BRAWL NEWS! - New Brawler Hinted With Morse Code? (Ehh) New Supercell Game, Brawlidays Update & More

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BRAWL NEWS! - New Brawler Hinted With Morse Code? (Ehh) New Supercell Game, Brawlidays Update & More
#BrawlStars #BrawlNews #Update
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Time to Brawl out! Round up your friends and get ready for an epic multiplayer slugfest! Unlock a variety of rowdy game modes and dozens of rough and tumble characters with punishing SUPER abilities. Shoot 'em up, blow 'em up, punch 'em out and win the fight!
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  • Rey - Brawl Stars
    Rey - Brawl StarsTháng trước

    I hope you all are doing well today! :DDD

  • Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson

    Tháng trước

    I got Pam out of the free mega box!btw I'm f2p

  • Dɾ Bʅαƈƙ623

    Dɾ Bʅαƈƙ623

    Tháng trước

    No im not good

  • alanBruv6090 Deleon

    alanBruv6090 Deleon

    Tháng trước

    @Brawlingstar ! No you weren't lol😄

  • Ayush Kumar

    Ayush Kumar

    Tháng trước

    rey i am huge huge huge fan of you, please play a game with me

  • IxxxxFEARxxxxI


    Tháng trước

    Love you Rey!! Love your content! Keep on doing what your doing. Always supporting you by code: Rey!

  • Mahmut Şen
    Mahmut ŞenTháng trước


  • Lipton :З
    Lipton :ЗTháng trước


  • kaptan tsubasa rüya takımı
    kaptan tsubasa rüya takımıTháng trước

    Good job video

  • yams kinnie ツ
    yams kinnie ツTháng trước

    You caught me guilty, I was one of the people who wasn't subscribed, now I am subscribed :) !

  • zombie club
    zombie clubTháng trước

    People watching this Friday 11 👀

  • At m station Mahmoud
    At m station MahmoudTháng trước

    Brawl talk : in December Brawl talk creators: I’ll get a heart attack

  • Lyliac_YT
    Lyliac_YTTháng trước

    I LOVE UR VIDS!!!! Keep up the good work :3

  • Pivot Guy 2005
    Pivot Guy 2005Tháng trước

    Hey guys ! Wanna SEE 👀 Top 3 Types of maps In BS 😮! CLICK and ENJOY 😉

  • Кудрат Хабибуллаев
    Кудрат ХабибуллаевTháng trước

    Тут есть русские?

    THEPIZZALEGEND 23Tháng trước

    I think the new brawler would be mythic

  • jordan lee
    jordan leeTháng trước

    This update is gonna be big

  • Brawl Stars Time
    Brawl Stars TimeTháng trước

    i subscribed

  • XD Bob Deutschland
    XD Bob DeutschlandTháng trước

    I know that comment don’t get a hearth from Rey 🥺

  • Sukhram sandhu
    Sukhram sandhuTháng trước

    We get 6 mega box plzz

  • brawltom9 - Brawl stars
    brawltom9 - Brawl starsTháng trước

    gale you forget

  • brawltom9 - Brawl stars
    brawltom9 - Brawl starsTháng trước

    penny Nita Mike for last time? I will buy the skins....

    USE CODE :YJTháng trước

    Looks like I'll be celebrating my birthday together with Brawl Stars on 12 December.

  • osku ko
    osku koTháng trước

    Rey I use your code in brawl stars and I get gale and surge.

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua GarciaTháng trước


    IRFANTháng trước

    Oh my birthday is 12/12/2008

  • Sarma BS
    Sarma BSTháng trước

    I hope the next brawler is gonna be trophy road at 10-15K trophies.

  • Gursahib Singh
    Gursahib SinghTháng trước

    Hey 12 December is my birthday

  • Roy Liu
    Roy LiuTháng trước

    listening to undertale music(even for the short amount in the intro) makes me want to cry :'(

  • Wyrmster
    WyrmsterTháng trước

    If this new brawler has something poison related then crow has some competition

  • Wyrmster
    WyrmsterTháng trước

    When supercell kills a game off, don't see it as a bad thing because then they can use more resources on brawl stars

  • Dady Sayed
    Dady SayedTháng trước

    Is the game called hay day pop or is it also hay day from android? Please answer and reply. anyone?

