Minecraft Speedrunner VS PRO

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS PRO. This was absolutely insane.
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I decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt Matchup. This series is slightly different than Minecraft Manhunt, as I'm going up against a Minecraft Pro in a DOUBLE Minecraft Manhunt.
I tried to edit this short, but it was just action packed to the brim. There was so much stuff that I plan on releasing a lot of bonus scenes on my second channel.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.15 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend Illumina tries to prevent me from doing it. Then we switch, and he tries to beat the game, while I try to stop him. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
There's not 3 hunters this time, but there's one hunter that is one of the best in the entire game. Thank you so much to Illumina for coming out and playing!
If this video gets 500,000 likes I'll try and get Technoblade on Minecraft Manhunt Matchup!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin
#MinecraftManhunt #MinecraftManhuntMatchup


  • Dream
    Dream7 tháng trước

    Dream Youtooz Giveaway: dream.youtooz.com/ Also, I tried to make this video shorter but our fights lasted way longer than usual. Nothing I could do! Shorter videos soon :)

  • Flipsoul


    Tháng trước

    21:01 somebody explain this

  • oh no

    oh no

    Tháng trước

    Love it

  • samuel delgado

    samuel delgado

    Tháng trước

    Soy el único que habla español pero ve dream porque es el mejor PD:nunca le entiendo :/

  • Terrestral Noob Yt

    Terrestral Noob Yt

    Tháng trước


  • Lady Potato

    Lady Potato

    2 tháng trước


  • Jordan Younce
    Jordan Younce29 phút trước

    aluminum sounds like Mr. beast

  • Erick Lincochin
    Erick Lincochin2 giờ trước

    Is it just me or does illumina kinda sound like a shy mr beast

  • Alejandra Chipy
    Alejandra Chipy2 giờ trước

    If Dream hadn't drowned the video would've been 2 hours long

  • Siren head Channel
    Siren head Channel3 giờ trước


  • Siren head Channel

    Siren head Channel

    3 giờ trước


  • Jesse Lord
    Jesse Lord8 giờ trước

    dream was the hunter for the first half

  • 99000000 99000000
    99000000 990000009 giờ trước

    i know Dream`s reveal face

  • Hannah
    Hannah9 giờ trước

    During dreams run I keep forgetting who was the hunter

  • Lara Palado
    Lara Palado10 giờ trước

    please clay play with add ons

  • deadEnder's Vids
    deadEnder's Vids12 giờ trước

    It’s funny he said 104... *looks at how long the vid is*👌😱

  • Rena Is Wise
    Rena Is Wise12 giờ trước

    Thank you dream

  • Koppany Tucsok
    Koppany Tucsok12 giờ trước

    isnt illumina a speedrunner to then why isnt the title speedrunner vs speedrunner


    why is it so long.........

  • OSCAR 64
    OSCAR 6413 giờ trước

    when i saw the title i expected an hour of fighting but its just a fight a water fight a boat chase an other fight and an other boat chase

  • hoffet 08
    hoffet 0814 giờ trước

    Dream is MY friend in minecraft

  • Luthof Nilam
    Luthof Nilam14 giờ trước

    100IQ player vs 100IQ player

  • Alex
    Alex16 giờ trước

    don't read more 14:58 dream win Dream run 41:00 1:03:39 BIG SAD😭

  • Joey Barnes
    Joey Barnes17 giờ trước

    What was that at 40:47

  • aj calimag
    aj calimag17 giờ trước

    He want to be the runner or the hunter... I don't know if he is an runner or a hunter😣

  • Heyo
    Heyo18 giờ trước

    “2 VIplussrs compete against eachother underwater while other VIplussr was suppose to kill the Enderdragon, not kill the other VIplussr (gone wrong)”

  • Lucky Begum
    Lucky Begum18 giờ trước

    Fun fact: 99% of the people watching this are angry because dream died by drowning and not by illumina

  • Lucky Begum
    Lucky Begum19 giờ trước

    It's my dream to be dream

  • BioTrikxel
    BioTrikxel20 giờ trước

    40:48 Wtf

  • erik lapidus
    erik lapidus20 giờ trước

    21:04 why is there a chicken in the nether?

  • jmhadahorse
    jmhadahorse20 giờ trước

    “I’m not running for the reason you think,” Dream also knew this was bad content.

