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Nerf battle meets ninja obstacle course!
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    Dude Perfect k

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    Yeeeeeeessss Dude perfect

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    Matt Ballantyne11 giờ trước

    Where are you guys to perfect

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    chan chanNgày trước

    Haha hey coby i em rayt what ar you are you doing on round 1 haha

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    fernandeswilfred3 ngày trước

    I like your entertaining shows ... Thnk u

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    Vritti Deokinath-Maharaj3 ngày trước

    This is just Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sunitha my music uday4 ngày trước

    Hi guys I love your channel

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    Drone Maverick4 ngày trước

    Always been a Team Cory fan! Let's go!

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    christen bell4 ngày trước

    team cory!

  • ray parrish
    ray parrish5 ngày trước

    Love ittttttttttt!

  • Mohammad shaukat raja
    Mohammad shaukat raja5 ngày trước

    I love Cory and yellow colour team Cory let's gi

  • Ross Agojo
    Ross Agojo6 ngày trước

    12:30 Cory just won back-to-back for the very in the first time!!

  • Reji Shariah
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  • Shabbir Barwaniwala
    Shabbir Barwaniwala7 ngày trước

    I wish I was this rich so I could afford these obstacles

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    josh on controler

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  • Jj morrell
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    Graduations You destroyed them

  • Jj morrell
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    If you didn't win I would be mad

  • Jj morrell
    Jj morrell7 ngày trước

    I'm so glad you won

  • Jj morrell
    Jj morrell7 ngày trước

    Let's go

  • Adithya Mallya
    Adithya Mallya8 ngày trước

    Cody hella smart 😂🔥

  • Dipaseer
    Dipaseer9 ngày trước

    i play fortnite

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    samson karp9 ngày trước

    Like the background music!

  • anh trí trần bá
    anh trí trần bá10 ngày trước

    8:13 it reminds me mrbeast last to leave

  • Wildcard
    Wildcard10 ngày trước

    Team Eyebrows

  • Adam Beshara
    Adam Beshara12 ngày trước

    Team ty

  • Waffle Puffle
    Waffle Puffle12 ngày trước

    by me it would of been better if Nerf didnt sponsor Fornite or Roblox

  • Eric Ye
    Eric Ye13 ngày trước

    What the

  • Boston Bedell
    Boston Bedell13 ngày trước

    Team Cory all the way

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    Jack McArthur13 ngày trước

    Whare can i find a place like that to go to?

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    Hashim Hanan13 ngày trước

    Like your content very much

  • Stuartinator 7
    Stuartinator 714 ngày trước

    5:27 imagine flexing that you have eyebrows

  • Robert McEwen
    Robert McEwen14 ngày trước

    The only thing that would’ve made it better is if there was a storm

  • Miguel Arment
    Miguel Arment14 ngày trước

    Cory let your brother win bro

  • Park Song
    Park Song14 ngày trước

    Hey codes I'm your fan and my height is 6'10

  • Blake Finuf
    Blake Finuf15 ngày trước

    I love the fact that gar played fortnite

  • Marswell L
    Marswell L15 ngày trước

    I am with u I would have left cobys team

  • Mik War
    Mik War15 ngày trước

    Cody just get to the lava and she cannot get the micro RL sp arl

  • Dusty
    Dusty16 ngày trước

    was he actually crying 12:33

  • Jeremy Dolby
    Jeremy Dolby17 ngày trước

    Team cory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AJ N
    AJ N18 ngày trước

    did anyone else notice how his hands hit garrets face lol 2:49

  • Jackman Studios
    Jackman Studios18 ngày trước

    U probably won’t believe this but I take a ninja warrior class is is sick

  • Tafser Howlader
    Tafser Howlader18 ngày trước

    Team coby

  • Trick Shot
    Trick Shot18 ngày trước

    We like the fortnite my guy

  • theultrayoutuber
    theultrayoutuber19 ngày trước

    They should do American ninja warrior

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  • Urvi Poddar
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    I just love dude perfect

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    SmoKe reezy19 ngày trước

    du hund

  • Aweso Max
    Aweso Max19 ngày trước

    Why are we not talking about Cody’s commentary on the Finale? I thought that was incredible

  • Qaim Qureshi
    Qaim Qureshi20 ngày trước

    I like 👍 it

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    Scpboi Scp20 ngày trước

    Sachs Wolf!

