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Thank you so much for the warm welcome of our new baby. We love you.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on VIpluss since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!


    DANIEL CARROLL2 phút trước

    i love yall i cried when this video pop up on my screen

    DANIEL CARROLL3 phút trước

    what is his name

    DANIEL CARROLL5 phút trước

    you should vlog again

    DANIEL CARROLL5 phút trước

    he is so cute

  • LꍏꋪꀤAꈤꈤꍏ Pꀤꈤꂦ
    LꍏꋪꀤAꈤꈤꍏ Pꀤꈤꂦ6 phút trước

    Congratulations 🎉 Welcome baby Knox

  • Jomar Velez
    Jomar Velez13 phút trước

    God bless

  • Alex Lyons
    Alex Lyons25 phút trước

    Bro, Roman is just trying to have his own production crew, budget cuts hit hard lol

  • Brute Bryce
    Brute Bryce28 phút trước

    god damn u hear of a rubber lol

  • Tracey Mangum
    Tracey Mangum42 phút trước

    Good job

  • Chris Campisi
    Chris Campisi42 phút trước

    Way she had a baby

    PIXY GIRL56 phút trước

    Brit is so gosh darn pretty without make up I love her, she is an amazing mother congrats

  • eshay
    eshayGiờ trước

    wait wtf i thought they just had one of those things

  • MasterEli
    MasterEliGiờ trước

    My cousin died

  • Kool Aid
    Kool AidGiờ trước

    Holy smokes that little dude is huge

  • MasterEli
    MasterEliGiờ trước

    Yeah COVID sux 2020 like 2 months after my bday my

  • Sam coelho ,
    Sam coelho ,Giờ trước

    Audio was mad at the start, I was playin it too loud

  • XxWaveyxX4186
    XxWaveyxX4186Giờ trước

    They should have named him Leon

  • True stobie
    True stobieGiờ trước

    congrats bro

  • Gabuchy Cortéz
    Gabuchy CortézGiờ trước

    He's so cute! I love the name. Welcome Knox! 💙 Congrats you guys

  • Maayan S
    Maayan SGiờ trước

    Omg I’ve been watching for 7 years now🥺🥺

  • Vanessa Finglas
    Vanessa FinglasGiờ trước

    she looks so diffrent...

  • Jennifer Warf
    Jennifer WarfGiờ trước

    Congratulations and best wishes on the beautiful new addition to your family! I am looking forward to seeing more ATWOOD FAMILY videos in the future and watching Knox grow up too. I cannot believe how big Cora is getting. You guys are all fantastic and much love to the whole bunch of you! Thank you for turning on the camera and sharing this joy with us! A spark of amazingness is all we need! ♥ Never worry about how you look. You are all gorgeous all the time! ♥ - Jennifer from Indiana.

  • Brooke Person
    Brooke PersonGiờ trước

    Congrats he’s so cute

  • Tweezy TV
    Tweezy TV2 giờ trước

    born one day after me,, he’s a goat in the making already

  • Andy Rogers
    Andy Rogers2 giờ trước

    cute cute cute

  • ItsMeDilo
    ItsMeDilo2 giờ trước

    He’s named after gelatin

  • David Lapierre
    David Lapierre2 giờ trước

    I've never clicked so fast

  • L
    L2 giờ trước

    Congrats guys♥️♥️👶🏼 this made my day

  • Tyler Leed
    Tyler Leed2 giờ trước

    shouldve done Zeus i stg

  • Willy Casalla
    Willy Casalla2 giờ trước

    Blessed you guys welcome back! you made my new year smile 😊 regards to the family

  • Corey Long
    Corey Long3 giờ trước

    so he can go to the hospital when she is giving birth but other people cant but congrats!

  • Donnita Coble

    Donnita Coble

    Giờ trước

    That is how it works one person can be there

  • Stage Dribbling
    Stage Dribbling3 giờ trước

    Need to work on your pull out game man!!!!

