Minecraft, But Mobs Are Random Sizes...

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Minecraft, But Mobs Are Random Sizes... Giant creepers, super small tiny skeletons... this was scary...
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the giant and tiny mobs defeat us. This was super funny and also super fun.
Can I beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge


  • Dream
    Dream10 tháng trước

    Yes, health and damage scaled with size. With a minimum and a maximum though!

  • gaming2020minecraft and roblox

    gaming2020minecraft and roblox

    29 ngày trước


  • Arunabh Thakuria

    Arunabh Thakuria

    Tháng trước


  • Factored_ Right

    Factored_ Right

    Tháng trước


  • Doodle Army

    Doodle Army

    Tháng trước

    The dog dies Dream: "He was like father to me"

  • imblocko


    Tháng trước

    ah yes, the last reply

  • Serayah Nugent
    Serayah Nugent8 phút trước

    Hi dream I'm your biggest fan and I love your vids

  • Chile—
    Chile—3 giờ trước

    Me watching: :D Also me:Looks away for one second The progress:Now we are in the strong hold :D Me:WHA?-

  • Bo Ludo
    Bo Ludo3 giờ trước

    Pato horneado

  • Carolina Ferraz
    Carolina Ferraz4 giờ trước

    saudades quando tu postava video oh caralho

  • Unnamedgaming
    Unnamedgaming5 giờ trước

    At 9:09, Dream gets set on fire with a bucket of water in his hot bar. At 9:14, the bucket of water is just a bucket which means Dream tried to use water in the nether lol

  • Savage_Potat0-_-
    Savage_Potat0-_-7 giờ trước

    Dream:ITS HUGE Me:umm.....

  • Ethan Torrez
    Ethan Torrez10 giờ trước

    The creeper is like a the size of world that we know of

  • qsjks
    qsjks10 giờ trước

    damn thats massive

  • Spark Blackout
    Spark Blackout11 giờ trước

    This would be interesting to have in the final version actually.

  • SmolAndAngery AndGay
    SmolAndAngery AndGay13 giờ trước

    ok but dreams voice was so soft???

  • Ben the animator
    Ben the animator13 giờ trước

    I love dream!

  • jacob cockfield
    jacob cockfield14 giờ trước

    Martin Luther King Jr

  • Luke Isaacson
    Luke Isaacson14 giờ trước

    i want someone to count how many times they said massive in this vid

  • Q A
    Q A14 giờ trước

    Martin Luther King Jr

  • Luke Isaacson
    Luke Isaacson14 giờ trước

    dream is lethamyr

  • ItzK_ari
    ItzK_ari15 giờ trước

    They just sound like kids at a zoo 😂

  • martin pound
    martin pound15 giờ trước

    Katie Price

  • quy hoang ngoc
    quy hoang ngoc15 giờ trước

    Student loans

  • Vizsla Hype House
    Vizsla Hype House15 giờ trước


  • lesleigh cook
    lesleigh cook16 giờ trước

    Ernie Boch Jr

  • Briam Lawson
    Briam Lawson16 giờ trước

    6:10 lmfao that’s ant man.

  • Doctorlynewt711
    Doctorlynewt71116 giờ trước

    You should do this but everything can attack you

  • Twisted Pranks
    Twisted Pranks16 giờ trước

    Corey Johnson

  • Pau R. Gimeno
    Pau R. Gimeno17 giờ trước

    How can the giant villager sleep

  • bortof
    bortof17 giờ trước

    Subscribe to Dream if you saw a GIANT Enderman in the normal world

  • bortof


    17 giờ trước

    Not the one where they say Its a giant enderman

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer17 giờ trước

    How many times they said “massive” 😂

  • Ethan Smit
    Ethan Smit18 giờ trước

    Bro dream really missed the enderman at 6:31

  • Mackenzie Biser
    Mackenzie Biser18 giờ trước

    me watching dream instead of doing school:🥸😂 (were also doing nothing so)

  • Minnie. Nattan
    Minnie. Nattan18 giờ trước

    20 minutes of dream and George being fascinated by everything

  • Kyle Pusateri
    Kyle Pusateri18 giờ trước

    Can I call you bream

    DREAM SUCKS20 giờ trước

    Stupid video

  • Xanne Vermaat
    Xanne Vermaat20 giờ trước

    This need to be in minecraft! A cute little dragon and Wither, or a massive chicken! I want it!

