bumping away! Great job dude!

  • Zenon
    Zenon9 giờ trước

    The first person to invent a cure for cancer will be world famous and make billions of dollars from the patent. The baseless belief that every medical researcher in the world is evil enough to cover up a cure is super offensive. Tom is just using cancer for clicks.

  • Bambam Smashes
    Bambam Smashes10 giờ trước

    I was at 80% heart failure both valves severely regurgitating into lungs phuck that 3am I’m up gym 4-5am 3 hours hearts pumping FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT EAT RIGHT STUDY WIN WIN WIN DONT STOP !!!!

  • Young Ben
    Young Ben10 giờ trước

    I wish this help me

  • Irish Mushabati
    Irish Mushabati11 giờ trước

    I had from Tom Macdonald;"cancer is a demon". Is it true or What guys?

  • casey Parker
    casey Parker11 giờ trước

    I wonder why ppl disliked the video if you don't like it when it comes to this subject then you should keep it to yourself.

  • Az TheFallen
    Az TheFallen12 giờ trước

    Tom you are one of the best artists to ever grace a microphone period thank you for never disappointing and consistently making amazing music

  • Samantha Wells
    Samantha Wells12 giờ trước

    This give me more power fight, thank you

  • Mir Mutaq
    Mir Mutaq14 giờ trước


  • Icekingin YbG
    Icekingin YbG14 giờ trước

    Keep yah head up

    DAREDEVIL_YT15 giờ trước

    I think the people who missed the like button were wearing a blindfold

  • Logan Litsjo
    Logan Litsjo16 giờ trước

    This song has my favorite chorus in the world.

  • Michael Atkins
    Michael Atkins16 giờ trước

    cancer .you said it all years ago starded my stuggle .my dad i lost to cancer n theres alot more to that for me started my stuggle n fight i fight everyday .j payed the price likes so true in sober for years hidding behind whatever blinded me .now ive found myself ..i lisren to your songs sober .bad news ive been ther payed my dues hurt many people almost died killing myself i can listen now n see where i was n i fight ir everyday .your lyrics touch home so close its unreal .thankyou they remind me of what i once was..n what i dont wana be .loved to heard your music years ago

  • Michael Atkins
    Michael Atkins16 giờ trước

    powerfull so powerfull you are helping alot of people thank you

  • Alexandra Hudson
    Alexandra Hudson16 giờ trước

    the song is good but it is sad it makes me fell bad for the people that have cancer and it is a good song but tom can we talk

  • lonewolffullmoon
    lonewolffullmoon17 giờ trước

    Because they want us dead 💀

  • Tj R
    Tj R17 giờ trước

    Take it everyone on here lost someone to cancer. Lost my uncle 2014 keep it going 👇🏼

  • Chris DiDonna
    Chris DiDonna17 giờ trước

    It would be very hard to control cells that have been mutated and no longer take part in apootosis

  • steven knuckles
    steven knuckles17 giờ trước

    My aunt just passed away it was a gruesome battle. My best friend who passed away in May 14, 2020 (R.I.P SEAN) his moms passed away from Cancer. It hurt him so bad. I wish I could have done more for Sean. But, then again I'd rather keep remembering the good times.

  • Rafael Romero
    Rafael Romero18 giờ trước

    This is beautiful! God Bless you bro! ♥️

  • Travis Hayden
    Travis Hayden18 giờ trước

    Tom you and Nova are a bright light in a dark world Thank you for another song that’s touches the soul brother Best wishes to both of ya

  • Theilleststylez
    Theilleststylez19 giờ trước

    As someone that’s lost three people to cancer ... I had to fight back tears watching this . For those that have cancer keep fighting !!! For those that have lost people to cancer there always with you , keep holding on for them . Bless you Tom

  • stevesumo
    stevesumo19 giờ trước

    Man, I cried like hell watching this. I lost my dad in January after a tough 2-1/2 year battle. The morning he passed my brother called me to tell me if I wanted to see him I needed to get there. For the last 5 months before he passed I spent every weekend driving to my parents 4 hours away. I made it 2 hours into the drive when I got the call he passed. That was the toughest drive I've ever made in my life.

