Paris Saint-Germain vs. Manchester United: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS

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A Bruno Fernandes penalty chance got things started off in Paris as Manchester United buried its opportunity to take control 1-0 in the 23’.
From there PSG kept creating chances until they tied it up in the 55’ off an Anthony Martial own goal off of a corner kick. Manchester United would eventually answer back late in the second half, burying it right where PSG keeper Keylor Navas couldn’t reach it, giving them a 2-1 lead in the 87’.
Manchester United would hold on for the final minutes to secure a decisive win over PSG away from home.
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  • MME zacatecas
    MME zacatecas5 giờ trước

    Psg quiere ser grande a costa de dinero pero nunca podra ser uno de Los grandes

  • Yolito NB
    Yolito NB5 giờ trước


  • BSC Moon
    BSC Moon5 giờ trước

    Martial barley gets touched and goes down pen, when mbappe gets shoved no foul

  • Saahil Nagar
    Saahil Nagar5 giờ trước

    Neymar is so annoying, he justs screams like he would do something. HE IS SO ANNOYING. LITERALLY THE MOST FLOPPIEST AND ANNOYING PLAYER IN THE WORLD.

  • DF
    DF5 giờ trước

    Football is so broken when that's called as a pen..

  • Oscar Leon
    Oscar Leon6 giờ trước

    This new channel lame asl got the highlight all fucked up not in order

  • Oscar Leon

    Oscar Leon

    6 giờ trước

    *subscribes immediately after*

  • michael puente
    michael puente6 giờ trước

    Bruno's penalty approach 😂

  • Daniel Castrejon
    Daniel Castrejon6 giờ trước

    Paul Progba touches the ball and gold is a made !!! lol

  • Kobus Kujo
    Kobus Kujo6 giờ trước

    you alright Neymar yeah sunny innit

  • Engaging Art
    Engaging Art6 giờ trước

    I like that Manchester United is making a come back but man do their fans make it seem like they’re a super team now...

  • Myers Weidner
    Myers Weidner6 giờ trước

    Fantastic performances from so many players: De Gea, Novas, Mbappe & Rashford

  • Manni Boss
    Manni Boss6 giờ trước

    Tuanzebe performance 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Becks Dennis
    Becks Dennis6 giờ trước

    I don’t wanna go on too much of a limb here, but De Gea could re-establish himself as one of the best keepers in the world after this game.

  • Alberto Moreno
    Alberto Moreno6 giờ trước

    I hate VAR

  • Chase Baccus
    Chase Baccus6 giờ trước

    Observations from only watching the highlights.. United played better and deserved to win Martial was Martial Navas & De Gea were each team's Man of the Match. Rashford missed a lot of chances but buried one when it counted most.

  • DarthSathion
    DarthSathion6 giờ trước

    Statement win by the referee!

  • Adam Riekert
    Adam Riekert6 giờ trước

    The fact that Tuanzebe can shove Mbappe in the back--no penalty--but a slight touch on Martial, who pauses then throws himself to the ground, is a penalty. Shows this VAR and officiating thing ain't worked out.

  • Khant In
    Khant In6 giờ trước

    Two penalties in a row ?

  • Neil Crawford
    Neil Crawford7 giờ trước

    As a united fan this was a massive game for ole gunnar solskjaer to regain United's confidence against a great club

  • qotyop
    qotyop7 giờ trước

    Which country are people watching this video from?

  • Sunstrider
    Sunstrider7 giờ trước

    PSG expected to win Manchester United: yes

  • Gian Garcia
    Gian Garcia7 giờ trước

    Lol PSG's scoring music is so cringe

  • Sam McTagger
    Sam McTagger7 giờ trước

    Navas is still an incredible keeper

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước

    De gea is better

  • galarza Ra
    galarza Ra7 giờ trước

    Bruno captain ever please

  • M A
    M A7 giờ trước

    Referee is biased the Man city

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước

    What does man city have to do with it

  • Rico S
    Rico S7 giờ trước

    good call on the penalty. not only did the goalie step too far but the guy who ran in and stopped his second attempt crossed the line too early

  • M A
    M A7 giờ trước

    Bullshit. Twice penalty

  • Justus zzstu Heers
    Justus zzstu Heers7 giờ trước

    I've always said Navas is top 3 in the world. This game proves my point

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước

    De gea is better

  • Hunter Timothy
    Hunter Timothy7 giờ trước

    Someone needs to double check the work of whoever edited this video.

