All Sports Golf Battle 4

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Time for another fantastic round of All Sports Golf... with Zac Efron!!
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  • ToxicFlowDupont Toxic Flow
    ToxicFlowDupont Toxic Flow26 phút trước

    How did cobys hair grow back so fast???

  • Bryn Bosomworth
    Bryn Bosomworth3 giờ trước

    Garrett sure loves his racket ball.

  • Isaac Jones
    Isaac Jones7 giờ trước

    Why are Americans so awful at football 😂

  • Christian Henjun
    Christian Henjun8 giờ trước

    Niama sport on legend

  • Taehui Lee
    Taehui Lee9 giờ trước

    Oh the driver 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • mikewabrown
    mikewabrown16 giờ trước


  • sandro gogoladze
    sandro gogoladze23 giờ trước

    Pls part 5 golf battle is best plssssss pls

  • Fun With Sarvesh
    Fun With SarveshNgày trước

    Waiting for All Sports Golf Battle 5

  • Landon Gresham
    Landon GreshamNgày trước

    I remember Zach playing Troy in high school musical and him playing golf😂

    DEFRESH BTWNgày trước

    Where’s all sports battle 5

  • Paul Cimijotti
    Paul CimijottiNgày trước

    Jesus Christ loves you ✝️

  • ItzSauce YT
    ItzSauce YTNgày trước

    How is Coby’s hair back to normal?

  • Gu Wuap
    Gu WuapNgày trước

    The puzzled limit luckily number because cougar probably punch astride a quixotic retailer. wet, damaged soccer

  • Vladimír Čudan
    Vladimír ČudanNgày trước

    How about lacrosse in next all sports golf battle ;)

  • Dawn Wingard
    Dawn WingardNgày trước


  • Dawn Wingard
    Dawn WingardNgày trước

    ,jcv12001.143.12514/m zxx ,.kibvocc

  • Barron Walker
    Barron WalkerNgày trước

    Hey Max gribble if you see my comment just know it’s me Barron

  • Presley Kellison
    Presley Kellison3 ngày trước

    Coby is such a copycatter

  • Mohammed basuf
    Mohammed basuf3 ngày trước

    How did coby grow his hair back in less than a month. Hmmmmm

  • The Gaming Dino
    The Gaming Dino3 ngày trước

    Wow Garet is left legged

  • Pavoide
    Pavoide3 ngày trước

    coby coby coby coby

  • Mule
    Mule3 ngày trước

    Number 5

  • JDawg Vlogs
    JDawg Vlogs3 ngày trước

    We need a volleyball driver and a lacrosse stick!!

  • muaaz azmat
    muaaz azmat4 ngày trước

    Dude perfect if you will do 5 so please add cricket tooooooooo because it’s my favourite game

  • muaaz azmat
    muaaz azmat4 ngày trước

    This is not all sports there is no cricket

  • Dead Killer gaming
    Dead Killer gaming4 ngày trước


  • Ryan Painter
    Ryan Painter4 ngày trước

    That should be on wheel unfortunate, sitting on poison ivy for an hour

  • Infinity Champ
    Infinity Champ5 ngày trước

    They played with there wife’s celebrity crush

  • Joe Pak
    Joe Pak5 ngày trước

    Im a cody fan and im sad

  • Marley Andrews
    Marley Andrews5 ngày trước

    What you guys do is amazing and incredible🦩

  • Beats Anime
    Beats Anime6 ngày trước

    These dudes are perfect.

  • Sunil Bhakher
    Sunil Bhakher6 ngày trước

    Great 👊✌️😊

  • Mr.Biscuit
    Mr.Biscuit6 ngày trước

    Did coby's hair already grow back

  • Philip O Reilly
    Philip O Reilly6 ngày trước

    Unlucky coby team coby

  • Alex Nelson
    Alex Nelson6 ngày trước

    that trophy is actually made from an ill made golden boy, "Ned Forester" action figure

  • Bryan Villalon
    Bryan Villalon7 ngày trước

    Who else didint know zack

  • 420 Lazer
    420 Lazer7 ngày trước

    These dudes are perfect

  • Jack Spear
    Jack Spear7 ngày trước


  • Hey how’s it going
    Hey how’s it going7 ngày trước

    Did anyone notice that every time Ty says A wise man once said you must let the big dog out eat... he always misses

  • jayden ellorando
    jayden ellorando9 ngày trước


    PAC MAN9 ngày trước

    That zack guy is horrible at soccer but it was really fun to watch.

  • Chris McKinney
    Chris McKinney9 ngày trước

    Hit the golf club with a tennis ball?

  • satyavathi moundupulanka
    satyavathi moundupulanka10 ngày trước

    Super Tyler anna

  • Justin Ponce
    Justin Ponce10 ngày trước

    When you look at Garrett he looks like he is zoned out

  • 3Majed Chlela
    3Majed Chlela10 ngày trước

    Happy new year 2021 , dude perfect

  • Matthew
    Matthew10 ngày trước

    5:20 anyone else notice that they added 2 strokes to corys score

  • Rachana Mehta
    Rachana Mehta10 ngày trước

    Team tyler

  • Blake Jones
    Blake Jones11 ngày trước

    By the way cody you lost your soccer ball

  • Tilted
    Tilted11 ngày trước

    Tyler Toney…more like Tiger Toney

  • Jamsheer Jamsheer
    Jamsheer Jamsheer11 ngày trước

    Super Parivar Jata

  • Devan Basdeo
    Devan Basdeo11 ngày trước

    Please implement cricket in the next edition please

  • Michael Castro
    Michael Castro11 ngày trước

    Wait, so who contacted who? Was this Zac Efron’s idea to play together or DP’s?

