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⚡️Cause even after all of this time would you be mine, cause I'd drop it all just to get you
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▶️ Miles Away
▶️ Claire Ridgely
🎤 Lyrics: Miles Away - Bring Me Back (ft. Claire Ridgely)
[Verse 1: Claire Ridgely]
I've always been afraid
My best years have passed
They say the good ol days
Well they never last
I've been running into you in my head
In-between, what could of been
Ya ya ya
Everybody seems to leave bittersweet memories
[Pre-chorus: Claire Ridgely]
Time does seem to fly
Then it's hard to find yeah
Used to dine and dash
Run and laugh
Skinny dip off a ship
Oh woah
Not a worry for a million miles
Driving off, be right back oh
[Chorus: Claire Ridgely]
Cause baby after all of this time
We'll meet again, with time to spend
Cause even after all of this time
Would you be mine
Cause I'd drop it all just to get you
[Drop: Claire Ridgely]
Bring me back to life
Bring me back to life
[Verse 2: Claire Ridgely]
I've always dreamed too big
for this little town
But now I can't remember how to slow it down
Time does seem to fly
Then it's hard to find yeah
[Bridge: Claire Ridgely]
I've grown tired of being stuck in a race
Office space, it's all fake
Everybody seems to cheat
Best believe, that's not me
[Pre-chorus: Claire Ridgely]
Want a midnight sky, rolling high
Take a trip on a whim, Oh
Not a worry for a million miles
Flying off be right back, Oh
[Chorus: Claire Ridgely]
Cause maybe after all of this time
we'd meet again, with time to spend
Cause even after all this time
Would you be mine
Cause I'd drop it all just to get you
[Drop: Claire Ridgely]
Bring me back to life
Bring me back to life
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