Quarantine Stereotypes

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Quarantine Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
We dedicate this video to all our heroes on the front lines!
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    Sensei Borwick

    29 ngày trước


  • JP


    2 tháng trước

    Fauci said that even after getting the vaccines, masks should be worn. The problem is that this is political, and when liberals realize that they can’t control everything, things will go back to normal.

  • Thomas Kerschbaum

    Thomas Kerschbaum

    3 tháng trước

    Not as painful as the jet ski ahaha

  • Kim Waymack

    Kim Waymack

    5 tháng trước

    @Electric Nickels yes

  • Harshi Harshitha
    Harshi Harshitha6 giờ trước

    Happy birthday dp 🎉 Happy birthday Garrett 🎂

  • Alen Swartz
    Alen Swartz7 giờ trước

    2021: Yup, it was China. ...Told ya....

  • Dinh Tue Nhan
    Dinh Tue Nhan8 giờ trước

    " your mom is Netflixing right now" :)))

  • KmaK42
    KmaK4211 giờ trước

    It took me over a year to realize it but at 0:18 watch the green ball throw at cody

  • epic Desmond 2
    epic Desmond 213 giờ trước

    0:19they made and accidental tricksot

  • Bill b
    Bill b13 giờ trước

    Ty, how come you are always the rage monster. Your braking everything

  • BlackNight111 Plays
    BlackNight111 Plays14 giờ trước

    “I’ll give you a box of donuts to stop” 😂😂😂😂

  • frank Vessa
    frank Vessa16 giờ trước


  • RefreshingGel
    RefreshingGel17 giờ trước

    the happy birthday part was kinda sad

  • NaniFPS
    NaniFPS20 giờ trước

    3:43 its 2021 and handshakes are still not like that.....

  • Its Vihaan
    Its VihaanNgày trước

    sah yeah

  • Sean Gulbrandsen
    Sean GulbrandsenNgày trước

    So I'm just now realizing it's may 2021 so this has been a year and nothing has changed

  • Tyler Gordon
    Tyler GordonNgày trước

    Not the legos that coast so much

  • Georgina Beecham
    Georgina BeechamNgày trước

    No not the rage monster hat sucks

  • Logan Carson
    Logan CarsonNgày trước

    Bro he destroyed the lego why just why it took them hours!! If I did that for like 2 days and they destroyed I would destroy there things

  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno2 ngày trước


  • Hank Schomber
    Hank Schomber2 ngày trước

    Anybody know the name of the metal band?

  • Andrew Hanson
    Andrew Hanson2 ngày trước

    anyone notice the trick shot at 0:18?

  • Mike Kirchhoff
    Mike Kirchhoff2 ngày trước

    I am the gamer am I right

  • black cat
    black cat2 ngày trước

    Soooooooooooooo funny I love your videos

  • SKM2723
    SKM27232 ngày trước

    The spaceships flew, just not very gracefully

  • Matthew Hapgood
    Matthew Hapgood2 ngày trước

    When ty threw the Lego set my heart dropped

  • Max Beckley
    Max Beckley2 ngày trước

    I havent got any friends tho

  • Abdullah Shahzad Chaudhry
    Abdullah Shahzad Chaudhry3 ngày trước

    Pounded fatyy see ya all in the future fattty

  • Mary Suarez
    Mary Suarez3 ngày trước


  • Drift
    Drift3 ngày trước

    People commenting how much they were hurt by the Lego spaceship smashing into the ground: *nooooooooo* Me who thought it was satisfying:👁️👄👁️

  • Lennyplayz
    Lennyplayz3 ngày trước

    0:19 someone throughs a ball and it bounces off the computer and lands in a bowl

  • HeadHunter
    HeadHunter3 ngày trước

    0:19 pay attention to the ball, it makes sense why the daughters is from dude perfect lol

  • 332nd Studio
    332nd Studio3 ngày trước

    I love that Cody was building LEGO

  • cam hall
    cam hall3 ngày trước

    I like it how they used different names

  • xd_Mario Torres
    xd_Mario Torres3 ngày trước

    Was that real dogshit?

