Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers

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French Toasting, hover shoes, and Real Life Trick Shots BLOOPERS... this episode is next level!
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  • Klein Hardy
    Klein Hardy18 giờ trước

    Ty’s reactions to the bloopers are so funny

  • cameronmakai
    cameronmakai21 giờ trước

    Did he say dam

  • BraySaysYeet
    BraySaysYeet21 giờ trước

    Where did you get the mics

  • Meira Szlafrok
    Meira SzlafrokNgày trước

    Let’s go Tyler!!!!!

  • dogperfectrickshot
    dogperfectrickshot2 ngày trước


  • janani sitaraman
    janani sitaraman2 ngày trước

    Why do you people waste so much food and disrespect food. There are so many kids in this world that go hungry. Throwing cereal boxes, wasting eggs and breads in French toast video.. Ridiculous

  • Alex B
    Alex B2 ngày trước

    Ty and Ned look familiar are they related😂😂😂

  • Alex B
    Alex B2 ngày trước

    Tall guy beard twins purple hoser dude perfect in overtime

  • Alex B
    Alex B2 ngày trước

    I feel bad for the twins Coby always loses batlles and Cory always gets picked for the wheel

  • Hunter Cassell
    Hunter Cassell2 ngày trước

    R.I.P coby 2019

  • Joshua Heidenreich
    Joshua Heidenreich3 ngày trước

    I legit started watching DP Overtime a couple days ago, now it’s one of the only things I watch!

  • Sinan Panjwani
    Sinan Panjwani3 ngày trước

    10:48 ty's hillarious mini scream

  • McDonald’s Clan
    McDonald’s Clan3 ngày trước

    Hi dp can you sub to me it will make 2020 the best year ever

  • Bling Wing
    Bling Wing3 ngày trước

    For wheel unfortunate they should go to a store and get 5 shopping carts and fill them up with barbies

  • Bling Wing

    Bling Wing

    3 ngày trước

    Or 3

  • Alan Alvarez
    Alan Alvarez3 ngày trước

    You should add do Take two dares

  • Mason Atchley
    Mason Atchley3 ngày trước

    Do how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop

  • Deepanshu Gupta
    Deepanshu Gupta3 ngày trước

    Whose best segment is "cool not cool" must like👍👍👍👍

  • Xx_Bloopin _Xx_Yo
    Xx_Bloopin _Xx_Yo3 ngày trước

    Where do I find those miracle berry pills

  • britt071890
    britt0718903 ngày trước

    If anyone else is wondering how they got that song for the intro like this comment

  • Abner Frattesi
    Abner Frattesi3 ngày trước

    19:19 I don't buy it. He is downstairs toasting and you guys are saving some time like in a usual company hahaha Gotchaaaaa!

  • Lydia VanAppledorn
    Lydia VanAppledorn4 ngày trước

    You can do nothing

  • Amy Canupp
    Amy Canupp4 ngày trước

    How does Cory always get picked

  • Antoni Evtimov
    Antoni Evtimov4 ngày trước

    Is Ty ever going to spin the wheel

  • Ehtada Yasin
    Ehtada Yasin4 ngày trước

    Just one sec early from 20 mins 😂😂😂

  • Loucy Ouellet
    Loucy Ouellet4 ngày trước

    Like u so much Cody and Tyler! You are my favorites dude perfect guys! 😙😊

  • Alan De La Torre
    Alan De La Torre4 ngày trước


  • Justine Sturdy
    Justine Sturdy5 ngày trước

    Run a mile in mayo 😂😂😂

  • Harry Ask-Lundin
    Harry Ask-Lundin5 ngày trước

    Who is Panda?

  • Kleb
    Kleb5 ngày trước


  • Kolton Ludwig
    Kolton Ludwig5 ngày trước

    Ty:yesterday I played basketball I did not shower this morning I worked out I also did not shower let me introduce you to . Cody: A SHOWER BUT MAN YOU STINK

  • Hyped Avocado
    Hyped Avocado5 ngày trước

    Cory: I showered this morning Bo detector: I’m about to ruin this mans career

  • Kevin Hoffpauir
    Kevin Hoffpauir5 ngày trước

    Ty its almost the end of 2020 still waiting for Real Life Trick Shots 4 hoping for it to come during Christmas.