  • Jessica pitre
    Jessica pitre19 giờ trước

    I just lost my memere yesterday morning because of cancer. My family is so heart broken. Seeing my dad cry and my daughters cry, broke my heart :(

  • Juaquine Black
    Juaquine Black20 giờ trước

    Uh oh he called out da juice

  • Mynames Jeff
    Mynames Jeff20 giờ trước

    The media and certain political standing influences hate this man so much that they won't trend this. It's sickening how deep these roots go. Blocking this is evil when there are people who need to here it.

  • pacothetaco556
    pacothetaco55620 giờ trước

    There is hope Tom :-)....John 14:6 - "Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one come to to Father except by me." That's our hope in this world...Jesus who conquered death has given us a way out when we die. We all will die one day, Jesus beat that enemy called death to save us from hell. :-) Jesus also said: John 15:13-17 - 13Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. 14You are My friends if you do what I command you. 15No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not understand what his master is doing. But I have called you friends, because everything I have learned from My Father I have made known to you. 16You did not choose Me, but I chose you. And I appointed you to go and bear fruit-fruit that will remain-so that whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you. 17This is My command to you: Love one another.

  • Roman Mckenzie
    Roman Mckenzie20 giờ trước

    Dang this hits deep

  • L.S.T UK BiG BuD
    L.S.T UK BiG BuD20 giờ trước

    I cried so much listening to this.. my mom's just got over cancer...💚💚💚

  • TheMrdenton
    TheMrdenton20 giờ trước

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  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear21 giờ trước

    Thank u!!! My father died of cancer... Just thank you

  • Scarlett Phillips
    Scarlett Phillips21 giờ trước

    I am type 1 diabetic and this song is sad to me

  • Cheese Big
    Cheese Big21 giờ trước

    2 songs in less then 10 minutes, stupid and cancer. The words are so true 👍

  • David
    David22 giờ trước

    Moms passed August 16th 2020. Fuck cancer. Rip ma dukes 😔 H.O.G 4L

  • JProductionZ_
    JProductionZ_22 giờ trước

    Dude favorite rapper best beats and best vocals

  • Prince Zamunda
    Prince Zamunda23 giờ trước

    I remember Tom before he went super super viral, good to see his music has grown. He has made some controversial music, with a message and makes people think.

  • David Knight
    David Knight23 giờ trước

    Man i use to see this guy as another sixnine a joke but this mans come far starting to really get into his grove and message

  • Shawn Rawlings
    Shawn Rawlings23 giờ trước

    My mom passed away on 1-26-2020 from pancreatic cancer.. This video made me tear up.. Hardest thing I've had to deal with was someone else's pain. Wish you all good health.

  • lil Jade Kade
    lil Jade Kade23 giờ trước

    Just one question why dislike this?

  • Shaine Brower
    Shaine Brower23 giờ trước

    Great song Tom: But hey! GREATER NEWS, bro. Jesus Christ died on the cross for you... and for all that believe in Him. Do 1 thing if you're reading this. Read Ephesians 2. The entire chapter. IT'S REAL. LIFE AFTER DEATH. GOD. JESUS, WHAT HE DID FOR YOU. YOU CAN'T EARN IT. YOU CANT LEARN IT. READ Ephesians 2 (Specifically Ephesians 2 Vs 8.) Proceed playa!

  • Benjamin Strunk
    Benjamin StrunkNgày trước

    This is the best I love what you do

  • Phenom Anon
    Phenom AnonNgày trước

    The fire, absofuckinglutely. Let it SHINE!

  • Sarah Priest
    Sarah PriestNgày trước

    wow! Tom.... I kept watching you talk about how your video was bringing tears to everyones eyes., Well I just watched it and then read through most of the comments and DAMN! SAD AF !! I THINK ITS GREAT HOW YOUR SONGS INSPIRE PEOPLE TO NOT ONLY LIVE, BUT TO GET UP AND FIGHT !!!! KEEP IT COMING. HI NOVA ROCKAFELLER (LOVE U GUYS, JUST GOT MY BAD NEWS HOODIE IN THE MAIL LOL)

  • Lol
    LolNgày trước

    One word. Amazing. Best rapper of 21 century. Keep it up tom. Fxxk the haters. We all behind you.

  • Twila Weathers
    Twila WeathersNgày trước

    Hell yeah ,. I love seeing ppl. Like u to be up front and have it in u to show the world that I have a 💝 , and DO CARE ABOUT US AS WE CAN U . So much appreciate this song . Keep it real and open ur self to these kind of song's more . 💯, From the SOUL .