  • Amber Franzen
    Amber Franzen20 giờ trước

    Rust in Peace wolf

  • Liliana Tavares
    Liliana Tavares21 giờ trước

    Eu não entendo o que é que eles dizem mas continuo a adorar o Dream!

  • Medeoker doker shots ._.
    Medeoker doker shots ._.22 giờ trước

    That's what she said

  • Asiah Mogan
    Asiah Mogan22 giờ trước

    people in the comments: dreams vocabulary for today is massive me: No dreams dog died :(

  • Allysa Ann
    Allysa AnnNgày trước

    Dream- Dog dies: NOOO my dog died 😞 George: ‘ haha... I died’ **silence*

  • X_Izzy_X XXX
    X_Izzy_X XXXNgày trước

    Dream at every animal OMG ITS MASSIVE OMG ITS SO TINY OMG!!!!

  • Sonia Pena
    Sonia PenaNgày trước

    me when a dog dies: sorry dream about your dog

  • Jackson and owen
    Jackson and owenNgày trước

    who else is wondring at the beginning for how big the ender dtagon is gonna be

  • Wyatt G
    Wyatt GNgày trước

    Now this, this is good content

  • Stacy V-W
    Stacy V-WNgày trước

    This video: Them yelling and loving how different sizes everything is

  • Jared Lindberg
    Jared LindbergNgày trước

    I subscribed

  • Amelia Ross
    Amelia RossNgày trước

    the fish are different sizes lol

  • Beerus
    BeerusNgày trước

    Massive enderdragon be like:

  • Iman Cisic
    Iman CisicNgày trước

    Dream’s dog saving him>>>>>>>

  • charles bronson
    charles bronsonNgày trước

    Michael B. Jordan

  • Lilia Jingozian
    Lilia JingozianNgày trước

    Dream’s dog: dies Dream: NOOOOO George: I died Dream:

  • ArcticFox
    ArcticFoxNgày trước

    If baby sea turtles were tiny, they would be like smaller than a pixel awww

  • Yael Garcia Mata
    Yael Garcia MataNgày trước

    This reminds me of Minecraft alpha when there was a giant zombie that could rarely spawn

  • Lennesha Morgan
    Lennesha MorganNgày trước

    Mac McClung

  • Heinz Shultz
    Heinz ShultzNgày trước

    9:13 Dream actually used water bucket in the nether XD

  • Sangita Singh
    Sangita SinghNgày trước

    At 2:00 all Indians be like: ok time to dislike the video 😂😂😂

  • Matt Wick
    Matt WickNgày trước

    11:44 they didn't mention the huge mobs on that small island. Like this for Dream to comment on this and get a reaction P.S. Probably not going to get a reaction but I still LOVE Dream

  • Derek4kGaming
    Derek4kGamingNgày trước

    only villager 9 can save us now!

  • TalXD
    TalXDNgày trước

    just use a flint and steel to kill the small mobs

  • PapillonPrime
    PapillonPrimeNgày trước

    11:00 what an actual spider looks like irl

  • Greg Colds
    Greg ColdsNgày trước

    When they find a big mob or small mob “omg look at it! Their reaction to normal sized mobs: ew

  • marianne faith montejo
    marianne faith montejoNgày trước

    Dream: no my dog died George: dream‚ I died

  • Sora
    SoraNgày trước

    What happens if the items were also small??!

  • John Chibunna
    John ChibunnaNgày trước

    The slow water routinely amuse because vessel positionally excite circa a tiresome format. zesty, perfect organization

  • Amy Gray
    Amy GrayNgày trước

    "We need food, get away from the woof" what id say actully


    George: Come let's get some iron this cave is awesome 1 second later George: This cave sucks

  • Alexander Cohen
    Alexander CohenNgày trước


  • Thereal SaminPlayz
    Thereal SaminPlayzNgày trước

    This video is very crushed

  • zy_mon123 bacarisa
    zy_mon123 bacarisa2 ngày trước

    Mining away idk

  • Leon S Kennedy
    Leon S Kennedy2 ngày trước

    Alternate Title : Dream and George watching their Massive Things

  • Pratima Anavekar
    Pratima Anavekar2 ngày trước

    Dream and George should do Minecraft but they are tiny and all mobs are giant.