  • Easton Pankow

    Easton Pankow

    2 ngày trước

    I was about to comment the exact same thing but then I saw yours

  • Easton Pankow

    Easton Pankow

    2 ngày trước

    So true

  • Branko R

    Branko R

    5 ngày trước

    Me to i cant wait

  • Kai Hendricks

    Kai Hendricks

    5 ngày trước

    Ya can’t wait

  • everything on it.
    everything on it.5 ngày trước

    Drink a glass of pure lemon juice without anything added in it

  • Marvel Films
    Marvel Films6 ngày trước

    I feel like that will not be the last time we use that...... 2020/ 1 year later:

  • Jo Coulombe
    Jo Coulombe6 ngày trước


    BGM UNIQUE6 ngày trước

    Scenes behind such Hard work 🔥

  • Joshua Napitu
    Joshua Napitu6 ngày trước

    10:48 look at tyler face

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams6 ngày trước


  • Aaron Coyiuto
    Aaron Coyiuto6 ngày trước


  • SANfans
    SANfans6 ngày trước

    Love u dudes!!! Like if you think dp Is one of the most funny channels on youtube 👇

  • SANfans


    6 ngày trước

    I sure do

  • EC_xcentral _
    EC_xcentral _6 ngày trước

    Bloopers start at 9:26

  • Royce Windross
    Royce Windross7 ngày trước

    I threw my bread from the living room to the toester and got it in

  • Ramnarace Persaud
    Ramnarace Persaud7 ngày trước

    Ride a caw blindfolded

  • govinda polamarasetti
    govinda polamarasetti7 ngày trước

    Dude perfect is waste

  • Arif Shamsi
    Arif Shamsi7 ngày trước

    Please don’t wast so much food. Put some other punishment on the wheel

  • JovanFoggoGamer
    JovanFoggoGamer7 ngày trước

    Your bloopers are better than my trickshot

  • Lance Merritt
    Lance Merritt7 ngày trước

    Lol these guys are model citizens should be more like you keep up dudes!!

  • Hannah Oeding
    Hannah Oeding8 ngày trước

    cody’s scream in the bloopers when ty threw the match tho lol

  • Masontheewalk Lockwood
    Masontheewalk Lockwood8 ngày trước

    This is how many times Cory has been an weell of fortune

  • The boss
    The boss8 ngày trước

    Eat a Greek yogurt without mixing it!

  • Suzette Carter
    Suzette Carter8 ngày trước

    Hey Ned, how many golden boys do you have?

  • InsertUsernameHere0589
    InsertUsernameHere05899 ngày trước

    If you build a pc, use a case with decent airflow

  • Jenn Torrie
    Jenn Torrie9 ngày trước

    gold boy ha ha

  • CraftimeArt
    CraftimeArt9 ngày trước

    17:13 Garrett couldn’t handle it anymore😂

  • Aidyn’s Block
    Aidyn’s Block9 ngày trước

    I like beef jurkey

  • Alan McCarty
    Alan McCarty9 ngày trước

    you are so disgusting

  • Joey Ronquillo
    Joey Ronquillo9 ngày trước

    Ngl I would love to be French toasted

  • welp.
    welp.10 ngày trước

    It is hardest to get a green from Cody,then Garret,then Cory,then ty,and finally I think it's easy to get a green from cobes

  • Ella Yogi
    Ella Yogi10 ngày trước

    Why did u call someone purple hoser

  • Janet Willford
    Janet Willford10 ngày trước

    Dude perfect: it’s time for everyone fav subject wheel unfortunate. Everyone knowing it’s cool not cool angry noises

  • Country__ Boys__
    Country__ Boys__10 ngày trước

    Same time I make real life trick shot on the first time. 🥛🍪👋

  • Kratagya Mishra
    Kratagya Mishra10 ngày trước

    Why they are wasting food?

  • Urwa Mir
    Urwa Mir10 ngày trước

    Y do u waste food?

  • Just kidding
    Just kidding10 ngày trước

    Love the intro

  • Ali Azhar
    Ali Azhar10 ngày trước

    The amount of food they wasted i mean in wheel unfortunate

  • Dumb Qrap
    Dumb Qrap10 ngày trước

    I have the hover shoes

  • 404-Llama Not Found
    404-Llama Not Found10 ngày trước

    “Voice box! I have a feeling that will not be the last time we see that.” *never uploads voice box ever again*

  • Simmo


    4 ngày trước

    @cookie with a hatred for content stealers. no its not

  • Simmo


    4 ngày trước

    so true

  • cookie with a hatred for content stealers.

    cookie with a hatred for content stealers.

