Hermitcraft 7: BEST OF GRIAN (Episodes 41-50)

Hermitcraft 7: BEST OF GRIAN (Episodes 41-50) Grian on hermitcraft doing grian things.


  • Epic Gamer Mia
    Epic Gamer Mia23 giờ trước

    Episode 49: 'I blew up my base' corner gone Episode 44: blows up entire base

  • Giancarlo Miguel Metante
    Giancarlo Miguel MetanteNgày trước


  • Mani S.a
    Mani S.a2 ngày trước

    I think u r the nostalgia of are generation

  • Mani S.a
    Mani S.a2 ngày trước

    Good refresher

  • Ishan
    Ishan4 ngày trước

    Grain hee grian I am your Big fan From India

  • Ravenic
    Ravenic6 ngày trước

    He should rename this channel to ‘Not Enough Grian’

  • Alexandra Turner
    Alexandra Turner8 ngày trước

    You can hear genuine worry in impulses voice when he says ‘GRIAN has officially lost his mind. Like actually.’

  • Savannah Coronet
    Savannah Coronet9 ngày trước


  • Cornet Plays Minecraft
    Cornet Plays Minecraft9 ngày trước


  • RedPanda 8529
    RedPanda 852911 ngày trước

    Grain you are great at puns (not being sarcastic)

  • Conrad B Hansen
    Conrad B Hansen12 ngày trước

    When is 51 - 60 out ?

  • Salam Al-ibrahimi
    Salam Al-ibrahimi12 ngày trước

    Do more among us

  • That Duck
    That Duck12 ngày trước

    More plz

  • Smilednathanplayz Games
    Smilednathanplayz Games13 ngày trước

    Among us

  • Downhour Productions
    Downhour Productions14 ngày trước

    7:26 I reversed it. It sounds like: say a sentence ack zeb ackzrod

  • Minecraft Hydr4
    Minecraft Hydr414 ngày trước

    I think I know why the hermits keep disappearing with the optifine zoom. It is because the zoom distance is further away than the camera so the hermits are actually behind the camera/zoom

  • Ehsan Kabir
    Ehsan Kabir15 ngày trước

    !!!!Eternal banana!!!!

  • Clare Kaczmarek
    Clare Kaczmarek16 ngày trước

    That sugar cane one is like: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

  • Smilednathanplayz Games
    Smilednathanplayz Games16 ngày trước


  • Mr_Suffyy
    Mr_Suffyy17 ngày trước

    moawe = MORE!!!

  • Mr_Suffyy
    Mr_Suffyy17 ngày trước


  • Paul Prisbrey
    Paul Prisbrey17 ngày trước

    Why didn't Game Theory make a video about the location of the Resistance base?

  • Little_Rainy Potato
    Little_Rainy Potato17 ngày trước

    "Don't worry boys ill get you out of there" never unleshes "Ok to the base

  • BroItsZion
    BroItsZion17 ngày trước

    Wait..... am I dreaming?... or is Grian dumb..... it says “two much Grian” it should say “too much Grian” yah Grians dumb... 😂😂😂

  • Majo_ Animations
    Majo_ Animations18 ngày trước

    I love this videos AHAHH

  • Nicholas Lackey
    Nicholas Lackey18 ngày trước

    Your job isn’t to send the message to HEP. Your job is basically to say “Hey f you you guys suck at your dumb jobs you losers”

  • Nicholas Lackey
    Nicholas Lackey18 ngày trước

    Shoffle Shuvel

  • Jalapeño and Banana Productions
    Jalapeño and Banana Productions21 ngày trước

    Etho smells like an Etho

  • ben kelley
    ben kelley21 ngày trước

    Grian is a hobbit boy

  • Stian Sjøstrøm
    Stian Sjøstrøm23 ngày trước

    Etho Smels lik Bif

  • Aomething23
    Aomething2323 ngày trước

    "Oh, okay, so its like sign language, except not" XD

  • AshTree Animations
    AshTree Animations24 ngày trước

    I watch 42 again and again. I remember watching it and it freaked me out lol

  • AshTree Animations

    AshTree Animations

    24 ngày trước

    The Iskall one

  • Gary Nokes
    Gary Nokes24 ngày trước

    Really you actually blew up your mansion

  • kingboy animatezz
    kingboy animatezz24 ngày trước

    On the chat I saw mumbo jumbo left the gme

  • Kats Emeraldz
    Kats Emeraldz25 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who likes the blue jumper better?