  • Scully gaming
    Scully gamingTháng trước

    like look of new game and ur info is good interesting

  • Warrior Within
    Warrior WithinTháng trước

    I think many people have observed it but just wanted to say that there is an '=' sign on piper's back and 'x' sign on rico's back

  • Guada Zeta
    Guada ZetaTháng trước

    I always checking brawl star cuz im so exited to have a new brawler in brawl star :)

  • N A
    N ATháng trước

    already subscribe, luv ur video. i want more, keep it up :>

  • Emon Emon
    Emon EmonTháng trước

  • Cristian YTB
    Cristian YTBTháng trước

    Când team cunoscut erai cu caprele la vale aveai 3 vizualizări din care 2 ale tale, deci nu te mai baga tu în treburile mele ca când team cunoscut erai paznic la clubul de manele

  • Guy who Enjoys
    Guy who EnjoysTháng trước

    Hey @rey my friend just found a glitch to get off map in bb if you're interested

  • Mr Mohamed
    Mr MohamedTháng trước

  • - SyntaxErrorGuy7 -
    - SyntaxErrorGuy7 -Tháng trước

    Speaking of brawliday skins, leon should get one. Leon backwards is noel which is french for christmas,

  • Keilanys
    KeilanysTháng trước

    or a king that's sad

  • Keilanys
    KeilanysTháng trước

    Tell something about brawl stars, he gets my dad, don't like Lou

  • Cow Man Gamer 08
    Cow Man Gamer 08Tháng trước

    OOO it’s about to lit wanna know why because my bday is 2 days after brawl stars :)

  • soos zoltan mario
    soos zoltan marioTháng trước

    I will definitly buy the santa mike skin

  • Mob - BS
    Mob - BSTháng trước

    How are your videos so boring

  • Inert Hvpe
    Inert HvpeTháng trước

    What's is the name of the song at 10:00

  • Me Lego
    Me LegoTháng trước

    It could be EGTNA

  • Me Lego
    Me LegoTháng trước

    I did the Morse code but with the extra _ but it still says P T X

  • Sameera karimi
    Sameera karimiTháng trước

    Who else thinks the thing on the window looks like a reindeer leon

  • Just some woomy with a mustache

    Just some woomy with a mustache

    Tháng trước

    But leon is standing on the sign in the front

  • Biscuit carpal
    Biscuit carpalTháng trước

    I think it's a doctor type brawler (healer) as in one of the Amber's lines she mentioned something about seeing a doctor.

  • IxxxxFEARxxxxI
    IxxxxFEARxxxxITháng trước

    Love you Rey!! Love your content! Keep on doing what your doing. Always supporting you by code: Rey!

  • Tyler ???
    Tyler ???Tháng trước

    Dude please check out lexs new video I noticed that figure in the window as soon as the screen saver came out

  • Κωνσταντίνος Αρτεμίου
    Κωνσταντίνος ΑρτεμίουTháng trước

    Last update 😥?

  • Cox Brawls
    Cox BrawlsTháng trước

    You should make a map for 1v1's with dynamike only! but the twist is you don't kill each other. You race using double jumps only

  • Johnny K
    Johnny KTháng trước

    When are the balance changes 🤔

  • Sayal Brawl Stars
    Sayal Brawl StarsTháng trước

    Just waiting for corsair colt skin.. sad to see that nita penny and dyna skins are for last time. I have dyna bit don't have enough gems for penny and nita, bcz I am going for corsair colt and captain carl for next year

    SOHUM NAYAKTháng trước

    They should add a trophy road brawler as it would not create any problem

  • Lowkey GT
    Lowkey GTTháng trước

    Hello Pipers and Colts I hope your having a great day so far!

  • Pratibha Payghode
    Pratibha PayghodeTháng trước

    Hi (=^・ェ・^=)( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)

  • Wobbly Burger
    Wobbly BurgerTháng trước

    Wow ain't that interesting,my birthday is a day before brawl stars bday

  • Fatema Ravat
    Fatema RavatTháng trước

    Rey in the snow tell screen there is gale there and he looks different so mabye it is nutcracker gale

  • exe man
    exe manTháng trước


  • Adam Abusrour
    Adam AbusrourTháng trước

    Trophy road I got leaka

  • Rayan Hasan
    Rayan HasanTháng trước

    I think there gonna do a Hanukkah theme update because on there birthday it’s Hanukkah

  • R_M_N 2.0
    R_M_N 2.0Tháng trước

    Salut Très bonne vidéo donc +1 like.😘👍 PS : J’ai aussi une chaîne youtube. Ça me ferai super plaisir d’avoir un jour les 100 abos👀✔. Si tu pourrais t’abonner ça me ferai hyper plaisir

  • Arbuz Watermelon
    Arbuz WatermelonTháng trước

    Maybe that "Gil" will be healer since Dani on twitter I guess said that 3rd healer would be much needed.

  • David Gunis
    David GunisTháng trước

    Or we can get trophy road brawler

  • Fungary08 TM
    Fungary08 TMTháng trước

    But, Frank said they won't make RARE/SUPER RARE brawlers. We know. But what if they add a TROPHY ROAD one? They are not rare/super rare brawlers. :D

  • GeorgeTDM
    GeorgeTDMTháng trước

    Boom Beach Frontlines: Another game going to be killed

  • Sadman Islam Sporsho
    Sadman Islam SporshoTháng trước

    I think the next brawler will be a trophy road.