  • Eduardo Romero
    Eduardo Romero7 giờ trước

    Neymar, don’t like having a fair referee, do you??? Lol! Cheers from Peru

  • Maximilian Smith
    Maximilian Smith7 giờ trước

    REF IS FUCKING SHIT. How was that not a pen for mbappe SHIT REF

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước


  • Mav2208
    Mav22088 giờ trước

    Kylian and Rashford played brilliantly. Seemed like a good game from the highlights 👌

  • Luxurydog
    Luxurydog8 giờ trước

    Ever notice how well Man United's defense is when Maguire is not there?

  • veruts34
    veruts348 giờ trước

    Don’t shit on me too hard but why did he get to take two penalty’s ?

  • jrdans red
    jrdans red8 giờ trước

    Rashford is underrated

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước


  • Man Utd & Madrid
    Man Utd & Madrid8 giờ trước

    Tuanzebe should start over Maguire, give him a kick in the behind and remind him that you have to fight for your place! I give the youngster a solid 8/10 rating. He was superb. De Gea is slowly getting his confidence back he had some great saves. Bruno was a true captain should give him the armband permanently imo. Also Rashford had bad touches but in the end he made up for it with the rocket 🚀.

  • jjohnsonsfg
    jjohnsonsfg9 giờ trước

    I like Pogba but he loses the ball alot in dangerous positions. Ole is having a headache on what to do about Pogba, should he start him or bench him 🤔.

  • mateo1726
    mateo17269 giờ trước

    That tackle at 2:16...

  • VN Airsofter
    VN Airsofter9 giờ trước

    Loving watching hightlight without knowing the result

  • Chance Osborne
    Chance Osborne9 giờ trước

    We should wear terrible kits more often

  • Jose Barazarte
    Jose Barazarte9 giờ trước

    6:31 A sign of things to come

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước


  • sauersaxon
    sauersaxon9 giờ trước

    UEFA is a fucking joke. Martial looks worse than Neymar at embellishing at this point. Any contact in the box and Man U goes down. VAR should review all penalty awards because Martial sat on the defender and was awarded a penalty. And once it was saved, they say he jumped his line? But an even clearer infraction wasn't given on the other end. This is corrupt. Ruining the integrity and class of the beautiful game.

  • Oli Lori
    Oli Lori9 giờ trước

    The back line for PSG the worst this year.

  • KhOpHaE
    KhOpHaE9 giờ trước

    The referee is a perenial idiot, how does he still have a job?

  • Yes, Master
    Yes, Master10 giờ trước

    Neymar 👎

  • Joshua Nartey
    Joshua Nartey10 giờ trước

    Manchester is gradually killing talents. Honestly they think they have a culture bigger than individual players. So they try to be tough on players so they don't rise above the club. Its funny because if these players rise to their individual best, the team finally wins. Manchester could never sustain great talents like Ronaldo or Messi. Players sell clubs and matches. The new generation dont care about your culture or history. They care about who wins. Learn to melow your so call tradition and allow players some freedom to win cups then we cant boast about traditions!!!! My honest opinion from Ghana 🇬🇭.

  • Only Bangers
    Only Bangers11 giờ trước

    Y’all do realize that we only won because maguires shitty ass wasn’t playing

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước


  • ManUTDLexi
    ManUTDLexi12 giờ trước

    Did we make Di Maria cry again? I wish they showed it.

  • Angelo
    Angelo12 giờ trước

    Rashford score but out of 10 chances, he need to work on his finish... but good game!

