White soldier charged with assault for shoving, berating Black man in viral video l GMA

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Active-duty soldier Jonathan Pentland has been charged with third-degree assault and battery after he was seen berating and shoving a Black man in Columbia, South Carolina.
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  • Parzival
    ParzivalGiờ trước

    Are you not allowed to walk in the every part of the city in the U.S.? I thought that you just aren’t allowed to enter closed off communities.

  • Mac
    MacGiờ trước

    I hate msm so much. Fatigued by joggers

  • IamOnly Human
    IamOnly HumanGiờ trước

    I thank all the military personnels for their service...however I have noticed alot of the family and the personnels themselves behaving ridiculous acting like they are above the law just like our policemen and then saying they served in the military....serving in the military does not give you the right to act poorly and use it to defend themselves.🔥

    HOBBY! MONEYGiờ trước

    Watch how they tried to make the VICTIM the problem by saying that he was involved in other issues in that neighborhood! And then put words of protection around the JONATHAN PENTLAND THE 3rd DEGREE ASSUALTER by saying that "we don't know what happened to lead up to that moment." WOW! Mayonnaise Protection to the rescue!

  • Thomas McGuinness
    Thomas McGuinnessGiờ trước

    Good job news. No info and you’ve already racially divided.

  • TheSeattlegreen
    TheSeattlegreenGiờ trước

    Fake news

  • The Glorious One
    The Glorious OneGiờ trước

    I know one thing, that guy is going to get stripped of his ranking status in the military, he will be extremely lucky if he get reduced to corporal or even worse a private, for the military with just kick him out, if they do decide to keep him he will serve under a black Sergeant, a black lieutenant and a black Captain they might even send his ass to The Hot Zone and nobody wants to go there

  • Facts
    FactsGiờ trước

    Would of never hit the news if they weren’t opposite race and that’s a garuntee.

  • k t
    k tGiờ trước

    If This Guy's in the military he should know how to deescalate....Felony Assault & Battery Laws and Penalties. The crime of battery is the intentional touching of another in an angry manner, or the intentional use of force or violence against another. Grabbing someone's arm, pushing or punching a person or striking a victim with an object all are crimes of battery.

  • Hajar Baktiari
    Hajar BaktiariGiờ trước

    and he screaming at him without a mask 🤢🤢🤢

  • RacistPixel
    RacistPixelGiờ trước

    There is plenty videos white ppl being attacked in black neiberhoods, noone make a drama out of that...

  • Regan.
    Regan.Giờ trước

    Why is it that when a white man commits a crime his race is stated? But when its a person of color the race is not mentioned?

  • Im Pau Prince Who you
    Im Pau Prince Who youGiờ trước

    The real american story Different from the picture they paint

  • Bigmikerig69
    Bigmikerig69Giờ trước

    Oh boo fucking who nothing was said about race

  • nered nerred
    nered nerredGiờ trước

    I am with the black guy on this one but does anyone know the whole story? Does he live in that neighborhood? I couldn't find any info on it

  • Candice Stevens
    Candice StevensGiờ trước

    Media and big tech divides us all and then everybody acts all suprised when something like that happens,we only seem to ever be shown the worst side of each other anymore

  • Jake Bowen
    Jake BowenGiờ trước

    Racism isn’t dead

  • Mr. Poopybutthole
    Mr. PoopybuttholeGiờ trước

    30 days $500 fine is that it?

  • Alex McGregor
    Alex McGregorGiờ trước

    No context but let’s jump to a conclusion.

  • baby k
    baby kGiờ trước

    $500 or 30 days in jail?

  • patterson7059
    patterson7059Giờ trước

    Why these reporters trying to justify the criminal assault by saying we don't know what happened that lead to it!!!!.... WTF!!... He's a fucking soldier and should have just called the police if he had a worry about him... NOTHING justify what that idiot soldier did....I hope he gets kicked out the army

    STEVE PGiờ trước

    Who the hell does he think he is?!. He doesn't own that neighborhood. A soldier should know better.

  • E Nigma
    E NigmaGiờ trước

    Funny how race is only ever mention when it’s a white person.

  • Tom Tam
    Tom TamGiờ trước

    If the video didn't exist they would've just charged him for destruction of a cellphone

  • Tom Perry
    Tom PerryGiờ trước

    No context. Just a moment captured on video. What led to this? Randomly walking up and berating someone because they're black? Or did he do something we didn't see to set the other guy off? Don't be so quick to judge here.

  • chris gaines
    chris gainesGiờ trước

    That soldier looks and acts like he runs the Aryan movement. What a horrible human. 30 days? $500 fine? Prince about to school the world on these problems with his Welcome 2 America album from the grave.