  • John Doe
    John DoeTháng trước

    I need the songs he used in da background it's so good

    SENTHIL KUMAR GURU RAHAV StudentTháng trước

    SENTHILKUMAR AKSHAYA [Student]Tháng trước

  • colton moe
    colton moeTháng trước

    I would love a toxic brawler. What would be his powers?

  • dila media
    dila mediaTháng trước

    I don't know

  • dila media
    dila mediaTháng trước

    I know the code

  • Colt ÙwŪ
    Colt ÙwŪTháng trước

    :3 vaya no entiendo un huevo frito

  • Aarush Uday Khanna
    Aarush Uday KhannaTháng trước

    I think Rey's the only creator who responds to comments, others just heart them... Thumbs up if you agree

  • Amit Dubey
    Amit DubeyTháng trước

    Sorry Rey but I had to do this. k-a-i-r-o-s use code Rey in the brawl stars shop

  • Mehhddi Abbas
    Mehhddi AbbasTháng trước

    Pls reply

  • Mehhddi Abbas
    Mehhddi AbbasTháng trước

    Leon or crow who is better


    epic i want because i jave a lot of epic chances😁😂

  • Snowy Plays
    Snowy PlaysTháng trước

    All I have to say is :D

  • Shreyas Desai
    Shreyas DesaiTháng trước

    Before this vid, I got the sprite cranberry ad, it was epic

  • Mr Bob
    Mr BobTháng trước

    When you’re one of the unsubscribed people and you see him say 54.6 percent unsubscribed...

  • Kane Shamah
    Kane ShamahTháng trước

    Jessie seems to go “dash dot dash dash”

  • Aceykiwi
    AceykiwiTháng trước

    What about the trophy road

  • Ultra
    UltraTháng trước

    Nothin like watching ya boi rey’s vid while getting hyped about brawlidays

  • roblox rob
    roblox robTháng trước

    What if brawl stars would be killed?

  • Leo Kahn
    Leo KahnTháng trước

    The music is so peaceful

  • Joaquim neto
    Joaquim netoTháng trước


  • Mr. Peggy
    Mr. PeggyTháng trước

    I don’t dance

  • Roy Lu
    Roy LuTháng trước

    I subscribed, Rey

  • DJ matexx
    DJ matexxTháng trước

    45.1% subscribed 54.6% not subscribed But most importantly: 62% battery! 1:28

  • I am an immature child on YouTube

    I am an immature child on YouTube

    Tháng trước

    @DJ matexx ah gotcha

  • DJ matexx

    DJ matexx

    Tháng trước

    @I am an immature child on VIpluss yeah it's not that he doesn't have 100%, it's that he often has 2% or something while recording for a video

  • I am an immature child on YouTube

    I am an immature child on YouTube

    Tháng trước

    @DJ matexx I mean basically almost no one has full battery I mean who sits next to the charger the entire day

  • DJ matexx

    DJ matexx

    Tháng trước

    @I am an immature child on VIpluss rey never has full battery, it's kind of an old joke of this channel

  • I am an immature child on YouTube

    I am an immature child on YouTube

    Tháng trước

    what about it?

  • cul8r_k1d BS
    cul8r_k1d BSTháng trước

    I love the chill zelda music

  • X naruto X
    X naruto XTháng trước

    I knew it was gene

  • Storw Brawl
    Storw BrawlTháng trước

    Mr. brawlnews

  • Tom Db
    Tom DbTháng trước


  • Mr.Penguiny
    Mr.PenguinyTháng trước

    Sadly im sure it will be dead in Few weeks

  • Ridha Alshawi
    Ridha AlshawiTháng trước

    i think the next brawler will be an epic because when frank responded to that one tweet talking about rare and super rare brawlers frank talked about them didnt want to make it harder for beginners to get brawlers so i think the next rarity for the next brawler will be epic because legendary brawlers and mythic and chromatics are hard to get so when frank wanted to make it easier for beginners that ties with getting an epic because there easier to get and i highly doubt it will be trophy road so im gonna say it again i think it will be epic because frank when he made that tweet sounded like he wanted to help beginners and an epic brawler is just that i really hope at least someone sees this or else i made it for nothing and if u would like to contact me u can add me on snap at Ridha Alshawi and if u add me to spam or annoy me i will block u please only add me to talk to me not spam

  • Scott Da Chip
    Scott Da ChipTháng trước

    my b day is december 10th

  • Marco di girolamo
    Marco di girolamoTháng trước

    The monster is name starting s, o, c, f, i sure

  • NitroCENTRAL
    NitroCENTRALTháng trước

    im one of the ones in boom beach frontlines!!!!!!

    MR. BURRITO BS ッTháng trước

    Rey, i hope you can reply to this but will Captain carl and Corsair colt comeback? because i quit brawl stars at that time then came back right at the end of 2019 and missed all cool skins

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