  • Combxt FN
    Combxt FN11 ngày trước

    all sports golf battle 5 with adam sandler

  • 가가까까
    가가까까11 ngày trước

    한국어 자막이 없네

  • Arenado Über Alles
    Arenado Über Alles11 ngày trước

    Winner is always on the thumbnail

  • riamsantiago
    riamsantiago11 ngày trước

    No vortex this time

  • Moony
    Moony11 ngày trước

    You guys should do an all sports baseball battle with MrBeast and his friend Chandler

  • Matthew MacLeod
    Matthew MacLeod11 ngày trước

    zac whoron?

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One12 ngày trước

    4:49 Zac yeets his mallet over the green, that'll probably dent the grass

  • Myles Doublard
    Myles Doublard12 ngày trước

    Where’s 5

  • Kaden Fraser
    Kaden Fraser12 ngày trước

    Imagine they get Tiger Woods to do one of these????

  • Garrett Golden
    Garrett Golden12 ngày trước

    Can you bring all sports golf battle 5

  • Ali Murtic
    Ali Murtic13 ngày trước

    *Markiplier sees this video* MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Caleb Briggs
    Caleb Briggs13 ngày trước

    I’m literally watching high school musical 2 right now and I love Zac efron

  • Shocking Gaming
    Shocking Gaming14 ngày trước

    Tyler: just tigerred that one in After the video Me:Wow if ty hadnt got it in the first round he would have loss

  • Brenda Silverman
    Brenda Silverman14 ngày trước

    i love you guys but do you guys have any 2021 battls?

  • Juliet Heath
    Juliet Heath14 ngày trước

    I would just like to congratulate... Cory for remembering his bag.

  • Louis Chen
    Louis Chen14 ngày trước

    green keepers watching them get on the green 👁️👄👁️

  • Brennan Egbert
    Brennan Egbert14 ngày trước

    The sad jasmine echographically bare because experience additionaly meddle barring a clumsy sign. terrific, festive hexagon

  • Jorge Vazquez
    Jorge Vazquez14 ngày trước

    iTS SO RIGGED, TYLER Always wins. Purple hoser gang 4 life.

  • FireGamer
    FireGamer14 ngày trước

    All sports golf battle 5 2021 kick off

  • Megan Bondurant
    Megan Bondurant15 ngày trước

    you shoud make jym time 2

  • Exodus Ramsingh
    Exodus Ramsingh15 ngày trước

    Can i do a video with you all?please big fan of you all

  • Aarati Desai
    Aarati Desai15 ngày trước

    Give me 100k likes

  • Aarati Desai
    Aarati Desai15 ngày trước

    Give 10k likes

  • joshua hand
    joshua hand15 ngày trước

    The great state of California?

  • MZC Plays
    MZC Plays15 ngày trước

    no one: coby: but thAt... (4:21) jk no hate it happens to all of us

  • Ashlee Gesacion
    Ashlee Gesacion15 ngày trước


  • Shycat gaming and vlogs
    Shycat gaming and vlogs15 ngày trước

    No he is strong

  • Shycat gaming and vlogs
    Shycat gaming and vlogs15 ngày trước

    When I saw zac I was like I have to watch that he is my favorite actor / youtuber

  • Gurlal Singh
    Gurlal Singh16 ngày trước

    GB 1 winner _Garrett GB 2 winner_Tye GB 3 winner_Garrett GB 4 winner _Tye

  • Ethan Creutz
    Ethan Creutz16 ngày trước

    Who also noticed that Garret never hung up his phone after he was eliminated?

  • Tony Holmes

    Tony Holmes

    14 ngày trước

    I think that the guy on the phone with Garrett hung up

  • Jack Animations
    Jack Animations16 ngày trước

    4:21 Coby: excuse me lemme just go through puberty

  • Rocky Star
    Rocky Star17 ngày trước

    I was thinking that zac is going to win but in the third round he

  • Sakshi Aswani
    Sakshi Aswani17 ngày trước


  • Rohin Bedi
    Rohin Bedi17 ngày trước

    9:45 Handshake fail😅

  • Cooper Drent
    Cooper Drent17 ngày trước

    I guess that Efron isn't the basketball guy as he was in high school musical

  • Juan Don Beats
    Juan Don Beats17 ngày trước

    the music is so loud 😪 Still great tho

    Ivo SARAIVA17 ngày trước

    The makeshift appendix decisively joke because division karunagappally borrow by a witty voyage. delicious, wise tie

  • Jerome Seidl
    Jerome Seidl17 ngày trước

    Like for part5

  • Connor and Anthony
    Connor and Anthony18 ngày trước

    Can you do all sport golf battle 5

  • Jayden Dhaliwal
    Jayden Dhaliwal18 ngày trước

    Fun Fact: The term Cory It was searched up 100x after this video

  • Adya Nilesh Ukunde
    Adya Nilesh Ukunde18 ngày trước

    Do a trick shots video with Virat Kohli, it will help spread cricket in the USA,

  • Blanca Vega
    Blanca Vega18 ngày trước

    With Garrett in the plant it made me feel like gross being in the plant.

  • Xander Caruthers
    Xander Caruthers18 ngày trước


  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma19 ngày trước

    supppport me

  • Alexter Amos
    Alexter Amos19 ngày trước

    The painstaking limit coherently curve because community systematically care except a feeble feigned creator. sudden, windy calf

  • Hola coml estas Xd
    Hola coml estas Xd19 ngày trước

    Algún pinche mexicano ?

  • Abu Bakar
    Abu Bakar19 ngày trước

    they say all sports battle but they didn't include Cricket

  • Chris M
    Chris M19 ngày trước

    Dude perfect are fantastic and I really enjoy watching them, but being a soccer fan and player that has traveled to Europe it is so annoying to see how they kick the ball. Great content though.

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