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    I'm team cory

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    I watch th channel every day

  • Rajesh Geetha
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    I love dude perfect

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  • Vincent Reyes
    Vincent Reyes23 ngày trước

    Coby looks like he is about to cry at the end😂

  • GG BLADE ._.
    GG BLADE ._.23 ngày trước

    They forgot to put in the part where the guns jammed more than they actually worked

  • TheBaseballKid
    TheBaseballKid23 ngày trước

    This looks so fricking fun!

  • Jacky Le
    Jacky Le23 ngày trước

    That’s amazing so cool

  • S Anuradha
    S Anuradha24 ngày trước

    One of the best battles for team cory fans

  • Ryder Anderson
    Ryder Anderson24 ngày trước

    I want a pick are toy

  • Maddy Playzz
    Maddy Playzz24 ngày trước

    “I enjoy eating more than working out”- Garrett Hilbert/ Purple Hoser

  • Nicholas Ng
    Nicholas Ng24 ngày trước

    if you think about its you could just skip the cups and just pop the balloon and get a fast time

  • Macerunner
    Macerunner24 ngày trước

    dang one of my favorite songs O:

  • atharv sahu
    atharv sahu24 ngày trước

    Team Ty For Life

    ELIJAH ANDERS24 ngày trước

    Team coby for life

  • SNG Beast
    SNG Beast26 ngày trước

    I’m still team eyebrows to this day

  • Amenozuul - Michelle McKenzie
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  • Amenozuul - Michelle McKenzie
    Amenozuul - Michelle McKenzie26 ngày trước

    I love nerf your the coolest

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    You guys are the best

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    Gooo Team TT

  • Connor’s crap
    Connor’s crap26 ngày trước

    Why don’t they have the supressors

  • Benjamin Wimbush
    Benjamin Wimbush27 ngày trước

    Nerf meets Fortnite meets Parkour

  • Aariz Usman
    Aariz Usman27 ngày trước

    ty says he hasn't got a win in 7 months. Me: U guys post 1 video a month anyway

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan28 ngày trước

    Tyler made the right choice leaving Cody

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan28 ngày trước

    boo Cody

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan28 ngày trước

    Congrats on the 10 year

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  • Gregory Ramires
    Gregory Ramires28 ngày trước

    Alternative title American Ninja Nerf battle

  • Budisan Samuel Fabian
    Budisan Samuel Fabian29 ngày trước

    Coby poops yellow balloon, wild Timbits appears

  • Budisan Samuel Fabian
    Budisan Samuel Fabian29 ngày trước

    Church stereotypes?

  • Gavin Donaldson
    Gavin Donaldson29 ngày trước

    4:25 Op strat

  • Eszter Zsembery
    Eszter Zsembery29 ngày trước

    ti tudtok magyarul?

  • Jan Jan
    Jan JanTháng trước

    theresa bug when a peron dies its plus the hit the ballon its -5

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  • Steve Valle
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    Yall should have did a nerf battle for the final

  • Hudson Miller
    Hudson MillerTháng trước

    What I know is it’s lit

  • Simon Wang
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    The husky steven latterly mix because lyre disappointingly phone an a probable snowman. expensive, typical atm

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  • Kooper Welch
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    Do more trick shots

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  • caunhye mujtabaa
    caunhye mujtabaaTháng trước

    Play pubg mobile plss

  • Third Bonza
    Third BonzaTháng trước

    Lol don't hate me but tbh cody is always cheating and I hate it

  • Mudrol1410
    Mudrol1410Tháng trước

    i love fortinte and nerf ps. Garret is hot

  • Kade Ashley
    Kade AshleyTháng trước

    Add me in the group mane

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