  • Evo_Collision
    Evo_Collision2 ngày trước

    Goerge dies dream ok dog dies NOOOO MY PUPPY

  • Francisco Oliva
    Francisco Oliva2 ngày trước

    Rip clifford 2020 to 2020 we will always remember clifford right now he is with the dog angels

  • ProcrastinatorSavvy
    ProcrastinatorSavvy2 ngày trước


  • LoneWolf Gaming
    LoneWolf Gaming2 ngày trước

    No one gonna mention the music played into he background?

  • Unfinished Sentenc
    Unfinished Sentenc2 ngày trước

    That's no squid.... That's a kraken

  • Laffing Gas
    Laffing Gas2 ngày trước

    Sad that the dragon wasn't A: Immeasurably huge or B: Like 2 blocks long

  • Kay R
    Kay R2 ngày trước

    how many times did they say massive

  • Arend Keyser
    Arend Keyser2 ngày trước

    George: this cave is amazing! 5 seconds later: ya, this cave sucks...

  • Scotti The Cat
    Scotti The Cat2 ngày trước

    5:16 anyone else see that enderman

  • Nerf Shooter
    Nerf Shooter2 ngày trước

    1:53 The latest picture of your mom (The one reading this. Yes you, I see you sitting in bed)

  • Amanda Granec
    Amanda Granec2 ngày trước

    wait! this was made on my birthday :D Im so happy im pressing that subscribe button right now you guys are amazing

  • Benjamin Del Rio
    Benjamin Del Rio2 ngày trước

    This is how many times you Heard huge 👇

  • TheNonchalantGamer
    TheNonchalantGamer2 ngày trước

    World seed?

  • Sergio Sagayno
    Sergio Sagayno2 ngày trước

    Dream: Stop taking the iron! George: *i NeED iTtTtTtt*

  • Golden HoneyBee
    Golden HoneyBee2 ngày trước

    I’m more worried about that massive enderman off in the distance at 6:32 than I am about the big cows and pigs.

  • Alexandra Turner
    Alexandra Turner2 ngày trước

    16:41 I’ll love Clifford forever Oh yeah, George too, almost forgot about his death

  • Ryan Joshi
    Ryan Joshi2 ngày trước

    Travis Scott: ITS LIT

  • Flavia Radassao
    Flavia Radassao2 ngày trước

    Hemerald is an italian youtuber and he loves your speedrun and hitman, Whatch he's videos Dream, Hemerald your fan!!

  • Rosexiicloudy
    Rosexiicloudy2 ngày trước

    Me getting confused by if its a baby zombie or a normal 👁👄👁

  • Amanda Gonzalez
    Amanda Gonzalez2 ngày trước

    Hector is trying to replace Jake from State farm!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith2 ngày trước

    The male robert chiefly suit because america laterally preach barring a regular cyclone. wonderful, dizzy shark

  • Annabella Bricker
    Annabella Bricker2 ngày trước

    DREAM:oh look.its a little baby chicken ALSO DREAM:kills it Me:👁👄👁 ok...

  • Gamer_ Po
    Gamer_ Po2 ngày trước

    I love how Dream cares like 10x for his Minecraft dog than he does for George

    SPECTER GT2 ngày trước

    6:31 so your telling me that dream and george didn't see that gigantic enderman behind them...

  • Slowča SK
    Slowča SK2 ngày trước

    5:35 this is acually lion 😂

  • Giacinto Pascazio
    Giacinto Pascazio2 ngày trước

    6:33: Welcome to Jurassic park

  • Red Cyan and Green Mini Crewmates
    Red Cyan and Green Mini Crewmates2 ngày trước

    dream's hidden power: *saving his dog*

  • PokoTheDinosaur
    PokoTheDinosaur2 ngày trước

    or are the just gaint lol

  • armer schwarzer kater
    armer schwarzer kater2 ngày trước

    New Drinking Game: For every „massiv“... Take a Vodka Shot😂

  • Becon Boy
    Becon Boy2 ngày trước

    can zombie spawn with size giant?

  • Najeeb Ahmed
    Najeeb Ahmed2 ngày trước

    I never will unsubscribe to dream

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