  • Ari Magiiik
    Ari Magiiik12 giờ trước

    Rashford is the boogyman of PSG 😂😂

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước

    Just like Lingard and arsenal

  • Geovanny L.
    Geovanny L.12 giờ trước

    Psg and mun united I don't see them winning a ucl .

  • Daniel Lopez-Ortega
    Daniel Lopez-Ortega12 giờ trước

    Both keepers were amazing today!

  • Titus K. Kariuki
    Titus K. Kariuki13 giờ trước

    _"Parc' de Marcus."_ ~Copied from Instagram.

  • IamtheMoth
    IamtheMoth13 giờ trước

    Commentator regarding penalty: "Yeah when it's fed, there's contact he makes the absolute most of it and unfortunately that's how the game is played nowadays... If you feel any sort of contact you just milk it..."

  • Allan Velazquez
    Allan Velazquez13 giờ trước

    Manchester penalti United

  • Blue White
    Blue White13 giờ trước

    What on earth is wrong with Rashford

  • Blue White
    Blue White13 giờ trước

    PSG cant stop losing to Man Utd

  • KingSultanTV
    KingSultanTV14 giờ trước

    LOL!!! at 2:17 De Gea clapping when Axel tackled Mbappe

  • John Pipper
    John Pipper14 giờ trước

    I'm not seeing any comments about the no call on Mbappe going down in the box. Was that not a penalty?

  • Rabah Taha
    Rabah Taha14 giờ trước

    psg sucks and stinks 👎🏾😩 and their coach is an idiot,, this team is not going anywhere,,, go utd

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước

    Schooled by ole

  • Bianco Nero
    Bianco Nero14 giờ trước

    How many fuckin penalties will Manchester United be awarded???

    SWIFTSUCCESS 714 giờ trước

    When the goalkeeper is the best player in a squad containing Neymar and Mbappe

  • Lupus Maximus
    Lupus Maximus14 giờ trước

    6:59 lmaooo AXEL GET BACK IN AXEL!!!!! Ffs🤣🤣

  • Bacon Bitzz
    Bacon Bitzz14 giờ trước

    5:05 “anthony martial who equalizes for his countryman” geez commentators are gud with it

  • ReplayZ_ jr
    ReplayZ_ jr14 giờ trước

    FIFA logic 86 shooting for mbappe😂

  • Nashville
    Nashville14 giờ trước

    Haven't watched MU since 99 final against Bayern M. Where's Beckham tho?

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước

    He’s old

  • oilfan pw
    oilfan pw14 giờ trước

    Dave looked like himself. Finally

  • Simon John
    Simon John15 giờ trước

    good gcp dumps on

  • William Murphy
    William Murphy15 giờ trước

    Crymar, and Di Maria can sit on it. GGMU. Mbappe is the only one I’m giving credit for PSG. DDG saved many shots including Mbappe’s beautiful far post strike.

  • _JP _
    _JP _15 giờ trước

    Finally some good commentators, the other matches today had some pretty boring commentators lol

  • Sunstrider


    7 giờ trước

    😂😂 fr

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez15 giờ trước

    De gea save from Mbappe shot was insane 🔥😮

  • Juanito
    Juanito15 giờ trước

    Looks like the premier league is paying off uefa again lol

    LIL JOJO15 giờ trước

    That was a straight up dive from martial lol

    WXK ANIMATIONS15 giờ trước

    De Gea and Navas showed some class this game

  • Neels Aviation
    Neels Aviation15 giờ trước

    Worst put together highlights I've ever seen

  • Joe D.
    Joe D.15 giờ trước

    Psg needs a new coach

  • Mitchell Ratowski
    Mitchell Ratowski15 giờ trước

    It’s a shame for navas. He had a really good game

  • Mitchell Ratowski

    Mitchell Ratowski

    15 giờ trước

    De gea def carried the game tonight as well

  • Go D. Usopp
    Go D. Usopp15 giờ trước

    So no one is going to talk about Ole's tactical masterclass he got it spot on this time

  • yaser khalid
    yaser khalid16 giờ trước

    the atmosphere is electric!