  • mike conner
    mike connerGiờ trước

    We don't know what happened leading up to that moment but we already know everything we need to know. Lol u are all so screwed!

  • Viki Payne
    Viki PayneGiờ trước

    The people are watching!Pentland must be charged with several crimes. My stomach hurts just seeing this. Sad! He maybe should have a few more steroids...js.

  • Lloyd Carmelo
    Lloyd CarmeloGiờ trước

    Good for him. I guarantee there's more to this story. But of course here's another oppressed black man who was just walking down the street minding his own business right?....smh 🙄

  • Justin Case
    Justin CaseGiờ trước

    Watch he try to speak out and save his career

  • Cesar Rod
    Cesar RodGiờ trước

    Diversity is our strength my balls 😂

  • manoffayth
    manoffaythGiờ trước

    Where is the full video? What were the two "incidents" that didn't condone this treatment?

  • corporate27
    corporate27Giờ trước

    In the FULL video they can be heard stating that he’d started a fight with a lady in the neighborhood and she had to defend herself against him. Of course, the media IMMEDIATELY makes it about RACE. That’s what sells! That’s the narrative. Don’t question the narrative! They’re a small community, so stating that he doesn’t belong there could have been said to a white guy too, if he didn’t live there. This bullshit racism narrative has been beat to death. They even called the cops before they began filming. Clearly you are missing context - white people are not out harassing blacks, despite what the media would have you believe. Almost 30% of the military is black and we love and would die for our fellow soldiers, regardless of color.

  • El Jefe
    El JefeGiờ trước

    Such a hero a fake ass hero. Scumbag fake ass hero fuck the police and military

  • a b
    a bGiờ trước

    Was he a man? I think the young guy is a teen.

  • jan coo
    jan cooGiờ trước

    "They have already been called, let's see how it goes." This woman is betting on the cops messing up this young man. She is an Amy Cooper. Look how they treated him, think the other incidents have any merit? Stop justifying hate!

  • patterson7059
    patterson7059Giờ trước

    I hate these white americans 😠

  • StandingAgainst TheEnemy
    StandingAgainst TheEnemyGiờ trước

    Race War 2021!

  • zeth fox
    zeth foxGiờ trước

    He was trying to organize a "blm peaceful protest" in that neighborhood...that's what the news media wont tell you....we all know what those "peaceful protest' are...let me ask you... would you feel the same if it was being set up across the street from your house?

  • 6Saints_productions Z
    6Saints_productions ZGiờ trước

    So they just going to block the part that his wife said we should walk him home...smh bruh...ya so full of it...

  • Joe84 Jones
    Joe84 JonesGiờ trước

    Your country is messed up. Obsessed with race, toxic culture, the powers that be are determined to destroy your nation over race 🤮

  • nicholas zhang
    nicholas zhangGiờ trước

    Racism these days.....

  • Peace Dog
    Peace DogGiờ trước

    - you're in the wrong neighborhood - no, Sir ...you're in the wrong planet

  • Edward Tan
    Edward TanGiờ trước

    If the kid was Asian, he would be knocked out with a broken nose. And the police will still verify if it was a hate crime.

  • Alpha Light
    Alpha LightGiờ trước

    Sergeant POS. Much like most NCOS in the military.

  • Heather Smith
    Heather SmithGiờ trước

    I went to bed to the closing of day 6 of Chauvins trial. I woke up to a newly released video of a 13 yr old baby boy who was armed BUT did comply to the officers commands he showed his hands and was shot and killed while his arms were raised and EMPTY! I go make some coffee and watch more news and this Bafoon pulls this shit!!!! AT EH BOY!!! It’s another fine moment in this country history!! IDK why we bothered rushing into a vaccine for covid, because if things don’t change and people are not held accountable for civil right violations were all gonna turn into uncivilized animals and will destroy mankind faster than any deadly virus!! #wehavetodobetter

  • Razzel Dazzel
    Razzel DazzelGiờ trước

    I don’t trust anything the media tries to spin.

  • Keith Nieves
    Keith NievesGiờ trước

    Police don't give a fck if it's not on camera

  • Crxwn
    CrxwnGiờ trước

    This is very disturbing, I can’t believe people still Judge people based on there appearance.

  • Michael Martin

    Michael Martin

    Giờ trước

    @arachnabell stop fucking lieing you motherfuckas always try to justify the devils devilishment

  • Crxwn


    Giờ trước

    @arachnabell geez also very disturbing.