  • Wayne Tv
    Wayne Tv3 giờ trước

    Every time I come back to check on y’all there’s a new kid

  • Jacob Reiser
    Jacob Reiser4 giờ trước


  • Jose Paz
    Jose Paz4 giờ trước

    The baby’s name sounds like a villain in a movie

  • Diamonique Story
    Diamonique Story4 giờ trước

    Love the name!! 🤍

  • Desirè Coertse
    Desirè Coertse4 giờ trước


  • theyofactor
    theyofactor5 giờ trước

    Congratulations to the entire family from Toronto, Canada!

  • Shain Heap
    Shain Heap5 giờ trước

    Congratulations on the baby and can’t wait to see the next video and watch your child grow up.

  • rSoaR TTv
    rSoaR TTv5 giờ trước

    Can we get a baby and baby donkey update even though the baby donkey video was like a year ago? 😄

  • Official Norde
    Official Norde6 giờ trước

    you named your son after a swedish snus brand :)

  • db Productions
    db Productions6 giờ trước

    Congrats!!! I just had my first daughter in January 7th :)

  • db Productions

    db Productions

    6 giờ trước

    Holy cow! He came out at 8 lbs and 15 oz! That’s crazy my daughter was 6lbs 8 oz

  • Azmim Ashraf
    Azmim Ashraf6 giờ trước


  • Beachlands OG
    Beachlands OG7 giờ trước

    Is it weird for the first time in my life I felt the need to bless an iPad screen and give it kiss? Bless you all!

  • Terminator0208
    Terminator02088 giờ trước

    Does anyone know why he can’t make vids anymore

  • Donnita Coble

    Donnita Coble

    Giờ trước

    He chose to stop

  • Eskil Clausager
    Eskil Clausager8 giờ trước

    I really missed watching your videos

  • Apache Chase Roadrunner
    Apache Chase Roadrunner9 giờ trước

    Omg Roman , congratulations to you both and welcome to the world knox . I missed you guy's so much and I was worried about you guy's !!! Welcome back .

  • Mr Bird000
    Mr Bird0009 giờ trước


  • iexz
    iexz9 giờ trước

    I remember the days when his videos were hours long and i would literally watch the entire thing.😭😭😭🤧

  • rickey hall
    rickey hall9 giờ trước

    so glad that you are all well

  • Nardi005
    Nardi00510 giờ trước

    Lol my name is Luke congratulations 🎉

  • Levi Scott
    Levi Scott10 giờ trước

    Wow I miss watching these videos so much!!! I really hope you guys get to start making them again

  • - browneii
    - browneii10 giờ trước

    This man refuses to pull out I stg

  • PMC John
    PMC John10 giờ trước

    I honestly cannot wait to see Knox grow up! Even this young he seems like he is going to be an amazing and brilliant kid, I'm also willing to bet once he gets into his late teens, he will be an extremely wise person. Congrats to both of you and I'm glad that everyone is doing well!

  • PeanutButter JellyTime
    PeanutButter JellyTime10 giờ trước

    Has he told his secret yet!??? I’ve been waiting to see what he has to say.

  • My Mom
    My Mom11 giờ trước

    Hearing Roman say “your beautiful, your one of a kinda, smile more” made me tear up a little.

  • Jonathan Vaz
    Jonathan Vaz11 giờ trước

    He’s a chunkier 🥺🥺

  • Shannon Donaldson
    Shannon Donaldson11 giờ trước

    Congratulations To You All

  • Casey Johnson
    Casey Johnson11 giờ trước

    In a world where 3 million people watch a video about two tiresome schleps babbling about a baby in one cliche after another

  • Nassir Lee
    Nassir Lee11 giờ trước

    Come back to VIpluss we need in our life’s know

  • TTV Sledge
    TTV Sledge11 giờ trước

    Have been checking back everyday since this was posted

  • fv17l
    fv17l11 giờ trước

    Gongrats ❤️

  • india dodson
    india dodson11 giờ trước

    I completely forgot she was pregnant until I saw this

  • sonnyd
    sonnyd12 giờ trước

    Congrats guys

  • Myriah Cote
    Myriah Cote12 giờ trước

    Omg congratulations! I missed so much

  • Kalie Hoes
    Kalie Hoes12 giờ trước

    I love the name! I’m so happy for you guys! Ugh every time I see a VIpluss having their baby, it just makes me want mine here so bad. He’s almost here. 2 and a half months and man is it going by so fast lol