  • Beau Youd
    Beau Youd3 ngày trước

    0:18 trick shot mid way through

  • Slickzz
    Slickzz3 ngày trước

    2:16 Yah that’s uh... pretty accurate

  • Jett Yarbrough
    Jett Yarbrough3 ngày trước

    0:20 he landed the ball in the bowl

  • Saadi Kamran
    Saadi Kamran3 ngày trước

    Rage monster is nothing infront of howtobasic lol

  • Sriyank Mokkapati
    Sriyank Mokkapati3 ngày trước

    0:18 are we gonna ignore the tennis ball bounced off of cody and goes into the bowl.

  • Harry Hunter
    Harry Hunter3 ngày trước

    00:18 the ball that hits him land in the bowl behind him 😳🤣

  • Techno Mate
    Techno Mate3 ngày trước

    When he threw the Lego set I was felt the pain

  • Breezy Scissors Shorts
    Breezy Scissors Shorts3 ngày trước

    Tyler throwing the spaceship was more painful to watch than him ruining the jet ski

  • what the
    what the3 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who saw that epic trickshot at 0:19?

  • Christi Quintanilla
    Christi Quintanilla3 ngày trước

    0:19 that ball

    EXTREMES3 ngày trước

    These guys are even popular in INDIA.

  • Suzanne Bush
    Suzanne Bush3 ngày trước

    I cycled through them all several times like some sort of messed up quarantine grief cycle 🤣🤣😜😜

  • Soraya Thomas
    Soraya Thomas3 ngày trước

    Yall should do School sterotypes for ur next video

  • Christian Preiato
    Christian Preiato4 ngày trước

    This was not 1 year ago BRUH it’s May 2021

  • Siim Tõkke
    Siim Tõkke4 ngày trước

    There should have been a mirror behind Ty when he looked behind him for the "another chubby guy".

  • MrChumpy
    MrChumpy4 ngày trước

    6:02, some of the best dancing i have ever seen! Chad, u should really record him doing that and post it :D:D:D:D

  • Bananas 02
    Bananas 024 ngày trước

    The helthy one is nikkacado avocado

  • Thicc Mr. Beast
    Thicc Mr. Beast4 ngày trước

    It’s already been a year since this vid came out and things haven’t changed that much

  • Noah Eikman
    Noah Eikman4 ngày trước

    I cannot believe this was made a year ago. Quarantine time flys but is still so slow

  • Kimberly Lett
    Kimberly Lett4 ngày trước

    Can we just make a moment of silence for the lego. It was painful to watch. Oh and it’s been a whole year and we’re still in the pandemic

  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley4 ngày trước

    Look closely at 0:20 someone throws a green ball at Cody and it perfectly lands in the bowl behind him

  • Use code opcelo / Rexlm_YT
    Use code opcelo / Rexlm_YT4 ngày trước

    In the kitchen office thing did anyone notice the tennis ball go into the bowl?

  • Zak SnapChatVids
    Zak SnapChatVids4 ngày trước

    The Quarantine Birthday was the saddest thing ever 🙁🙁🙁

  • Sarah Jenkins
    Sarah Jenkins4 ngày trước

    I don’t believe it has been a year!!

  • MD Unity
    MD Unity4 ngày trước

    4:24 after two quarantine birthdays now... I feel you 😭

  • Muhammad Nahyan
    Muhammad Nahyan4 ngày trước

    Let's be real we all knew this was coming.