  • Bagel !!1?1!?!1?
    Bagel !!1?1!?!1?20 giờ trước

    Do this with couriway now

  • Dylan Kyle Canadalla
    Dylan Kyle Canadalla22 giờ trước

    illumina and dream has like the same voice but dream's voice is higher than illumina's voice

  • Arson Dremurr
    Arson Dremurr23 giờ trước

    You and illumina vs. Sapnap, George, and Bad

  • Mashed potatoes Of course
    Mashed potatoes Of course23 giờ trước


  • Toxic gaming
    Toxic gamingNgày trước

    3:37 when dream goes god mode

  • Toxic gaming

    Toxic gaming

    Ngày trước

    wait no dont listen to that its 33:7

  • Josh Morgan
    Josh MorganNgày trước

    no a fence but your really bad at minecrafe this video!!!!!!!!! :) I STILL LOOOOOOOVE YOU :)))

  • AgentChillZ
    AgentChillZNgày trước

    When the two biggest nerds in school fighting in dungeons and dragons

  • Hanoko Yugi
    Hanoko YugiNgày trước

    I love how dream calls himself pro in title not saying he’s wrong buttt

  • Kaleb Howe
    Kaleb HoweNgày trước

    How long doès this last :(:(:("(:(:(;(:)

  • arellys mendoza
    arellys mendozaNgày trước

    36:27 i hope this hits 20 million views 23 million views later...

  • Knight Shadow
    Knight ShadowNgày trước

    Dream vs pro. Audience: its going to be a fair fight Dream vs. George, bad, ant, sapnap Audience: yup dream is going to win

  • Hidde Bosma
    Hidde BosmaNgày trước

    who is the pro?

  • John Marston
    John MarstonNgày trước

    Dream makes illumina look like a bot. like if agree lel

  • TOP4IK749
    TOP4IK749Ngày trước

    дрим делай русские переводы чтобы русские тебе просмотров и подписок добавили (сам являюсь русским)

    PRO- - -KING GAMINGNgày trước

    The title would be like " mine carft under water battle" And "boating with illumino" And minecarft but hunter got chased by speed runner What about my titles dream? Tell me 😂😂

  • Dragon X
    Dragon XNgày trước

    Dream: 50% L U C K 50% B I G B R A I N 100% W A T E R F I G H T

  • Muani Muani
    Muani MuaniNgày trước

    Dream you are very very pro 😍😎😎😎😍 👇👌👌

  • Cody Chhin
    Cody ChhinNgày trước

    as soon as dream died to the creeper my teacher started the zoom

  • Igor Lepudrok
    Igor LepudrokNgày trước

    Dream is the best!!!

  • Лягушка Наранов не рофл
    Лягушка Наранов не рофлNgày trước


  • Kyla McClellan
    Kyla McClellanNgày trước

    In my opinion both of them are pro’s❤️

  • 「SagaVanilje」
    「SagaVanilje」Ngày trước

    Damn this Tom and Jerry episode is really long

  • Jeepjo Da Beast
    Jeepjo Da BeastNgày trước

    Dream: LeTs gEt tHiS tO 2O MiLlIoN ViEwS 23 m views

  • Oskar Hansson
    Oskar HanssonNgày trước

    this video was a real ship wreck really you you guys were boating for hundred of knots you really blew this one out of the water

  • piseth family
    piseth familyNgày trước

    I want to play Minecraft with you

  • piseth family
    piseth familyNgày trước

    You so kind and

  • piseth family
    piseth familyNgày trước

    I love you dream I want to see you in real life man

  • Neko
    NekoNgày trước

    В России тебя многие смотрят

  • Aditya Naman
    Aditya NamanNgày trước

    you are too Pro Then Illumina

  • Dr Native
    Dr NativeNgày trước

    Player Unknown's BattleMines

  • Shy guy E
    Shy guy ENgày trước

    Water fight part 987 it’s still here why hasn’t it ended yet

  • you ever just die
    you ever just dieNgày trước

    I feel like a better title would be "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Speedrunner"

  • Beby Esya Khalisa
    Beby Esya KhalisaNgày trước

    omg hahahahahahahahahahahahah@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣

  • Mom
    MomNgày trước

    Ill get it and I'll get u a sponsor

  • minecraft penguin
    minecraft penguinNgày trước

    this manhunt is the vison of bbh gogy sapnap

  • Gamer Tee Vee
    Gamer Tee VeeNgày trước

    *Dream Dies in the middle of a manhunt change up* so if dream is the speedrunner he is powerful but if hes hunter hes weak...