  • arachnabell


    Giờ trước

    On April 8, one incident report says, the man allegedly put his arm around a woman’s waist, put his hand down the right side of her shorts and then put his arm back around her waist as her pants were partly down. On April 10, another report alleges the man repeatedly picked up a baby without permission and tried to walk away.-Washington post

  • TnT GrimX
    TnT GrimXGiờ trước

    Racism flows in vein of white people of the great america....🦴

  • Justin Schooler
    Justin SchoolerGiờ trước

    Pretty fucked up, if it was the other way around nobody would of done or said anything tho.

  • Antwon Grey
    Antwon GreyGiờ trước

    Somebody just CALLED me a white 🐻‍❄️SUPREMACISTS 🐻‍❄️........ ITS ON!!!!!!!😶☝️

  • victor ious
    victor iousGiờ trước

    Wtf?!?!? Show the whole damn video. Pushing wrong narrative people. Media lies

  • malenurse1999
    malenurse1999Giờ trước

    So this is the third time this “innocent” kid has been involved in incidents in this neighborhood. I would love to see the ten minutes of video before this. I disagree there could be plenty that happened before that could have provoked that response.

  • Edward Tan
    Edward TanGiờ trước

    The young should have walked away doing a moon walk. I wonder how the racist would react.

  • Tyler Gabriel
    Tyler GabrielGiờ trước

    Imagine calling a full blown racist a bully instead of a racist

  • Storminmormn6
    Storminmormn6Giờ trước

    Hot take, but most soldiers and police officers are doing so to gain “power” and “respect”

  • Devesh Kapoor
    Devesh KapoorGiờ trước

    White supremacy is not right but Soldiers doing it means the system isn't right.

  • Sebastian m
    Sebastian mGiờ trước

    CNN reporters were pelted with water bottles and eggs, no charges were brought. They didn't even report the assault. THIS IS 🐮💩.

  • N 8
    N 8Giờ trước

    Hate always hating

  • Robert Zephar
    Robert ZepharGiờ trước

    No wonder America is losing respect. Two sides to every story.

  • heartless gaming
    heartless gamingGiờ trước

    If you don't know what lead to this then you just putting your opinion

  • kepler240
    kepler240Giờ trước

    So he pushes the guy. What was the next step? This is how innocent people get killed

  • Caution
    CautionGiờ trước

    Listen to the whole video and what the lady behind the camera says. Stop trying to make this about race. If this was about race then they would of said something to those 2 ladies that were walking by in the background. Sounds to me like dude was harassing some girl so bald do was trying to defend her. Why are they only telling one side of the story, don't jump to conclusions till you know all the facts. Fake ass media, stop trying to divide us.

  • Sebastian m
    Sebastian mGiờ trước

    What do you mean "another viral video..." what internet are you watching?🤦‍♂️

  • grand poobah
    grand poobahGiờ trước

    Must be good to be a member of the protected class. You should have just walked away Jonathan. Don't you watch the news? You can't win with these people no matter what you do.

  • AyeItsYun
    AyeItsYunGiờ trước

    Bruh that was one of my Drill Sergeants back in BCT lol

  • arachnabell


    Giờ trước

    On April 8, one incident report says, the man allegedly put his arm around a woman’s waist, put his hand down the right side of her shorts and then put his arm back around her waist as her pants were partly down. On April 10, another report alleges the man repeatedly picked up a baby without permission and tried to walk away.-Washington post

  • Tacitus Kilgore
    Tacitus KilgoreGiờ trước

    Apparently the guy previously was harassing women in the neighborhood before.

  • Kaycee Heyse
    Kaycee HeyseGiờ trước

    You know that kid is a devil. If you don’t know, now you know.

  • kepler240
    kepler240Giờ trước

    What a loser. Trying to be the next George Zimmerman.

  • MagicalPuddinPops
    MagicalPuddinPopsGiờ trước

    Stone Cold out here acting like he’s saving his neighborhood, one hate crime at a time ☝️

  • Bond Khota
    Bond KhotaGiờ trước

    Look at the wording of the title... news trna start a race war again.

  • K A T-47
    K A T-47Giờ trước

    So you don’t know all the facts about how this led into an argument but you know it’s racially motivated 🖕🏼

  • Luke Hardman
    Luke HardmanGiờ trước

    I can see why Americans call their soldiers heroes

  • Collt091


    Giờ trước

    As if every solider is like this.........