  • KroNickallyAbundant Nikolaos
    KroNickallyAbundant NikolaosNgày trước

    Getting better this one style it's more fitting than the other more hardcore rap songs. But damn we need something uplifting this yr man it's been a hard one! But the same criticism idk maybe it's just me im not a fan of anthem sing along songs lol. But other ppl like it then cool its just not for me but its still the weakest parts of any of ur songs. Only constructive feedback no hate. It feels like we're trying to fit a square into a circle shape peg by trying to mix rap with singing along style chorus just feel very out of place n like the focus should be on your strengths like you got bars so spit thatd ur talent maybe have a female sing? Or something to spruce those parts a bit if you really want to keep them or work on then n grow etc. So that's all I got again same thing itd getting better each time tho. Idk I'd just focus on my strength n try to sharpen that lol. But thatd me n I don't do much so just make beats and DJ a bit for fun now ffs cv sucks

  • Sunnyday1025 now
    Sunnyday1025 nowNgày trước

    Thank you for saying this! My Mom died from cancer when I was sixteen (it was a rare cancer and she lived longer than predicted please don't listen when they say six months it's just an estimate they told her that multiple times). I used to say the same all this research and they don't know how to cure it? They come up with things you may have been exposed to but you're never allowed to think it might be bc of how much we've altered our food or our world.

  • Sunnyday1025 now

    Sunnyday1025 now

    Ngày trước

    Every time people want an answer for illness we hear it's just some environmental cause but the second someone says it might be caused by something specific in the environment they are labeled as stupid and ridiculed.

  • Gh0stFuz10n303
    Gh0stFuz10n303Ngày trước

    I survived Esophagus cancer when i was thirty today im 38

  • mrbiggs70
    mrbiggs70Ngày trước

    My Dad died Aug 2nd 2019 from colorectal adenocarcinoma. He was my hero. So big and strong he used to be a drill sergeant. I watched him go from over 250 pounds down to about 150. He never complained he never got mad or upset. He led by example always. Ill never be the man he was and wouldn't be able to handle 3 years of chemo and surgeries like he did. Hes my hero and i miss him so much. Fuck cancer and fuck big pharma thats made a killing letting cancer kill. Its so so sad. We need to wake up and see the truth! Great song! I love it.

  • MiniTruck SHOWDOWN
    MiniTruck SHOWDOWNNgày trước

    My grand father has battled cancer 6 times and has pushed on and is still strong to this day, thanks for this song going to show him!

  • Silva Official
    Silva OfficialNgày trước

    That's because its all about money they truly don't care about no one ! Just dead presidents shit crazy

  • Muzik Fiend
    Muzik FiendNgày trước

    Whoever see this, just know that your not alone, while I believe that if your a Tom fan. That your woke and are aware of things that go on every day. We all know that the government has cure for probably damn near any type of disease or virus. I also would like to believe that you see the truth of this election and that the picture they paint of the president is not right. Read, investigate for yourself, don't believe everything you hear or see. For anyone who has been diagnosed or is in remission. We are here for you, your friends and your loved ones. Your not alone. I can't imagine your pain nor will I act like I understand cause I don't. Only you do. What I will say is this. What life has given you it isn't fair, and what you have to go through to live for another day even more so. but in my eyes your a hero, you are the light and the hope that this world needs. I say that cause None of you ever asked for your circumstances but you answered the call. The same way a soldier answer the call to fight our enemies. While your enemy is an invisible for the most part. You do what needs to be done, You fight tooth and nail, you sacrifice your body, your soul not knowing what the day holds for you. You may not see yourself as a hero, but us the ones who witness your battles, the ones who cry with you fight the fight with you. Your inspiration. Your hope. Your all the things that this world needs in it. No you didn't ask for it, but here you are Fighting like a true Warrior We are proud of you. Thank you

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFlyNgày trước

    Tom is a Legend

  • bullet proofcrew94
    bullet proofcrew94Ngày trước

    Tom thank you man for this song I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer in 2016 it sucks.its been so hard to keep my life right since then.much love man.