  • kairon156
    kairon15626 ngày trước

    It's a good thing your neatherite equipment is fire proof or that may have destroyed a bunch of your gear.

  • laura goncalves
    laura goncalves26 ngày trước

    More among us

  • A girl with a phone
    A girl with a phone26 ngày trước

    It's moments like 1:38 that make me wish Grian had a face cam

  • Wizard Ish
    Wizard Ish27 ngày trước

    grian: wanna buy? Kerailes: I'll pay two stacks of diamonds grian: DUDE ITS ONLY ONE ROTTON FLESH

  • Hili Nissim
    Hili Nissim28 ngày trước

    can you uplode more among us videos?

  • KingLoFi
    KingLoFi29 ngày trước

    I like when Grian laughs about villager and then acts like one hmm hmm hmm

  • Ultra Koo
    Ultra Koo29 ngày trước

    Petition to change Grian's second channel name to *Grain*

  • Cornet Plays Minecraft

    Cornet Plays Minecraft

    22 ngày trước

    Signed ✅

  • Mikel
    MikelTháng trước

    I recommend the video Barge quest ep 57 time: 7.45 to 8.31 for the funniest thing. PLS put this in your next video

  • Albin Eurogamer
    Albin EurogamerTháng trước

    Robing a bank hermit challenges

  • Tom Robb
    Tom RobbTháng trước

    Ha ha ha that’s funny

  • gage stefanick
    gage stefanickTháng trước

    Keralis looked so serious at that desk.

  • Kolby Daley
    Kolby DaleyTháng trước

    You should get Kralas to join one of your among us videos

  • Kolby Daley

    Kolby Daley

    Tháng trước


  • e f
    e fTháng trước

    1:32 jumpscared me so bad

  • Sario Tube
    Sario TubeTháng trước

    Grian: looks through Iskal Iskal: turns to look at him.

  • Chocolate Dawn
    Chocolate DawnTháng trước

    10:41 NOOOOOOOO! I liked that mansion

  • Ren Yeshua KASILAG
    Ren Yeshua KASILAGTháng trước

    19:19: Grian be like: (loudly) HIP!!!

    KELLEN BOYERTháng trước

    Grain: my mansin peskey bird!!!!! :(

  • Cleanbean
    CleanbeanTháng trước

    Are you in MCC 13

  • felix soetewey
    felix soeteweyTháng trước

    ledgens tell there is still a lol alive

  • 林凯
    林凯Tháng trước

    Love the description 😁

  • Zoe Leviness
    Zoe LevinessTháng trước


  • N1CK N4CK
    N1CK N4CKTháng trước

    I beg please what is the song that was used here at 7:00

  • Romy Snormus
    Romy SnormusTháng trước

    My speed was on 1.5 and it was pretty great to hear grian in the beggining

  • smayan buildz-#builder
    smayan buildz-#builderTháng trước

    u know its serious when impulse calls him "grian"

  • Zakcasipe1771 YT
    Zakcasipe1771 YTTháng trước

    I love how llma rans

  • Abby G
    Abby GTháng trước

    (Cue British accent) “*wHaT iN bRoKeN tEa BaGs iS tHiS?!*” that HAS to be the most British thing I have ever heard. No scratch that, the most British thing anyone has ever heard.

  • Joseph E Vose
    Joseph E VoseTháng trước

    Do you even have to ask? (Oliver twist) MORE!!