  • Mike Olewine
    Mike Olewine4 ngày trước

    Y not the matpat

  • Lauren Boggs
    Lauren Boggs4 ngày trước

    Legend has it he is still picking up lego pieces

  • Mohammad Tawsif
    Mohammad Tawsif5 ngày trước

    Watching dude perfect after 5 years they have changed a lot

  • Ethan Kibbey
    Ethan Kibbey5 ngày trước

    Quarantine birthday? Literally all of us now

  • Harrison Antle
    Harrison Antle5 ngày trước

    Every one that sees this please STAY SAFE

  • TSTB Studios
    TSTB Studios5 ngày trước

    1:09 and the thumbnail looks like an amogus

  • CN8
    CN85 ngày trước

    That ball hit him and landed in the bowl, 00:19 . That was impressive

  • vjliberty
    vjliberty5 ngày trước

    Just let her eat her Oreo! 🤣🤣🤣

    SGT. ACTUAL5 ngày trước

    Has it really been a year

    Sir SWOOSHO5 ngày trước

    Ite been 84 years

  • CringIvan
    CringIvan5 ngày trước

    when tyler threw the starship my eyes went completely blind

  • Goalie Keegs
    Goalie Keegs5 ngày trước

    What happens to all of that tp

  • hilton malabanan
    hilton malabanan5 ngày trước

    3:05 how did he do that!!?

  • Yo Man
    Yo Man5 ngày trước

    6:02 that is the best one Roasted tiktok😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan Gawly
    Ryan Gawly6 ngày trước

    Kale chips are to blame for everything.

  • MrClubby
    MrClubby6 ngày trước

    funny that this is a year old but STILL relevant

  • Peyton Doss
    Peyton Doss6 ngày trước

    It was cool when he threw that star destroyer 😂😂 The rage monster is my favorite 👍

  • xander morrison
    xander morrison6 ngày trước

    my birthday was the day after day this was made so im kinda sad it was in lockdown

  • DanielOh
    DanielOh6 ngày trước

    The fact that this video is a year old and we're still in quarantine-

  • Michael B
    Michael B6 ngày trước

    How much money do you guy spend on the rage monsters

  • Llama_ God4
    Llama_ God46 ngày trước


  • GemGem32
    GemGem326 ngày trước

    It wasn’t just the Star destroyer that shattered that day. All of our souls did as well.

  • The Trickshoters
    The Trickshoters6 ngày trước

    -9:24 did anyone notice that ball hit off him and went into the bowl

  • Mcflashy14 Games
    Mcflashy14 Games6 ngày trước

    Who's watching this in 2021?

  • Mcflashy14 Games
    Mcflashy14 Games6 ngày trước


  • Mcflashy14 Games

    Mcflashy14 Games

    6 ngày trước


  • H t t p s Heather
    H t t p s Heather6 ngày trước

    4:24 That hit hard 🥺😖

  • Aiden Dindial
    Aiden Dindial6 ngày trước

    Whoever disliked the video disliked because of the star destroyer and honestly I don’t blame them FYI I liked the vid

  • Tagen Porter
    Tagen Porter6 ngày trước

    It is so weird to think that this was a year ago

  • DxDucky
    DxDucky6 ngày trước

    What ever happened to that elderly man

  • Ben McM
    Ben McM7 ngày trước

    Leave a like for chad

  • bren.
    bren.7 ngày trước

    Kinda weird it’s now 2021 and it’s true we do hand shakes like that 😂

  • Aaron Adhikari
    Aaron Adhikari7 ngày trước

    indiana jones vs cody jones a battle to see

  • Plush Channel Number 28
    Plush Channel Number 287 ngày trước

    My birthday is on February 12th corana did not start till march

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor7 ngày trước

    Quarantine birthday relatable

  • noahthebadger0520
    noahthebadger05207 ngày trước

    Thank goodness it wasn’t a lego Death Star or then my OCD would be triggered

  • RayDhaf Utomo
    RayDhaf Utomo7 ngày trước

    Dude perfect please make a diving streotypes

  • jacob garcia
    jacob garcia8 ngày trước

    My dad was a cop for 30 years and now a fire fighter for three years I showed him your guys videos and he love them

  • WildT FiSHeR
    WildT FiSHeR8 ngày trước

    I had a quarantine birthday last year lol

  • Emerald Reaper
    Emerald Reaper8 ngày trước

    Ty: Launches lego ship Me: *physical pain*

  • Alexander Nieto
    Alexander Nieto8 ngày trước

    3:40 hey boomer

  • Jocelyn hubert
    Jocelyn hubert8 ngày trước

    I’m just sad the hand shake one isn’t really

  • Cooper Roy
    Cooper Roy8 ngày trước

    5:28 I could feel my heart shatter

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