  • Maxwell's Unearthly
    Maxwell's Unearthly16 giờ trước

    DeGea isn't solid like this often, so when he is, I have to give it to him, he was on his shit today. Navas was on his shit today as well, but the defense kept making mistakes which the MU saw and took advantage of. Rashford is a talented striker and forward, and he capitalized on the defense's mistake today, and that was well earned. Navas is a great goalkeeper, but he failed to see that strike coming, but overall his performance is always top-notch. Overall great performance on both, but MU def had the edge that made the difference.

  • Primary Acc
    Primary Acc16 giờ trước

    very enjoyable game

  • John
    John16 giờ trước

    Ref was meat riding Manchester badly🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Gabriel Uwalaka

    Gabriel Uwalaka

    11 giờ trước

    How???? You guys just hate giving man United credit. Fun fact Manchester United got more calls against them in this match

    FISH - AND - CHIPS16 giờ trước

    Neymar probably couldn’t fully concentrate in this game. All he could hear in his head was “Ey Neymar, sunny innit”

  • Neymar Nicanor
    Neymar Nicanor16 giờ trước

    That’s absolute bullshit. Man United got a penalty but not penalty for the foul on mbappe? Wow. And then fouls on Neymar as well. Shows how low class Man U now is

  • Gabriel Uwalaka

    Gabriel Uwalaka

    11 giờ trước

    @Neymar Nicanor that wasn’t a foul stop crying axel got the ball cleanly

  • Neymar Nicanor

    Neymar Nicanor

    15 giờ trước

    @Aaron Faraias so did martial. And listen to the commentator. He even said, nowadays it’s important to exaggerate the contact once you feel the defender touch you

  • Aaron Faraias

    Aaron Faraias

    15 giờ trước

    Mbappe dived

  • Rubencitos
    Rubencitos16 giờ trước

    Hi my name is what, my name is who, my name is... keylor navas

  • Tokyo Japan
    Tokyo Japan16 giờ trước

    Goalkeepers always keep your feet on the line

  • Ahmad
    Ahmad16 giờ trước

    I wonder why players like Fernandes try to be clever with their penalties, and thereby giving the keeper a chance.

  • Deutsch Zlander
    Deutsch Zlander16 giờ trước

    Loving this rashford vs mbappe rivalry could tell both of these two wanted to see who was the best

  • Alexander Castro
    Alexander Castro16 giờ trước

    Great goalkeeping between the two keepers!

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas16 giờ trước

    Pogba changed the game when he got in

  • Joseph Brice
    Joseph Brice16 giờ trước

    “Alex Ferguson had faith in him, and thank God he did because he’s the best goalkeeper in the world”- Wayne Rooney on De Gea, March 2020

  • Sebastian Diaz
    Sebastian Diaz16 giờ trước

    Wtf, 5 subs? My god, they have really ruined this game.

  • Luciano Arebalo
    Luciano Arebalo16 giờ trước

    This ref is terrible, every time I see him my blood boils.

  • Aaron Faraias

    Aaron Faraias

    15 giờ trước


  • Raul Cisneros
    Raul Cisneros16 giờ trước

    i se a r uino ese navas con ese pelio

  • TheRandomLadz223
    TheRandomLadz22316 giờ trước


  • Sakhile Makama
    Sakhile Makama16 giờ trước


  • Caio Botelho
    Caio Botelho16 giờ trước

    Damn man u scraped outta that one pretty lucky. De Gea saved their asses way to many times lol

  • xX1BKRUK1Xx
    xX1BKRUK1Xx16 giờ trước

    PSG got scammed

  • James Winny
    James Winny16 giờ trước

    Someone needs to check Martial’s bank account to see if his fellow Frenchman made a deposit because that was a striker’s header to be proud of. PSG is Man U’s continental Arsenal. We always find a way to beat them.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith16 giờ trước

    Man Utd prima donnas only turn up for the big games. They will be good for the next four weeks due to all the big fixtures in the prem and then shit again when they play West Brom on the 21st of November.

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