    6 ngày trước

    *COVID is the reason why they haven’t done voice box again*

  • Monkey Meme
    Monkey Meme10 ngày trước


  • P Wolf
    P Wolf10 ngày trước

    I bet you to this day he still smells like French toast

  • Chris Manwarren
    Chris Manwarren11 ngày trước

    1. Voice Box 2. Cool Not Cool 3. Bloops 4. Wheel Unfortunate

  • Will Luttrell
    Will Luttrell11 ngày trước

    Could have done without the completely pointless beeps... My dogs could have, as well. Js

  • Dan Keldeo
    Dan Keldeo11 ngày trước

    if you havent done this have someone go through a car wash with just there clothes on and a camera well water proof

  • Alyssa Stephens
    Alyssa Stephens11 ngày trước

    More blueks more blips more bloops

  • Hannah Graybill
    Hannah Graybill11 ngày trước

    Why are there 19000 thumbs down?

  • Evan Rohr
    Evan Rohr11 ngày trước

    Coby you are a legend!!!

  • Nolan Clarke
    Nolan Clarke11 ngày trước

    Ladys and gentle men coby has been toasted

  • Kevin Cook
    Kevin Cook12 ngày trước

    Cory broke their taste buds

  • lmk bka
    lmk bka12 ngày trước

    Voice nice was the best please do it again you got yourself a like

  • snoozyツ
    snoozyツ12 ngày trước

    do that blooper again pls

  • 오하늘
    오하늘12 ngày trước

    "ha ha! The paper, is in, THE SHREDER!" -Coby Cotton 2019

  • Warrior 99 99
    Warrior 99 9912 ngày trước

    Fly to China 🇨🇳

  • Henplays 4324
    Henplays 432412 ngày trước

    i have heard alot about the miracle berry

  • niveth Narayan
    niveth Narayan12 ngày trước

    People still watch this even tho it’s almost 2 years since it was uploaded

  • Lukas Lee
    Lukas Lee12 ngày trước

    Only ogs know this I am the Purple hoser and this is TT

  • Felix Junji Gaming
    Felix Junji Gaming12 ngày trước

    The bloops was the most fun... better then cool not cool.... hahahha

  • Stenosa
    Stenosa12 ngày trước

    It’s nearly the end of next year, where’s real life trick shots 4

  • Swift
    Swift12 ngày trước

    I only come for cool not cool

  • matthew mershon
    matthew mershon12 ngày trước

    When Cody took that bite that a nasty

  • peaky peak productions
    peaky peak productions12 ngày trước

    when ty does cool not cool with b.o detector how clean is Garret?

  • Zachbuzz10 10
    Zachbuzz10 1012 ngày trước

    Dude Perfect Dude Perfect Dude Perfect Dude Perfect Dude Perfect Dude Perfect Dude Perfect Dude Perfect Dude Perfect Dude Perfect

  • A person scrolling through
    A person scrolling through12 ngày trước

    wait.. is that water and cereal??? NOT THE MILK?

  • William Huebner
    William Huebner13 ngày trước

    the second he said "miracle berry" i knew it was that chemial called something like miraclin, or something, that maks stuff taste sweet

  • Lucas Thomas
    Lucas Thomas13 ngày trước

    10:57 it landed upside down. “NOOOooOoOoOooOoo” The pain in his voice

  • lei yang
    lei yang13 ngày trước

    I bet the game disk will be broken after that many hits

  • Rattanuel Joseph Channel
    Rattanuel Joseph Channel13 ngày trước

    Tall Guy Beard Twins Purple Hoser Dude Perfects In Overtime Tall Guys Beard Teins Purple Hoser Now Our Heading To Overtimeee

  • Rattanuel Joseph Channel
    Rattanuel Joseph Channel13 ngày trước

    Jesus Is Lord :)

  • M.diyan747 jaffar
    M.diyan747 jaffar13 ngày trước

    Who want a school steor like comment

  • Cooper Heckwine
    Cooper Heckwine13 ngày trước

    Is that. No. It can’t be. The racist syrup.

  • The only Noob
    The only Noob13 ngày trước

    Idea for w.u. Do 1000 burpies and 1000 push-ups as well as 10000 jumping jacks

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