  • zeykillme
    zeykillmeTháng trước

    is it possible to join the hermitcraft server

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue DiamondTháng trước

    Grians laugh is so wholesome

  • PRO gamer
    PRO gamerTháng trước

    You said where was the resistance base in 43 episodes

  • Natale Cannas
    Natale CannasTháng trước

    I just realized that grian gave away their hq entrance all the way back in episode 43 when said resistance sign

  • Ashley Button
    Ashley ButtonTháng trước

    Me sees thumbnail me nooo all the effort

  • AditPlays
    AditPlaysTháng trước

    26:48 mojang should add a advancement called "told u it was fireproof" for dropping ur netherite things in lava or fire,but thats to late becuz its almost 1.17

  • Cap Viktor
    Cap ViktorTháng trước


  • Carolyn Pickens
    Carolyn PickensTháng trước

    The ragged canadian arguably kiss because swallow aetiologically care as a brawny paper. ludicrous, blue-eyed hydrofoil

  • Tux_cle
    Tux_cleTháng trước

    1:35 That scared me SO BADLY lol

  • Esti Mahanani
    Esti MahananiTháng trước


  • Ray Van Roy
    Ray Van RoyTháng trước

    10:00 sighn laguage hehe

  • Kendra McCarty-Lund
    Kendra McCarty-LundTháng trước

    The lama is the best

  • SaberEagle92
    SaberEagle92Tháng trước

    1:31 - 1:40 Is SCP 130 in a nutshell Or the Peanut Cant remember all the Numbers

  • Cat Queen
    Cat QueenTháng trước

    Use words to talk next time

  • ILoveCookie
    ILoveCookieTháng trước


  • TNTbomb1oo
    TNTbomb1ooTháng trước

    Who else is wondering where the minecraft earth road trip is.

  • Scrablse
    ScrablseTháng trước

    My personal favorite moments: 1:33 8:21 15:08 15:20 18:01 19:41 20:12 21:50

  • Davi Mendes
    Davi MendesTháng trước

    Grian in ep. 50: I don't think netherite tools burn in fire but I'm too much of a chicken to find out Me: *pretty sure it does* Also, this was made 1 week after this video was uploaded, so yeah, it's pretty late but whatever

  • Ben Stone
    Ben StoneTháng trước

    Sad that the mind games weren't in here

  • Mir I
    Mir ITháng trước

    Stress: I was in the shopping district- HEP: Write that down, write that down!

  • Jad Mehtar
    Jad MehtarTháng trước

    Grain: oh no I am so worried about my netherite armor Me: it doesn't burn 😂

  • Outcast
    OutcastTháng trước

    Wait, why didn't you include the "good-old switcharoo" with Bdubs?

  • Brayden Holden
    Brayden HoldenTháng trước

    1:37 LOL this was perfectly timed

  • A Girl With Too Many Hoodies
    A Girl With Too Many HoodiesTháng trước

    oh my god E

  • Chit Su
    Chit SuTháng trước

    Make more about your cat

  • Brian Shin
    Brian ShinTháng trước

    waiting for secret santa

  • Samyam Bajracharya
    Samyam BajracharyaTháng trước

    grian hep is pranking you do not press the emergency meeting button

  • Someone on YouTube
    Someone on YouTubeTháng trước

    8:00 The fact that Keralis framed it as the most expensive rotten flesh ever makes this moment even funnier

  • Kevin P.
    Kevin P.Tháng trước

    I still can’t get over this.... Hermit Challenge Chicken: Wear a blue jumper Grian: SaCriLEge Too funny 😂😂 Help me I can’t breathe 😂😂

  • Vince Del Mar
    Vince Del MarTháng trước

    I really want more hermitcraft Grian

  • teacup
    teacupTháng trước

    I'm still surprised Grian didn't get my reference of the "I smell like beef"-Vine lol

  • Chrissy Okeefe
    Chrissy OkeefeTháng trước

    That’s lotta damage

  • Subaru Impreza
    Subaru ImprezaTháng trước

    *Worst of Grian

  • Roger LeBlanc
    Roger LeBlancTháng trước

    I found a cool video vipluss.info/losk/ZrFmiHCbnWevomY/video.html

  • Live Liam
    Live LiamTháng trước

    “You know I’m not a therapist right?”

  • Kevin Burke
    Kevin BurkeTháng trước

    right just listen to the comments bring 'build your comments' back pls. We all really miss it and it's really fun watching. So please bring it back!!

  • HomiePandaGAMING
    HomiePandaGAMINGTháng trước


  • GhostlyDiscord
    GhostlyDiscordTháng trước

    Has been my comfort VIplussr for years now and I've gotten a lot better as a person X3

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