  • DIO!
    DIO!Giờ trước

    These protesters are really no better

  • Lukas Leul
    Lukas LeulGiờ trước

    BREAKING NEWS: man pushes another man😳

  • Juan Shaft Patel
    Juan Shaft PatelGiờ trước

    dude was just protecting his chicken

  • R. L. G.
    R. L. G.Giờ trước

    Why make this such a big story? They say repeatedly that they don't know what it was about. It's an altercation in the street, the kind that happens all the time. The only thing people are focused on is the racial difference. The whole story is meant to contribute to the racial tension in America. To further demonise white people and encourage retaliation from black people

  • Cookies_USA
    Cookies_USAGiờ trước


  • ᗴᏀᝪᖇ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    ᗴᏀᝪᖇ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔGiờ trước

    Привет have a nice day Аmerica 🔸🔸🔸

  • cody larkhart
    cody larkhartGiờ trước

    what a disgrace to uniform, and to the people living there.

  • Lida Nasab
    Lida NasabGiờ trước

    I’m with the soldier

  • Collt091


    Giờ trước

    @kepler240 since there’s no context,there’s no justification for you too say that......

  • kepler240


    Giờ trước

    Then you're part of the problem

  • Anita Nance
    Anita NanceGiờ trước

    I dont understand...my Isralite Sister lives in that Neighborhood..help me figure out what the bully was tryin to Prove

  • Shihan Ahmed
    Shihan AhmedGiờ trước

    Fake news are at it again.they are very good at being the race-baiters.

  • Hydro20
    Hydro20Giờ trước

    Why is it when white people do something “racists” towards black people or any other race, the title always has “white person attacks or on racist rant to black person who was helping the blind and saving children from alligators” but when black people do something like, I don’t know, attack old asian people, the title is always “man allegedly assaults asian woman”......

  • Stephen Casias
    Stephen CasiasGiờ trước

    It just doesn't seem likely baldy confronted kid for no reason. The bald dude is a drill instructor. They seldom act before thinking. As for me you only have to ask me once & I'm gone, I have nothing to prove.

  • dee MAVERICK
    dee MAVERICKGiờ trước

    White city leaders are WOKE. They do not want the smoke of the riots that will sure to the follow.

  • arachnabell
    arachnabellGiờ trước

    There is a fking mil. people that watched it. And most of you are all the same. I guess your brain is just there for decoration perp. What did that young man do ? 3 fking days in a row ? He was putting his hands down a women's pants in the neighbor hood and tried walking off with someone's baby. This was the third day he came there so the women told that man to get him out. What he did is okay right? Let me hear all of you out there. IT IS OKAY TO PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN WOMEN PANTS AND TRYING TO WALK OF WITH SOMEONES BABY , IT IS ONLY OKAY IF YOU ARE BLACK . That is what you are saying. All of you commenting down.

  • The Light
    The LightGiờ trước

    I would pay good money to see a video of a bully like this guy treating a black Navy SEAL or a Green Beret this way.

  • Rabel With a cause
    Rabel With a causeGiờ trước

    $500 or 30 days is a Slap on the wrist ,if was the way around you would see multiple charges.

  • KoopaSix
    KoopaSixGiờ trước

    Aww poor baby! Him got bullied! 😢 Im sure there's alot in the video that hasn't been brought up yet. Just wait, there always is.

  • The Light

    The Light

    Giờ trước

    I truly enjoyed seeing a bully get surprised by his intended victim. I watched a very large high school senior(6'2') bully a short freshman(5'1")until it became a fist fight. The little guy stepped inside on the big guy and hit him with four body shots and then stepped back and let him fall. This little dude was bull strong and hit like a mule. The big dude had to get his broken ribs taped up.

  • Collt091


    Giờ trước


  • WhatzUp Momoland
    WhatzUp MomolandGiờ trước

    Educate the people in USA what’s the definition of the words : WE THE PEOPLE & ALL MEN/WOMEN ARE CREATED EQUAL !

  • roseana burnett
    roseana burnettGiờ trước

    Say goodbye to your career in the Army you racist bigoted moron

  • GamerVidz
    GamerVidzGiờ trước

    If this is how this guy acts here in America with one of his fellow Americans that he is sworn to defend, imagine what he has done to innocent Iraqis and Afghans who had no one to advocate for them and defend them. This is scary and has been a problem for a long time. Same applies to police officers. This hero worship we Americans suffer from blinds people and keeps them from truly acknowledging and stopping the wrong American servicemen and law enforcement commit. I hope the young man in the video sues this Pentland guy in civil court for everything.

  • A Bruno
    A BrunoGiờ trước

    It’s a hate crime. A racist comments where made.

  • Collt091


    Giờ trước


  • Tristan Toole
    Tristan TooleGiờ trước

    It's not what you know, it's what you can prove.

  • Moose0311
    Moose0311Giờ trước

    He’s in the Army? He’s done! All branches not just Army don’t like negative attention. They won’t back him up.

  • Johnny Tsunami
    Johnny TsunamiGiờ trước

    Sick this guy needs 3 years in prison not 30 days

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