  • Johnny Orrand
    Johnny Orrand12 giờ trước

    I was 15 pounds I'm big

  • david wall
    david wall12 giờ trước

    Good blessed y’all 🙏🙏

    GA GUY VLOGS12 giờ trước

    Knox like Knoxville I love it

  • qt_ sap
    qt_ sap12 giờ trước

    Can you please do constant post i love you guys

  • Bill Green
    Bill Green12 giờ trước

    He only makes videos for his family

  • DilVac
    DilVac13 giờ trước


  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo13 giờ trước

    The “you’re beautiful you’re one of a kind smile more” makes me emotional ❤️

    MARCUS DENOUSSE13 giờ trước

    another edition to the family

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones14 giờ trước

    Congratulations guys. As for the 2.5k dislikes grow up.

  • Salt Water Reef Fishing
    Salt Water Reef Fishing14 giờ trước

    Congratulations To both of you well desirve, thanks 🙏 god everything went well with mom and 👶! Miss you guys, hope you guys can resolve what ever is going on your life on the best terms. Blessings!

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    13 giờ trước

    Hey my name is Luke that put a smile on my fave

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz14 giờ trước

    i love love love the name. if i ever have a boy, knox was one of my names i picked. congratulations❤️

  • Jessica Kittle
    Jessica Kittle14 giờ trước

    Omg he's so adorable congratulations

  • CyberWolf 5 7 8
    CyberWolf 5 7 815 giờ trước

    Knox’s birthday is just a day after mine :)

  • Nolan Knox
    Nolan Knox15 giờ trước

    My full name is Nolan Reiley Knox no joke I promise. Congratulations guys

  • Nolan Knox

    Nolan Knox

    15 giờ trước

    Can’t wait for the future videos with him and the other kids. My brother said you should give my stuff because you used my last name lol he’s crazy . Hope I can see you guys one day.

  • Jonathan Vosberg
    Jonathan Vosberg15 giờ trước

    I love you guys so much

  • Willie Nutter
    Willie Nutter15 giờ trước

    Congrats Roman!

  • CRIS __
    CRIS __15 giờ trước

    Hawk looks different

  • Emily's Simple Glam
    Emily's Simple Glam15 giờ trước

    Im Happy to hear you both are Healthy. And that your both ok. Love watching your videos still.

  • Mike Mic
    Mike Mic15 giờ trước

    How beautiful thank you for these moments from day one till the end of this

  • gaming with ashton
    gaming with ashton15 giờ trước

    Its been so long❤

  • Gaming Marker
    Gaming Marker15 giờ trước

    Dang I got a month till my baby brother is born 🥰 May god bless you guys and be safe 🙏🙏

  • Gaming Marker
    Gaming Marker15 giờ trước

    O my goodness

  • Strickland Series
    Strickland Series16 giờ trước

    I like fishing 🤙

  • Crystal H
    Crystal H16 giờ trước

    Congratulations Knox is absolutely adorable!!

  • luke lighty
    luke lighty16 giờ trước

    Hey my name is Luke that put a smile on my fave

  • Outdoors Or die
    Outdoors Or die17 giờ trước

    Yep wish I could change my name lol

  • Luis P
    Luis P17 giờ trước

    I had my son last November named him Luke.

  • Jess T.
    Jess T.17 giờ trước

    Unfortunately Knox is pretty common now too. However, still a strong name!!! One of my friends twins is Knox!

  • Yfrit
    Yfrit17 giờ trước

    My name is Luka whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • S Randall
    S Randall17 giờ trước

    When are you gonna get the new star for the new baby?

  • Gxlden
    Gxlden17 giờ trước

    still the best family on yt

  • MRC_ 1995
    MRC_ 199517 giờ trước

    I love the unique name picking!!!

  • Parker Fisher
    Parker Fisher17 giờ trước

    Dude stop disliking this video

  • Parker Fisher
    Parker Fisher17 giờ trước

    Congratulations !!!!!

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