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Today we gonna see the ultimate defense formation against every troops in Clash of Clans. This defense formation will give any troops hard time defeating it. Every troops ground and air will participate in this challenge even the heroes will be joining this challenge too. Will the troops be able to defeat the ultimate defense formation? Or Defenses proved they are unbreakable?
This defense formation contains literally all defenses in Clash of Clans. The defense arranged from cannon the most basic defense building in Clash of Clans to Town Hall - the most powerful defense - Giga Inferno accompanied with triple inferno tower and dual scattershot. Of course there is eagle artillery ready to launch its projectile in every troops face since we gonna use 300 housing space. This defense formation also consist a simple tier list since we can see that every layer of defense give troops different difficult level. From cannon and archer tower that relatively easy to triple inferno tower and dual scattershot that can deal massive damage, using this we can see how strong each troop and we can measure each troops performance.
All troops will be assisted by 5 rage spell which make this battle a bit more make sense for troops and give them a chance to win in this challenge. All troops from little troops like barbarian, archer, goblin even wall breaker to big troops like P.E.K.K.A, Yeti, Golem and Super Troops will participating in this challenge against ultimate defense formation. We will record the end point of every troop and making tier list from it. We gonna use max level troops along with max housing space available since we gonna battle all defense with max level too. This battle we also gonna see which kind of troops is more capable handling this defense formation tanker, hitter or even healer will be tested.
Finally we also gonna try to defeat this defense formation using unique way and a bit of drama to end this video.
Who's gonna win? Troops? P.E.K.K.A? Heroes or The Defense Formation?
Let's see!
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    Hi i am selling my th13 I'd and clan master 3 league lvl 10 if any want to buy reply me

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