  • Rozxn
    RozxnNgày trước

    when the two smart kids in the class get different answers:

  • Aichmo
    AichmoNgày trước

    The dialogue between them sound very passive aggressive

  • Robbz 102
    Robbz 102Ngày trước

    I hope one day some animates the water battle

  • Arjun singh
    Arjun singhNgày trước

    not pro legend

  • Alan Truong
    Alan TruongNgày trước

    The uninterested sort findingsinitially sparkle because forgery willy melt since a juvenile kick. wiggly, spiffy sweatshop

  • Sarah Mastrangelo
    Sarah Mastrangelo2 ngày trước

    Like my comment or hearted if you think dream is the best Minecraft player in the world

  • Sarah Mastrangelo
    Sarah Mastrangelo2 ngày trước

    Scream you are the best Minecraft player in the world😃

  • Diego Plays
    Diego Plays2 ngày trước

    24:00, that drowned just watching the whole fight

  • KARLTZY Gaming
    KARLTZY Gaming2 ngày trước

    Dream is the best speedrunner for me

  • Jake Eagle
    Jake Eagle2 ngày trước

    Chicken in the nether at 21:03

  • Ethan Irwin
    Ethan Irwin2 ngày trước

    The violet cross bacteriologically heat because danger ethnopharmacologically start as a erratic river. shut, bright burn

    MD HASAN2 ngày trước

    I can't tell who's the Pro and who's the speedrunner

    ADAM GAMING2 ngày trước

    Who thinks illumina spunds like a pschychopath too?🙄😳

  • Letia Norrman
    Letia Norrman2 ngày trước

    I never knew that dream is vs himself

  • Me Me
    Me Me2 ngày trước

    Dream can I be in one of your speedrunner vs vids?

  • Dylan Davis
    Dylan Davis2 ngày trước

    I feel like this guy is a coward

  • Jaś Szulich
    Jaś Szulich2 ngày trước

    1hour video wow

  • 生活Eternal
    生活Eternal2 ngày trước

    You - Best.

  • joseph abuso
    joseph abuso2 ngày trước

    Lmao why you gotta hit your enemy with pickaxe Lol!!

  • Ольга Лушина
    Ольга Лушина2 ngày trước

    Дрим говно

  • ElysetheEevee
    ElysetheEevee2 ngày trước

    Dream after this whole time: "Where oar you?!"

  • Ramyyy so2
    Ramyyy so22 ngày trước

    Я один тут русский?

  • •It's Ela•
    •It's Ela•2 ngày trước

    Dream i like your videos 🔥

  • chrxma
    chrxma2 ngày trước

    From “Oh George” “Oh Sapnap” “Oh Ant” “Oh Bad” to “Oh Illumina” real quick

  • Lêyhan Chin Loy
    Lêyhan Chin Loy2 ngày trước

    its like dream was the hunter the whole entire video

  • Jonathan Terpanjian
    Jonathan Terpanjian2 ngày trước

    Dream: puts pro as the vs The normal manhunt hunters: is that an insult?

  • Eliminence
    Eliminence2 ngày trước

    What a wuss!

  • Lance Yrrone Untalasco
    Lance Yrrone Untalasco2 ngày trước

    Nehh dream is smarter than pro

  • kalswastaken
    kalswastaken2 ngày trước

    So is everyone else just going to ignore the chicken in the nether at 21:03

  • Khas_G Reacts
    Khas_G Reacts2 ngày trước


  • Alexa Loney
    Alexa Loney2 ngày trước

    so is no one gonna say anything about the chicken just vibin in the nether at 21:03

  • Aneesa Rani
    Aneesa Rani2 ngày trước

    Why do Dream and Illumina generally sound like the same person

  • TheBigA Man
    TheBigA Man2 ngày trước

    I just like how he died in the most unexpected way

  • Aneesa Rani
    Aneesa Rani3 ngày trước

    George and Illumina fighting: *“Hey stop it”* *“what”* Dream and george fighting: *AAAAGHDJNCSJISOS* *CMEREE GOERGEEEE* *DREAM!!*

  • Ayomide Bankole
    Ayomide Bankole3 ngày trước

    The student because the teacher

  • Madelena Iozzo
    Madelena Iozzo3 ngày trước

    I can’t believe that after an hour it ended up being dream drowning. And he didn’t even kill the blender dragon because he was too focused on killing illumina

  • Ender War20
    Ender War203 ngày trước

    in 30:55 of the video u werent wrong

  • GrassyChalice42 _
    GrassyChalice42 _3 ngày trước

    Dont let dream forget this He said in the everytime George takes damage he gets shocked video that for 10 mill views he would do face cam now he's at 21 mil

  • Fou Fou
    Fou Fou3 ngày trước

    I may not be george im not stu...... i know how to play this game Well love how close was that

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