    A DEMONNgày trước

    I don't have cancer but I have severe mental illnesses

  • The Katie And Sophie Show

    The Katie And Sophie Show

    Ngày trước

    Im sorry

  • J. G.
    J. G.Ngày trước

    This is... this is amazing... I can’t describe how happy this makes me... cause my moms going through a lot of crap rn we don’t know if it’s cancer or not... but she’s slowly dying and this... reminded me to keep my chin up... thanks Tom

  • Doris Townsend
    Doris TownsendNgày trước

    This is a sad song i almost cried

  • vincent lloyd
    vincent lloydNgày trước

    2.8k people who have no heart... cool

  • Ricky Felter Snatch
    Ricky Felter SnatchNgày trước

    Don't see how anyone could dislike this. Crazy world

  • Trevor Pietrzykowski
    Trevor PietrzykowskiNgày trước

    I know someone who has cancer..... this song reminds me of the man who lied to my dad so many times! It's just karma

  • vicki L Roe
    vicki L RoeNgày trước

    I think you are so talented an brave Tom,.....

  • Brother Dave
    Brother DaveNgày trước

    This song is gonna help folks keep their heads up!!

  • Dean Cole
    Dean ColeNgày trước

    Thanks brother for I have cancer love this song

  • Gary Attwood
    Gary AttwoodNgày trước

    Thank you for exploiting the truth

  • Bryan Christ
    Bryan ChristNgày trước

    Tom!! I've been saying this. All of this! Thank you for saying it out loud. Your platform should definitely get it out there. I hope ppl jump on is.

  • Austin T.
    Austin T.Ngày trước

    Just when I thought I couldn’t like you anymore than I already do you show up with this. I’ve never personally been affected by cancer but know it’s a real struggle for the people that have

  • Mary d
    Mary dNgày trước

    My mom had breast cancer twice and it kills me that they say there is no cure for it. This is killing me cause breast cancer runs in my family and it kills me that how is there no cure for it!!

  • my leg
    my legNgày trước

    Just be a poet

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu alissNgày trước

    Full remission for 11 years this month. Blessed to be here.

  • Joshua Wade
    Joshua WadeNgày trước

    This song gives me chills every time.

  • Pumba WTF
    Pumba WTFNgày trước


  • Brian Daniels
    Brian DanielsNgày trước

    Vibrational waves will kill cancer cells, but company's cant make a profit

  • T Flex
    T FlexNgày trước

    This song has so many emotional points... well done @tom... saddest part about this song is that the lyrics are true!

  • bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    Ngày trước

    1 week later and im diagnosed with skin cancer

  • Katie Hass
    Katie HassNgày trước

    Thank you so much for this song! It means so much to me. I have lost way too many people in my life to cancer.

  • rainbowcube123
    rainbowcube123Ngày trước

    BRILLIANT. An Amazing lyric song and so so true. Thank you. ;).

  • Dragon Dreams
    Dragon DreamsNgày trước

    Cancer is a multibillion dollar industry. enough said, we live in a world that doesn't solve problems because they are profitable.

  • Penny Wyze
    Penny WyzeNgày trước

    "Brighter in the dark"

  • Jamie Rush
    Jamie RushNgày trước

    I'm a cancer survivor, and I love your music! It took me a week to finally get the courage to click on the song. I'm definitely glad I did! #HangoverGang much love! @JamieRush0312 on Twitter

  • Sweett Powell
    Sweett PowellNgày trước

    Its about time someone says it even better that he sung it great song

  • Danny Zbiel
    Danny ZbielNgày trước

    If you’ve ever been close to death, you care less about heaven or hell. Death isn’t rememberable. It’s literally nothing. I was pronounced dead and never even knew it after drug and alcohol poisoning. I woke up in the ER my clothes cut off and was told by the most beautiful doctor everything that occurred. That’s when I realized angels only exist on earth. Dying sooner rather than later is tragic

  • dmx17
    dmx17Ngày trước

    my moms mom died before i was born so i never got to see her cause of cancer . my mom has is a few pictures of her

  • southern redneck
    southern redneckNgày trước

    Its sad bro you have 2.8 trolls who just hate to hate and have no space in the world for those losers. Repeat every day I listen I will comment.

  • Urban Kiwiana
    Urban KiwianaNgày trước

    Thanks from new Zealand, my step moms sitting in a cancer ward right now with advanced stage four breast cancer the doctors said they can't stop it spreading as she starts chemo and spends another week in there with who know how many more we the family feel helpless asf,.loved this song an we know if anyone will fight she will,. #respect👊

  • Mustang GT
    Mustang GTNgày trước

    This is so beautiful. The message people, listen. Love you all.

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